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The tale of a sorceress and her fight against the holy church's inquisition of the twenty first century. - New translations every monday.
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The Lady Thief

A clueless prince marries a foreign princess who possesses magic that had long been banished from the kingdom. With her, she brings a new hope to the dying land as many seasons of fruitless crops brings whispers of rebellion. But the princess never expected her new home to be so different from the one she once knew. Upon her arrival at the pal...
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Fairy Fire: Book 1 Come Winter's End

There has long been peace in the world of Miri Brightday. That lull of tranquillity, however, is about to end. Sages from every nation have declared that the ancient one is returning. The Lord of Darkness "Mal Sombre" will soon be released, free to continue in his quest for ultimate power. The world needs the Fairy Fire's Keeper now more than ev...
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Splinter Soul: The Stolen Skin

A comatose teenaged boy is found under a bridge with strange, disturbing wounds. Overcaptain Tennison must find out why someone would cause such injuries and stop them, before it happens again.
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Angelique's Adventures

This is the start of a fantasy novel, a work in progress!
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The Legacy of Avalon: The Boy, The Elder and The Sword

When the legend ends, adventure begins. Since the witch Morgan Le Fay decided to chase down and annihilate the remaining descendants of King Arthur, the Order of Excalibur sought to scatter them throughout the colonies of the former British Empire and its allies, including Brazil's Second Empire. Over 150 years later, Aurelio Britto, a boy dwe...
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Luck's Curse

There are 3 rules that every Luck Castor must adhere to: 1. For every 3 acts of bad luck you must perform an act of good luck 2. For every act of good luck, you will take the equal bad luck counter upon yourself 3. You must never manipulate luck for your own gain Crowley Wintertowne is a Luck Castor, a group of people who are able to manipulate...
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The Silent Realm

"The Silent Realm", a place for the forgotten in between time. Parallel to limbo people wander, searching and waiting. Journey with Takemoto as he finds his way into The SIlent Realm, an unspeakable task, to get back his beloved
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Under the Darkest Moon

Evie is in captive of the Evil Enchantress, the woman who cursed sleeping beauty . Somwere else in the world Cinderella's daughter,Snow, is born deformed and sent off to be killed by Evie herself. Evie is determend to keep Snow safe from the huntsman and the other things that may lurk in the forest. When Snow proves herself more magical then eve...
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A Swandi Soldier

The young infantryman Dann travels to a foreign nation together with his companions of the Swandia army. There he will know a whole new world, and also stumble upon a secret that will change his life forever.
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~~~ Simultaneously, they were overcome with flooding sensations of uncontrollable - unexplainable emotions. It appeared unfeasible that she would or even could stop. Although he had no objections, he wasn't aware of the consequences of this paradoxical act. The consequences to him, her and all other beings. The strange, intricate and mysterio...
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A journey of initiation into the world of Alchemy is about to begin. Tadeo, a young disciple, is about to enter a winding and winding road full of danger from which it is not safe to return. The young aspiring Alchemist will know the secrets kept by the wise men of the hidden world.
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Mistery in the Park

The routine and monotony of those who live in the city prevents us from seeing those small details that hide great mysteries and that sensation of discovering something hidden right in front of us, giving us that sensation of freshness and intensity that the gray life of urbanity prevents us from seeing .
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The search

Franco has had the dream of crossing the seas and distant lands in search of an impossible object that will fulfill all his desires. Many sought it, but only one succeeded. Franco wants to find that thousand-year-old object that legends tell can make any wish come true, even if it seems more outlandish. However, some questions remain in the air:...
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Witches of the Night

Few know this, but, beneath our cities, in the midst of forests and mountains and even under the waters of the ocean, there is another world, a world full of magic, fantastic places, and mythological and imaginary creatures. By chance, I became aware of it, and my curiosity led me to explore it Now, I regret not having controlled myself, not ha...
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One Life

Chapter one test
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Believe, my love

A twisted short tale of personal conviction and romance. A young soldier and a water spirit whose fates intertwine by chance because of love.
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The Monkeys Paw, By W.W. Jacobs

"The Monkey's Paw" is a supernatural short story by author W. W. Jacobs first published in England in the collection The Lady of the Barge in 1902.[1] In the story, three wishes are granted to the owner of the monkey's paw, but the wishes come with an enormous price for interfering with fate.[2] It has been adapted scores of times in other oth...
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The yellow sing. By Robert W. Chambers

Published in 1895
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The King in Yellow, by Robert W. Chambers

The King in yellow. 1895
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Nona Vincent By Henry James

Henry James (1843-1916) Nona Vincent (“Nona Vincent”, 1892)
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Sir Dominick Ferrand By Henry James

Henry James (1843-1916) Sir Dominick Ferrand (“Sir Dominick Ferrand”, 1892)
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The Lees Of Happiness By Scott Fitzgerald

The Lees Of Happiness by author F. Scott Fitzgerald
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O Russet Witch! By Scott Fitzgerald

O Russet Witch! (1922) by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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Tarquin of Cheapside By Scott Fitzgerald

Tarquin of Cheapside (1916) by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button By Scott Fitzgerald

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. First published in Collier's Magazine on May 27, 1922.
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The Diamond as Big as the Ritz By Scott Fitzgerald

The Diamond as Big as the Ritz is a novella by novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was first published in the June 1922 issue of The Smart Set magazine
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Porcelain and Pink By Scott Fitzgerald

Year Published: 1922; Language: English
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