Bullet Holes

Spying on the neighbors through the powerful telescope installed on the top of the apartment's balcony, the young writer Roger ate the last slice of the chocolate cake that his mother, Anastacia, had left right next to her typewriter, when suddenly, his eardrums shuddered as he heard the usual "Boom" from Zeca — the corner drug dealer — with his...
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Your favorite neighbors return in a humorous comedy where you will discover the important power of friendship.
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The Toys of Peace by Saki

A young man named Harvey, at his sister's request, brings toys that have nothing to do with battles and fighting as gifts to his nephews in an effort to foster interests in things other than war...
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A Ghost Story

by Mark Twain
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The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County

This story is a wild yarn involving a case of mistaken identity, a gambler who’d bet on anything, and a very unusual frog named Daniel Webster. By Mark Twain
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The Devoted Friend

The Devoted Friend is an interesting short story of two friends having different temperaments and different conceptions of devoted friendship written by Oscar Wilde. He was one of the most eminent and elegant writers of the 19th century. The story is both tender and profound in its treatment of the comically one-sided friendship between poor Han...
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The Queen of Quok

No one envied the child, who had scarcely been thought of until he became king himself. Then he was recognized as a personage of some importance, and the politicians and hangers-on, headed by the chief counselor of the kingdom, held a meeting to determine what could be done for him. These folk had helped the old king to live riotously while hi...
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The Fable of Why Sweetie Flew the Track by George Ade

Short story by George Ade
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The King Rooster

Another page of the book of my life...
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The Creature at Your Window

Neddison Eddison, quite a strange man who has had a very rough upbringing. His life would get progressively worse as he grew up. Then he hit rock bottom, he became a homeless man, living on the streets doing... unspeakable things for money. He thought that was it for him, he thought he would just be living on the streets for the rest of his life...
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Wrongly Writing

"When the whole world's against you, at least it's something to lean on." Thomas Corfield, the worst writer in history, self-publishes his books and inadvertently decimates the entire publishing industry overnight. The consequences are disastrous: illiteracy becomes something to aspire to and book burnings become rife. The publishing industry ...
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My Assistance is of Value

When you call a customer service department, you expect to get some help regarding your faulty product. But this time, you may end up getting much more than you bargained for. This is the story of Tamara, and the unlikely friendship she'll form will probably save more than just a missing package.
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The Faux-Philosopher

What do you do when you've been diagnosed with clinical depression and no one cares to know why? You waste your time having fun of course! I'm Bobert, and I only have few more months left in high school, my friends and I (mostly I) decided that we're gonna go accomplish a mission we each set out on before we leave. Join us on our journey of find...
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The Creature At Your Window: Rebirth

Before reading, please read 'The Creature at Your Window'. Spoilers Ahead. After the events of the first book, Echo is faced with the option to finish where her father left off, but she chooses not to. She joins Yuki's side, and must make sure no one tries to follow in Ned's footsteps. She will have to find a way to stop the creation of the biob...
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Fluxavtive Complete Reviews (Shocking Secret 2022) What They Won't Tell You?

História não Verificada Fluxactive Complete is a food supplement that aids in increase prostate health. Read Complete Info Below And Order It Now.
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Max Relief CBD Gummies Reviews - Is it 100% Safe or Risky? My Opinion

História não Verificada Max Relief CBD Gummies
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Stella and Amanda’s adventures

História não Verificada Stella is a bold demon girl who isn’t afraid of getting into trouble.Amanda is a more reasonable angel who isn’t a goody-two shoes. Both have been friends for the longest of times. When a power-hungry female demon called Luanne threatens to destroy the human (and possibly supernatural) world,the two must work together to stop her. From battli...
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ProDentim Reviews (Scam or Legit) - What to Know Before Buy!

História não Verificada ProDentim
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Slimming Gummies Reviews (Scam or Legit) - What to Know Before Buy!

História não Verificada Oprah Slimming Gummies
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Lucifer the annoying human

História não Verificada His name is Lucifer.He may just be a regular human,but he sure acts like the devil.From throwing cigarettes at babies to screaming at old women,he sure is one disappointment of humanity. His girlfriend,Auriella,doesn’t want to deal with any of that. What happens when he is cursed to be his greatest fear..a woman? He’ll be through this and man...
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We were only 14 years old

História não Verificada Any and Josh are 14 years old and they love each other very much, but how long will this love last?
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It Was All Bullshit

História não Verificada A novel, a short story, a short novel, I honestly don’t know. What I do know is that people want to read a good story. Another thing I know is that people also enjoy having useless information, or just enjoy being knowledgeable. I have the stories and lessons, whatever you do with the information and experience is up to you. Hashtag, no filter.
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Mein Lehrer und ein dummer junge den ich nicht mag

História não Verificada Sexy
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Three big guys and a girl

História não Verificada It all starts when Josh has to travel for work,having to leave his beloved Any,back
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Relativity Rhymes: The Unheard Conceptual Perspectives

História não Verificada Read the conceptual perspectives of the victims of the crimes of time. This book explores the alternative world of nursery rhymes. Hoping to get some feedback from you guys as to wether or not you’d like me to write more chapters and different alternative nursery rhyme based stories.
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Possessed By A Demon Named Lidy (Eng)

História não Verificada Lidy is a low-ranking, rebellious, and deformed Succubus; Jack, on his part, is an amoral and exploiting human garbage. Now they are binded to each other, how did they end up tied? That is not so important, the important issue here is how they are going to separate before heaven or hell overtake them... Learn about their journey in this comedy.
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História não Verificada Only joking
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