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Hi :) Scotland , United Kingdom.
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My heart is in Your hands

인증되지 않은 스토리 these are the poems God has put in my heart. Hope they speak to you.
225 조회수 1 1 새로운 챕터 매주 금요일

All I Ever Wanted

Chloe Smith- 17-year old high school student has moved to Manhattan to live with her mother because 'it's what's best for her'. But does she really know what's best for her since everything she does causes her problems? Her entire family is a disast…
#6 에 Teen Fiction 29.9k 조회수 96 63 새로운 챕터 매주 화요일

Eyes Of The Secret

“I want to hide away from the secrets. And for those I already know of, I want to disappear…” Elena Martinez is a 20-year old college student. She has a dream or a nightmare—like every normal person—but this one was different. She knew it. When she…
18.8k 조회수 117 17 완결

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