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Lucifer was the B R I G H T E S T angel But in service of God, he was condemned to D A R K N E S S. After thousands of years, the darkness took root I N S I D E him. ~ Ammi is a F L A M E no one can extinguish Forged from God's holy F I R E to combat the darkness. A mate made for L U C I F E R.
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The price of the past

She is known as the Ice Queen in the corporate social circles of Nashville, Tennessee. Those who gossip about C.J. Bostworth are unaware of what lies behind her cold and distant façade. After a dreadful marriage in which deception and pain were the main ingredients, C.J. shows herself merciless in a business world managed by men. She won’t let a...
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I woke in this body

História Não Verificada Yesterday I was Maria. Today I am Elise. I woke in this body.
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Down Together

História Não Verificada Kitty and Paige fall in love.
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História Não Verificada Ratel Issa is a successful nuclear physicist with an IQ of 146 , locked her turtured memories for 18 years. Zen Micheals is a detail- obsessed CEO, fighting to forget about his heart pattern in HER presence. Ratel met Zen in April 2019 , when she put in her mind that Zen was the perfect "Laboratory rat" for her next human experimentation . ...
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One Plus One

História Não Verificada A married woman becomes uncharacteristically enamored with an actor and starts a friendship with him as a result of a well written fan letter. The relationship causes her to question her values as the actor fulfills needs her husband has not been able to. The actor also questions the direction his life is taking as a result of the potential ...
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Mr. Bad Boy

História Não Verificada The most popular girl who; after being dared to be the girlfriend of the meanest guy in school, without wanting it, she finds herself in love with him
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A Bonnie and Clyde story

História Não Verificada My friend suggested I used this website please don't hate
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Remember me

Apoline Pourtoi, after lived several years of dating with Jacques Montalbán, is forced to separate from her beloved. Staying alone in a village near Bordeaux, with the only company of an engagement ring and a promise of reunion, she awaits the return of her fiancé. With twenty-five years, she starts a voyage to meet Jacques in Paris. What do you...
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Intriguing characters, battles between good and evil, forgiveness and passion are the highlights of this book. What more could a reader wish? “Unveiling” is a series of tales that narrate Ana's adventures and misadventures in the spiritual and material worlds while mysteries are unfolded. It goes through a dilemma involving light and darkness a...
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Gigolo by Edna Ferber

From the pulitzer prize-winning American novelist, Edna Ferber. Who was heralded as the greatest female author of the 1920s and 1930s and among the best-read authors of her nation.
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História Não Verificada Birdie is the story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between a shy teenage girl and the son of a family friend at her parents countryside villa in Northern France. Unprepared to love another person when she feels nothing but disdain for herself, she feigns indifference. Yet sleeping just across from him, the restless currents of fa...
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The Rapture of Hetty

História Não Verificada Short romance story by Mary Hallock Foote.
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Time and time again

História Não Verificada This story is about a girl, Sagelynn who is forced to marry. What her husband doesn't know is that she is a spy and a good one, she also has magical powers. It tells the story from the husband and Sagelynn's perspective.
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Love Among the Haystacks by David Herbert Lawrence

Love Among the Haystacks is the story of two brothers, the tensions between them and the emotional fulfilment each finds one summer night after the Nottingham harvest.
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I'll be there for you

História Não Verificada Starting a new school is hard, trust me, I know... So, I'm starting a new school today, and I'm SO nervous, because mother as said that it will be "a school you'll never forget". That alone scares me! So welcome to my life!
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Heaven Reclaimed

Five years ago, a boyhood dream came true when the hottest senior in the school, Shiloh Brookings, kissed me on a dare and sent my world spinning. Now she's back at my school as my senior English teacher, and hotter than ever. Not only that, but I've discovered that in order to pay her brother's medical bills, she's stripping in a club in a nea...
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Perils of Candy Cuthway

A young and vibrant woman finds herself ensnared in a web of fantasy, as circumstance leads her to an intriguing confident stranger who transforms her life with the delights of style, romance and vanity. He places the rare sweet nectar of desire at her feet. But is he divine, or merely a distraction from her main mission?
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The Motherhood Plan

História Não Verificada What Odeya wants the most in life is a family of her own but there’s just one problem; she has always been single. Moving to a new country is a new beginning and she takes advantage to reinvent herself. She plans to go to a different bar every weekend to pick up guys, in order to find the most eligible man possible and get pregnant even if it me...
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A Wicked Woman by Jack London

História Não Verificada by Jack London
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A Story

História Não Verificada A unique Tale of Two teenage characters Simran and Amritpal
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Did I just fall for you

História Não Verificada When young model Lemina is forced to live with her famous agency's racist and emotionless son 'Toby Deboire' her life turns into chaos but after experiencing a taste of what he's like as her assistant or 'babysitter' as her agency likes to say she finds herself uncovering unseen parts of him and through the midst of it all starts falling for him...
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When I met you

História Não Verificada A girl convinced she was born to love and be loved. A boy trying to forget the past, only this way he will love and be loved. A story that shows two people after their love story.
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Wishing (to Touch you)

História Não Verificada Compassion. That is a sentiment you felt a long time ago and yet it revived in the most unexpected ways, and even less from him. KaynxOC Warnings - Rated M - Shieda Kayn is a character of League of Legends, which belongs to Riot Games. - Descriptions of curse, language, sexual situations. - KaynxFemale!Reader - For the sake of facts’s chronolog...
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Untold Sorrow

When Jennifer buried her love the time stopped and she was no longer alive. What the benefits of life for a woman who lives without a heart. When she met Matthew Smith she read the story of her Sorrow in his eyes. A tormented man haunted by the ghost of his wife. When Matthew put up the idea of ​​marrying her she agreed, maybe she can be saved b...
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Delhi Escorts Would Surely Be Enticing Your Nerves

História Não Verificada It isn’t a matter of issues to be raised against the qualities of the kinds of escorts services Delhi from the darlings at this organization.
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My Week Whit You

História Não Verificada Julius is tired of the name of the family attracting more people than himself. He had few sincere and loyal friends. The women wanted him as their husband because they wanted to use their money. He decided to relax from work and traveled alone to a beach in northeast Brazil where he met Eliana Mondelez and lived wonderful days ... Until he neede...
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El amor de mi vida

História Não Verificada
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