The Long Way Back

It's about a girl...and gangs....and yeah......
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Loop of Dreams

História Não Verificada Marin is a normal girl, at least, she hopes.One night something strange happens and she is stuck in a loop of dreams. Taylor lives in constant fear of his dad after his sister died because of the loop of dreams.He finds his Ilum partner, and has to save her from the same thing that killed his sister. The only problem is, she is halfway across t...
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Finding Ally

História Não Verificada 15 year old Ally Hart she was a normal average kid that lied about her status in school, her friends were fake and built on lies and deceit. Her secret was exposed by the 9th grade class prez. She was now struggling without her fake status.
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A Bubble Burst by Fred Merrick White

How a Stock Exchange Scare Dislocated the Life of the Empire For Two Days, a story in the "Doom of London" series in which the author sounds the clarion call of potential disasters that my befall the great city. Here, it is the tale of an investment "bubble", an irrational exuberance for buying shares of South African gold mining stocks. Excerpt...
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The Dying Man

What would it be like to experience death?
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Royal Arcanum (Book 1 of The Arcanum Revelation Series)

18-year-old Cathy Charlotte somehow has a soul connection to the ancient Vesperian legend. Not that she knows, until Sylvia Elle, an angel in disguised came to reveal the secret, that Cathy is born from the mother who inherits an Italian royal bloodline. One day, Cathy is astonished to know that her mom is part of the frightening secret fratern...
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The Incredible Shrinking Dave

My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by unknown radioactive waste spill spreading in beach water and effective to reduce him getting smaller and smaller
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História Não Verificada Be ready! Don't lie. She's coming for you, don't get wrong with her. You're the next to die, better don't be a shame. Shots... One is for you.
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Anna the Human

The Puricans are a savage race whose main source of food are the humans but they are running out of supplies and so must attack their rival race the Redicans who they believe are the cause of their growing food shortages. Buga, a young and most fearful Purican warrior in the midst of the war, finds himself caught in between two choices; his sec...
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Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
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(2018) Only for me

História Não Verificada Kiba could smile for the all world, but Shino’d noticed, as the same time that he realized himself in love with the team mate, that Kiba only smirked for him...
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História Não Verificada 36. The number of years it took a particular set of players to develop the character you'll either love or hate.
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I woke in this body

This story is on hiatus as I work to finish my first book, Tempest & Temptation. Yesterday I was Maria. Today I am Elise. I woke in this body.
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Dear brother

História Não Verificada My life was amazing, with my brother with me, but things changed the way and twisted the wrist of our happiness.
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Dear No One

História Não Verificada A little something to my dear no one.
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Fango Profumo

An amazing and mysterious storys Bigman is interested in food with delicate aromas and exquisite taste, and meets unusual stories written in chalk on the dashboard of a local pizzeria Poetic, bright, charismatic, delicate, sensual lines - for the most beloved readers! Best wishes - Lapina Margarita Удивительные и загадочные истории Загадочный зд...
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Mistery of the Night Song

A mysterious song tormenting the nights of curious inhabitants in an abandoned town A lonely traveler hungry for adventure will seek to conquer again their fears for the satisfaction of arriving at the source of so much fear and mystery. The mystery will be revealed as well as a sad past ...
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The Importance of Being Ernest Hemingway

A novice writer is publishing his novice novel. Rich girl wants him a wealthy writer. Best girl wants him a great writer. Which girl wins?
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História Não Verificada Яркие идеи и мощные открытия - для любящих сердец Совершенство и глубина добрых эмоций развивают человечество и вовлекают в созидательные процессы Замечательное повествование для любящих сердец Bright ideas and powerful discoveries - for loving hearts Perfection and depth of good emotions develop humanity and involve it in creative processes Won...
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História Não Verificada Ratel Issa is a successful nuclear physicist with an IQ of 146 , locked her turtured memories for 18 years. Zen Micheals is a detail- obsessed CEO, fighting to forget about his heart pattern in HER presence. Ratel met Zen in April 2019 , when she put in her mind that Zen was the perfect "Laboratory rat" for her next human experimentation . ...
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História Não Verificada Maeko 'May' Fukumoto never thought of herself as a somebody, especially not a hero, but one day she discovers her ability to create and control fire. Soon May learns that she is apart of an underground world she never knew existed, the world of 'Chromats'. People with strange powers begin to show up, some working for a mysterious woman kn...
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In 2026 in a technologically advanced city, which is sustained by the existence of an underground society of labourers. The son of one of the city's founders falls in love with a girl from the underground society, as the two societies begin to clash due to the lack of a unifying force.
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A Nuclear Camping Trip

História Não Verificada A family goes on a camping trip next to a nuclear site and meets an abandoned boy.
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Stories from the Oblivion

Same place, different people. Maybe together, maybe scattered in time. But what is this odd corner of the universe? "You know it's easier to accept our failures sometimes, right? Bodies fail" "Then why are you here too?"
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Paciente Cero

Una Infección desconocida y letal nace de un chico que no sale de su casa. Nadie puede detenerla. Nadie sabe que sucede. El Mundo está perdido. Y nosotros podemos leer como fue desde todos los puntos de vista.
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You and I

A Poem for Mothers
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Summer Afternoon

Karen is a writer. But on this particular summer afternoon, she has some distractions....
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The Faux-Philosopher

What do you do when you've been diagnosed with clinical depression and no one cares to know why? You waste your time having fun of course! I'm Bobert, and I only have few more months left in high school, my friends and I (mostly I) decided that we're gonna go accomplish a mission we each set out on before we leave. Join us on our journey of find...
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