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Contest #songteen

¡Hello! A short story should be created, based on a song they consider their favorite but being about a "teenage drama". That is, interpret in your own words and create a story whose idea or plot is inspired by that song. You can include verses from the song or the name of the song within the story. Due from April 01 to April 25, 2021. They will be published on the platform (Inkspired) placing in the description that it has been created to participate in the SongTeen contest. The author can choose the genre he/she wants to write and use the Hashtag #Songteen in the tags. It will be a new story (short story type) with a minimum length of two thousand words and a maximum of ten thousand. Prizes will go to the three best stories chosen by the qualifying jury. The winners will be announced through the Inkspired platform and on the platform's social networks.

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