Transformation. By Mary Shelley

A macabre, sinister, and supernatural tale, Mary Shelley's Transformation is a masterpiece of Gothic writing.
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(1) The Attic

Something is in the attic. Come up and see, won't you please.
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Native Blood: Dark Kingdom (Book 2)

***This Writer creates Genre-Bending stories, that contain many themes. If you are searching for a traditional genre story, this probably isn't it.*** - Silatem president Elias Pendergast is contracted to provide security for a critical royal wedding and encounters turmoil in the wildlands as another Harvest approaches. (Rated R/Mature Readers ...
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The Echoes of Pan de Monium

«If I told you that only a fertile land would suffice and Men with many ambitious desires, to Create hell would you believe Me?» Nazari Salas Letter 6, Line 5 It was the lines that called the attention of Virginia Martinez in the last letter that her husband sent her since his departure, three months have passed since these enigmatic lines and ...
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This is a book with 5 short story's from Statesville. The Stalker: Randy Field decides to become a murder and starts by killing people close to him. The Chainsaw murder: Statesville people has been getting killed by a person with a chainsaw and Jim has to get him before more people die. The masks: Every night around midnight people with masks c...
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Red Girl

Dorothy’s family moves to a home that was built in the late 1800s. Dorothy’s family appears as stupid because they were told the house held the ghost of Edith a 10 year old girl who was murdered in the home. Then some tragic events happen and Dorothy tries to stop Edith.
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The Living Dead

Liliana a girl originating from a very wealthy family in town was very popular and envied among her friends! But on a tragic day, she is involved in a mysterious accident which cost her life. Her soul now wanders because she isn't able to access the "other world". When she does a pact with a demon to be granted a second chance to be alive agai...
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Over one-thousand investigations interrupted. . . But by what? There has been 100 people missing in Blue's National Park. The owner of the new national park doesn't believe that there is a creature in his national park. But, he will consider shutting down the park if the investigators gets evidence. And he needs a lot. He had to call 2 investiga...
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(3) Into the Basement

The attic and closet are nothing when in the Basement.
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The House With The Yellow Door

We're moving again. This time we are leaving and going to a place where no one even heard of. I'm wondering what the future has in store for us in the new house. The house with the yellow door.
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The creepy mystery girl

The mystery creepy girl stand in the middle of the rode creeping the person out from their peaceful drive 😕
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What's Under The Bed?

A girl's dog dies, and then her little brother, and finally, herself. Trisha, her brother Josh, and her dog, Rocky, are all on a quest to find out what killed them, so that they may have access to heaven. Their older brother, Matt, is now in prison for the murders of his little sister, little brother, and animal cruelty. Trisha is set out to fin...
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Tomas is trying to survive killer clowns in Smiles Entertainent with he's friends, will he survive a series of The Clown Games? Will they survive the blood hungry clowns? Or will they be eaten? Or stirred in a pot of human limbs? Want to know? Find out... 15+ Sorry for the inconvenience in not making new stories, I am currently having a long ...
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In the whole of Canada has a massive blizzard, coming to the whole of Canada. And then a creature in the blizzard will hunt carter and eat him alive. Can carter survive against the creature? Who and what is the creature? Christmas special 2022 Chapter 2 coming soon. --------------------- Note: Thankyou for supporting me and reading my books...
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Keep On The Lights

Marcus and his girlfriend Estelle was ready for a vacation- They needed it badly, so when Marcus suggest they go to his Aunt Rosalie's place in te country side, Estelle was all aboard. It wasn't the vacation they had hoped for though. Strange things were happening in Sunny Hills , but only at Aunt Rosalie's. Will they be able to stop whatever's ...
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99 or more horror stories, every chapter in one separate story, more coming soon COMING SOON- THE CAMITY (Noah Rowland's book). COMING SOON- ??? Stay tuned for more. Will the character's survive creatures that they've never seen or dealt with before? Or will they die against an immense creature? Packed with tones of sperate stories 99+
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Over one-thousand investigations interrupted. . . But by what? There has been 100 people missing in Blue's National Park. The owner of the new national park doesn't believe that there is a creature in his national park. But, he will consider shutting down the park if the investigators gets evidence. And he needs a lot. He had to call 2 investiga...
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Aiden a 12 years old boy went to go in the door because of pure curiosity, but then further on he started to regret it, seeing Demons, and creatures coming after him. And something, or someone imitating him, but why? Why is the "person" mimicking Robert? For help? Or to lure him to hes death? 🎖Was one point 6th top trending stories in the wh...
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DEATH WISH Blurb Jaylen accidentally summoned a creature. Jaylen and his friends goes camping in a forest and the creature will hunt them down. They will survive and run away from the blood thirsty-flesh eating creature, but will they survive The creature? This story was written by an award winning writer, Noah Rowland. And join in the story...
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The skittering of rats

Drip, drip, drip… oh, the dripping! Please, please help me! Please, I beg, I plead! PLEASE! *cough* n-no… you were t-too late…
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Fear, anguish, and dread are some of the main ingredients to make any reader fall in love with horror, leaving their complexion pale and their hair standing on end. No wonder! Who doesn't like a plot that's, like, loaded with suspense and mystery, and keeps you hooked until the very last page?! That's exactly what the short story “Nightmare” is ...
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From Beyond

"Are you familiar with the feeling of when we are very stressed and, out of the blue, life comes and gifts us with something good? Well, living this good experience is a great relief, isn't it? Well... Except for Mr. Igor, whom, after so much rush to resolve the issue of his great-grandmother's land, ends up meeting a very nice old couple, but i...
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Bloody Sunday

After days and days of tension in the office, finally the young realtor Renato was able to take a deserved vacation after all the work in the past months. His destination? A trip with his family from Florianópolis to a farm in Sanclerlândia, Goiás, where his in-laws live. Renato just didn't count that his moments of leisure and rest, from out of...
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The Ballet Teacher

A girl who is practicing her ballet dance, is 'helped' by a former teacher at the school she is attending. Little did she know that the teacher is dead and tying to kill her too
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The sons of Nöx

Have you heard about the Alexandria’s genesis? People with very rare physical birth characteristics. Such as a very pale skin tone. A resistance to disease. Longevity. And perhaps the most distinctive trait, an intense violet color in the iris of the eyes. This is an impure heritage, almost extinct on our plane. A lost vestige; very ancient, com...
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Madame Lerbrt was respected by local society in ancient Europe, for taking care of abandoned or rejected children by his adoptive parents. On his birthdays that they never spent of 42, Madame Lerbrt always received a gift from his son named Julius, were always expensive gifts. On this birthday, Madame Lerbrt expected some exotic animal as she ha...
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Baby’s of Devil

The girl left the dance floor and took the glass that was offered to her with an almost blooming blue liquid, she raised the huge glass to her mouth and felt a taste of imaginary perfection. Just one more sip and she already felt like the best person in the world of Chaos. She went towards the bathroom, it didn't have a male or female sign, she ...
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The Curse

. A thief who went to rob a house that belonged to a mischievous family. As everyone believed that the family is very rich and a mystery thing is hidden in their house. But, no one knows what is inside it and what it is.
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