Sísifo en el Espacio

Del mundo de Alpha Minotauro y La inteligencia que folla.
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Suspiros de Afrodita

"El gemido puede engañar, la humedad no". Relatos eróticos para la estimulación del ánimo. (+18)
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Clases de canto

Mariana, su maestra y el pianista.
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Me enamoré del hermano mayor de mi novio

A todas nos ha pasado, no?
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Midnight Stories

Es hora de la venganza, mi Joker. Llevamos dos años de un amor clandestino, y llego la semana de las invasiones. Él dijo que tiene lista una gran sorpresa. Pues la mía, no es tan grande, pero sí, muy dulce.
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Turner, Goethe y el Diablo

“Si no lo entiendes sin que te lo explique, quiere decir que no lo entenderás por más que te lo explique” ― Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
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Forbidden Flames

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some it's just because they can. For some it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Once they had a taste, they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to go back for more. Despite the risks, the same students and teachers are getting caught up in forbidden moments once again. *** Forbid…
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La Fruta Prohibida

Las reglas del club son sencillas: - Ven con antifaz. - No desveles tu verdadera identidad. - Lo que pase en el club, se queda en el club. La Fruta Prohibida acoge cada noche a diversos desconocidos que aspiran a vivir una experiencia maravillosa o simplemente a conocer gente nueva. Entre ellos se encuentran Alexa y Travis, una pareja convencional…
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En el reino de Rauvai se prohibión las relaciones entre personas del mismo sexo, hace ya más de cuatro siglos, bajo sentencia de muerte. En la actualidad el rey Horlk II condenó a su propia esposa, Gyda, por tener relaciones con otra mujer. En el entierro de la reina apareció la princesa de Cyrne, Lydia que revolucionó el acto insinuándose a la …
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Don’t Tell Nobody

🚨Based on a true story. Some parts have been fabricated and dramatized for fictional purposes. All characters in this book are over the age 21. Read at your own risk. This book is not for children, or people under 21 years of age. 🚨 ⚠️Warning, this book contains ⚠️ -Vulgar Language -Sex Scenes Description: Rain Simmons has an itch she can’t …
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Devil of temptation

Fueled by a night of bad decisions and good wine, Aella, in a completely out-of-character move, sends a witty, self-deprecating message to Devil of temptation, a popular porn voice actor, about his sexy voice. To her surprise, he's intrigued by her rebellious and unapologetic attitude and responds. How can a virtual meeting, sparked by a drunken …
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My Step Brother

This book is explicit and shouldn’t be read if you are easily bothered and/or offended. This is a short, erotica book that will be split into ten chapters or less. This is for adults only. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ -Cursing -Dirty Talk -Vulgar Words -Cheating -Betrayal -Mild Violence Description: June put forth major effort into being a good wife to…
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The Juicy Dare

Parte do Universo The Horniverse Izumi Nakagawa's sex life gets altered dramatically, all because of a pen... This story is the prequel story to 'Easy As Pie' and part of the 'Horniverse'.
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Laura never imagined that going to work to Korea would change her life, all thanks to the K-pop idols. A unique story of romance and passion that will make you fall in love.
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La Traductora Del Idol

De la saga Idols, cuenta la historia de Teresa, latina en Corea que vive aventuras y desventuras junto a un ídolo del K-pop. Teresa una mujer liberal, entretenida, segura de si misma, vivirá las consecuencias de soñar en grande y de las apuestas del destino, pero ella logrará torcerle la mano a la vida y vivir una historia de amor con final feliz…
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Mi Señora

Mi vida se veía envuelta en líos a cada rato, problemas económicos entre otros. Pero cuando ella llegó a mi vida, todo de repente floreció. La mujer más bella, más radiante, más poderosa, me ayudó a salir adelante. La amo con todo mi corazón, pero, mi bello diamante tiene un lado perverso al cual me arrastra poco a poco. Todos los derechos reserv…
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"Tangled Temptations"

Amidst the lush foliage of a secluded tropical paradise, where the moon casts a seductive glow upon the shimmering waves, two souls find themselves entwined in a passionate dance of desire and longing. Kedrin, a captivating teacher with a penchant for sculpting her body into a work of art, escapes to the island sanctuary to rediscover herself and…
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An Unorthodox Hook-up

Parte do Universo The Horniverse Meet Leondra Phillips, an American exchange student living and going to college in Tokyo, Japan. While she is beautiful, only a select few of people know that she is a transvestite and is heavily attracted to biological males. And even though she wasn't necessarily crushing on her female friend's Catholic roommate, Leondra would develop strong sex…
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Cruel & Unusual Punishment

Parte do Universo The Horniverse Karen Cox, better known as Sergeant Officer Cox by not only her pals in blue but also every male inmate in the maximum security prison in the United States of America. While she is sexy to all, the 32 year old blonde woman has a mean streak and a very fiery temper, especially to those who were incarcerated for sexual crimes. This fact is why Karen…
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Orientación Sur

Un Nuevo comienzo de vida en una ciudad muy diferente, con miles de opciones posibles en una app de citas, y encuentros casuales con hombres para olvidar y experimentar hasta que apareció él y lo cambió To-do.
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Louis está perdidamente enamorado de Harry y es recíproco. El problema es que Harry es su cuñado, hermano de su esposo, el emperador de Roma.
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Coughing my love

Hi. My name is Amelie. I have a very small problem, well, it is not a little problem, rather are a two smalls problems. Well, I will not much turns to this matter, so I only tell... I love the smoke... No, I don't mean to "smoke" as the action of "smoke" or "smoking" a cigarette. I mean, I love the smoke, I love the huge clouds around me and hug m…
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They Both Die In The End

Tell me if you can. How do you choose? Let me be more clear. The way that Adonis makes me feel is indescribable, when it comes to him no language has formed the words to truly do him justice. When it comes to communicating the true extent of the desire he induces in other people;words are not enough. The feeling can only be described as a slight …
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Falling for the Mafian billonaire

Falling in love is not a theme for a venedikt, but when sweet and innocent Belle comes with a tempting proposal to sell her virginity. The Mafian lord has to make a choice......
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Next Door Stories

Next Door Stories is a collection of erotic short stories patterned after letters to the editor of a fictional adult magazine. Stories include graphic erotic content of a variety of styles, MF, MM, FF, and any permutation in between. All stories are fiction written by the author.
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The Bad Boy's Princess

"You are mine, Princess. For the next two months, I own this body and you will not give it out to any other man. I own every fucking inch of this body." * Mireille had been a good girl all her life, sheltered by her protective brother until he goes on a three months travel. Mireille has to stay with his best friend whom she last saw in highsch…
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A Succubus Lies

Wendy Evans is a succubus. Shes worked hard to get where she is today. Suddenly, she meets Damien Claud. He's a player and he's set his eyes on Wendy. Will they grow to love each other or hate each other?
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Zoe hasn't dated anyone ever. She used to be in love with her best friend's brother. After his rejection she struggled to move on from him. Now she has to go back to her home town and see him again. Will she catch feelings all over again?
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