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Introducing Inkspired Writer app and Premium

2017 was an amazing year of growth for Inskpired, and 2018 promises a lot more in benefit of our beloved community of writers and readers. Today, I want to officially announce our brand new app for Mac and Windows called Inkspired Writer.

Inkspired Writer app

Inkspired Writer is the future of writing. It is a tool for authoring that brings the word "smart" to writing fiction, along with a varied set of tools optimized to improve your experience of writing and publishing. Writer includes defacto features used by many authors to organize your content in a single app, plus all your favorite features, plus a new standard of premium tools to help you be more accurate when writing, with the help of Smart Glossaries, Visual Maps and more. You can write offline as many word processors or editors, but with the peace of mind that all your content is being synced and backed-up in the cloud (in your account), where you can access it wherever you are, and whenever you like. Moreover, the beauty of Inkspired Writer, is its modern and easy-to-use and distraction-free design that will help you focus on your creative process. Its easiness to use has seen pre-existing and new users adopt the app with pleasure, and the new convenient option to publish beyond Inkspired, which includes Medium and Wordpress, is deligthing customers.

Among the features you can count on in this first release are:

  • Write offline with real-time autosave
  • Sync and backup your content
  • Export your stories to DOCx, PDF, ePub, HTML and TXT
  • Publish to Inkspired, Medium, and Wordpress
  • Smart Glossaries for Characters, Events, and Places
  • Visual Maps of your story's Chronology, Character's Relationships, and Genealogy
  • Word counters and progress tracker
  • Adding Reviewers
  • Quick navigation and Notes
  • New Story Types for fiction and non-fiction writing
  • Re-arrange chapters/posts/scenes
  • Manage draft and publishing statuses
  • Markdown and shortcuts for styles
  • Rich editing with images support
  • Dark and Sephia mode plus full-screen writing view
  • Available in English and Spanish, for Mac and Windows.

Even though Inkspired Writer is specialized in fiction, as an authoring tool it can be used to write any kind of content, from articles and blog posts to essays and scripts. Don't take our word, try it yourself today. Inkspired Writer is available on a 14-day free trial. And by subscribing once to an annual Writer Premium Subscription, you will get the app forever, even after your subscription expires.

About the new Writer Premium Subscription

Writing and publishing stories in will remain free. But additionally, we want to offer a premium service to serve better those authors who want to take their writing career to new heights with the help of smart tools.

This Writer Premium Subscription is a cross-device subscription that works for both, and the Inkspired Writer app, and brings multiple benefits for specialized writing and enhancing your publishing experience on the web as can be seen on Premium's description page. Having a Premium Subscription makes sense to boost Inkspired's team in keep creating amazing tools and experiences just for you.

We are committed to constantly add new value to our Premium service, as new and more benefits will be added from time to time. Early adopters will get extra perks as they will become honorary members of Inkspired as well.

Writer Premium starts at US $5 / month on annual plans, and at US $7.99 on monthly plans.

What are you waiting for? Upgrade to Writer Premium today :)

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