He Was A Vampire

Jackie was a single mom of two girls, after her and her husband split up, they shared fifty/fifty custody of the girls one week with her one week with him, she was already struggling to pay the bills and being so stressed out that running into this mysterious guy she becomes completely obsessed with was the last thing she needed to happen.
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Into You

Training, training, and you guessed it-training. that's all Siren Moonstone knows. After her twin sister was murdered and her mother was kidnapped, that's all her father, Alpha Lawrence taught her. I mean what better way to make sure you have a strong army than to raise your own General by hand? She had learned a lot from her father. Like how to...
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Date Night - Alter Story

David's girlfriend, Allice has a couple of days off and invites him for a night out. What she has planned may be mundane, but with a memorable twist. This is the whole night as it happened with very few details left out.
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Forbidden Passions

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some, it's just because they can. For some, it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Whatever their reason, these students are letting themselves get into something they really shouldn't: a moment of forbidden passion with their teachers. *** Forbidden Passions is a collection of teache...
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Sometimes, the only solution to kill the urge to kiss someone's mouth is to let the impulse speak louder
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Another Kind of Love

A one-short erotic romance about a throuple. A MMF pairing who find love and comfort in a hard time. Heat rating: Medium with lots of fluff.
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Lust and Leather

A one-short story about a plus size doctor getting all the love she needs. Lust and Leather is a one-shot, high heat, steamy erotica. Romance does not play a large part in this story. Explicit content, for adults only.
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The Road to Hell

A one-shot story based on a larger serialized story and universe I am building. Read on for a sweet declaration of love and a sexy, hot smut scene. There's more where this came from!
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Take Me

A dream about my starlight and what I would like her to do to me
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Filling You Up

A series of erotic dreams
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Out of Control

Dream I had about my starlight.
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Pieces of the Same Puzzle

One night, young Stella wakes up in an unknown place, and despairs because she doesn't know where she is. 'What a strange place is this?! -- she wonders. It turns out that the atmosphere is gloomy, full of whispers and indiscernible voices, with only the faint light of the candles, now and then, dancing their cowardly beams of lights in the almo...
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Motel Room

Does beauty attract loneliness? Why is it that some seemingly perfect people never manage to connect with their surroundings? Is it because they are snobby and arrogant? Or are they old souls, that is, souls tired of accumulated experiences from other lives, wallowing in relief in such a barren reality of depth? Discover the story of Maycon, a b...
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The Girl in Blues

Jonathan stared at the wedding ring in his hand with pain. 'Lucky me, I didn’t engrave our names on it.' His ex-wife divorced him to live adventures with other men. Jonathan felt like he lost his time in that relationship, after nine years of dedication to it. What Jonathan didn’t expect to find was a motive to overcome his ex-wife in his favori...
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Storm Warning

Selena is caught at work during an intense storm that has hit her city. All she wanted to do was leave and make it home, but when plans don't go as expected, she realizes she is glad that she ended up staying. *** WARNING*** This story is erotic fiction with adult content, sexual situations, and graphic language. Only for 18+ (Written and publi...
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Her Protector

'I hear them calling for you, I feel the waves getting started. It's a rush inside I can't control, your eyes keep pulling me in," Alec whispered as he placed his head against mine. I sighed as I held onto him, "I know, but your fire is burning deep within my soul," I replied "I wish it wasn't true, but the whole world wants a piece of you. My...
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The Wrong Affair

WARNING: Hardcore, explicit content intended for adults only. (UNDER CONSTRUCTION...) Issa Montgomery a neglected wife that's reached her limit. Fed up with a sexless and unfulfilling marriage. Reluctantly she goes out in search of what she's missing at home, finding just that, she soon starts to wonder if she has bitten off more than s...
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His Savior, Her Sin

Life was great for Aadya, an element fairy who specialized in fire magic. She'd always observe humans from afar, with the occasional times that they'd pick her up. However, her world is flipped upside down when she meets Gabriel Kalmar, a vampire who has a secret that he doesn't want her to know. Will they prove the saying "Opposites attract" to...
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Only Once

After seeing his boss in a compromising position Elliott has fixated on her, Elliott won't rest until he gets a taste but things become complicated when a one-night-stand turns into a full-blown relationship, can Elliot remain true to love or will lust take him over.
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German classes

A story about a single mature woman getting very special 'German classes' by a kinky and dominant German teacher. The story contains some German sentences and parts - most with translations, due to the subject, but it is still easily readable for those who do not speak German. There are some humorous aspects, hopefully these don't reduce the ...
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A particularly dark tale. Not for the faint of heart. He was the all-powerful Magistrate Mathis. The man that accused the witches and then found them guilty in the dungeons of WitchFall Fortress. I had feared ever being one of them, but not enough not to be determined to figure out why he didn't seem to be what he was. So I followed him in...
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The Pack Girl's Retribution

I had been nearly dead, covered in blood and unable to remember anything other then I was scared. I remembered making it to the Asara Territory wall, half-starved. Jaecar, a Border Guard had found me and been kind enough to guide me into the Territory and to help me evade some of the more dangerous males of our pack...At least for awhile. But ...
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Warlord's Ward

He came into our village like a shadow. A Dark Dread filled with powerful magic. The King merely called him Warlord. And he owned the name. Leaving wreckage in his wake. But for me he had other plans. His cutting blue eyes seeing straight through my disguise. As his slave, his mere plaything, I'll learn the true darkness of magic without...
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Filthy Fairytales Anthology

Wolves, mermaids, princesses, and villains. The same stories you once knew with new, dark, twists. How did Snow really get out of that tower? How'd the mermaid really get her legs? What really happened to Little Red? How did Dorian Gray really stay young? 01 - STOLEN MERMAID 02 - WITHIN THE FRAME 03 - A SINGLE TASTE 04 - THE CERISE CLOAK 05 - RE...
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Mine by Royal Decree

A Feral Fey Tale. She was always mine. From the moment I saw her, she was mine. I was royalty and I commanded her mother sign her over to me. And like a good fey lad, I waited for the moment the papers were written and the ceremony completed to have her again. But instead of being a good fey woman, submissive in all things, she had defied me...
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Nightmare Man

There was no question about the fact that I liked men. Craved them. That must've been why the thing across the street caught my scent. But what it came hunting for was much more than I'd have ever guessed and his appetites would be unlike anything I'd ever known before. The question was if I'd be able to go unscathed after just the one night ...
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Porter's Reward

Kane Porter was as boring as his name implied. Of all the financial coordinators under me, he was the one least likely to be interesting on an intoxicated evening. Kane was quiet, well-mannered and nobody was friends with him. I was his boss and I got along well with everyone until I came across a problem. The account I'd been skimming from...
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My Little Succubus

We all know what she is. Impossible to catch. Every Mating Moon they all hunt for her. Her tiny leather robes leave little to the imagination and we'd all like to feel her to sate our primal need to breed. But damn her ability to spark when threatened. But I've a plan this year. I've watched her every move and now I'm ready to put the plot I'...
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