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Inner Demons : how to control your negative energy

인증되지 않은 스토리 Learn how to control the way you think buy thinking positive and defeating the negative energy that linkers around.
320 조회수 새로운 챕터 30일 마다


인증되지 않은 스토리 Young man moves into a new home then soon after becomes bitten by a spider that gives him super human abilities.
323 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

RedBack : A superhero story

인증되지 않은 스토리 A young man cleans out his garage when he is bitten by a spider and end up having great powers.
506 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Rot & Ruin : Tales of the Dead

인증되지 않은 스토리 Series of untold stories of a zombie apocalypse that takes place around the world and those who want to survive must ban together to come together and fight the undead.
1.9k 조회수 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Finding Yourself

인증되지 않은 스토리 Guide to help self motivate and positive thinking to help u to decide to find yourself and who you want to become.
792 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Mothers Day

A gathering of family coming together on this special day of Mother’s Day, but what comes a day of fun and love, turns into a horrific nightmare for the family as an outbreak of chaos spreads through out the house.
3.8k 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Rot & Ruin Vol 4

A story of survival in a zombie apocalypse
4.0k 조회수 2 완결

Shadows Of Glenwood

A quiet lady name Everlyn had lived by herself in the pine forest, living comfortablely when one one day on dusk in winter she decided to get more fire wood until she disappears and never never been seen again.
3.7k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Vanishing of Daniel Shepard

A boy named Daniel was on a picnic trip in the wilderness when he got separated and lost out in the woods.
3.7k 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Dark Room

Beware of the darkroom, if you enter you will not come out alive
3.2k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Midnight Encounters

Outback cop was on patrol when he was driving back when he spotted a figure and bright light coming from the open desert. From that he had encounter the strange men that wear suits who call them self the men in black
3.6k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Whispering Woods

Fear is Where the heart is a dark thriller about whispers in the woods and the power to control you when you can't control your mind.
3.6k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Cursed Vault : A Vampires Awakening

A few reachers we’re investigating a history bunker from world war 1, When they realise it wasn’t what they thought and stumbled onto a dark secret That hold the fear of humanity.
3.7k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

It Came At Night

Group of friends sit around the campfire as one friend tells the group a story of a urban tale, a visual being that attacks people at night.
3.5k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Tale of the unseen assassin Vol 3

Five stories that tell different episodes on assassins that go around killing the guilty criminals around the city.
3.4k 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Shattered Dreams

Dave is working at a bar when he was collecting glasses from a table when one drops to the ground shattering into pieces when he started to get visions from another place in time.
3.7k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Tales of an unseen assassin

Five stories that tell the story of different Assassins taking out bad guys who do the wrong things to ordinary citizens.
3.6k 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The midnight Butcher

Group of friends must fight to stay alive in this teen slasher story,
3.4k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다


A serial killer is hiking through the mountains, when he comes across a vehicle that picks him up. realising the driver has a sinister plan, the two guys have no idea will have to battle each other to see who is the most serial killer.
3.2k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Three Stories Of Horror

For the readers of horror stories, here are stories that might bring a chill to your bone. Get comfortable and enjoy the terrifying stories that you love.
3.9k 조회수 1 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The last Breath

Jingles the clown was doing his normal routine at his circus, performing when a tragic turn had happen and Jingles finds himself on the other side.
3.3k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Rot & Ruin Series

Multiple stories of a zombie apocalypse, that takes place all around the world where people must survive and defeat the undead to stay alive.
4.4k 조회수 4 12 새로운 챕터 매주

Realm Of Shadows

인증되지 않은 스토리 A psychic gets her world changed when she discovers playing with the undead will take effect when a demonic entity crosses over and wants to torment her.
2.6k 조회수 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Untold Truth

인증되지 않은 스토리 Rebbeca Gibson has a wonderful life working as a nurse until one she gets kidnapped and her whole changes in the blink of an eye.
2.7k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Rot & Ruin : Zombie apocalypse

인증되지 않은 스토리 Out course of zombie outbreak has taken over the world, only an group of survivors must take on the undead to survive.
2.7k 조회수 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Last Breath

A fireman finds himself fighting for his life after taken on the ruthless flames that caused his change of fate.
3.1k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다


Feeling the pain in her heart Emma struggles to bear the feeling to show her suffering to the world.
3.2k 조회수 1 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Ten ways to approach a woman

Unveiling the Art of Connection: between a man and a woman, ten ways to get your female partner
3.2k 조회수 1 완결

Ten ways to approach a man

Get Information on how to meet men with this guide book, and let the change help you.
3.3k 조회수 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

The Dark Woods

Ghost story of missing children who dares enter the woods
3.2k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 10일 마다


English teacher gets the opportunity to go to Australia and learn the ways of aboriginal life, and soon discovers their is more to discover then the natives but something terrifying that lurks beyond the boundaries.
3.2k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Shadows of an unseen assassin

This is a multiple stories feeling of different assassins taking out the bad guys who corrupt the legal system and who think they can get away with doing wrong to innocent people.
4.3k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 10일 마다

The Vampires Decent

A group of researchers stumble on a bunker hidden in the woods and discover terror that lurks beneath in the shadows of the bunker.
3.1k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Shadows of Willowbank

A group of killings taken place in a small country town called Willowbank
3.0k 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 매주

Someone Buried Me

This story is about my frightening struggle for survival and fight that will determine my ability to over come fear.
1.5k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 10일 마다

The Day I Meet a Reptilian

Danny O'Brien, an online business worker lives on the outskirts of town living in an apartment that looks over the river. One morning Danny leaves home to sort out a few things when he finds himself getting lost and bumps into a stranger that doesn'…
4.5k 조회수 1 작성중

Time Limit

About a father who tries to survive with his son against the world of horde of zombies
4.0k 조회수 1 1 작성중

Night of the Vampire: full story

인증되지 않은 스토리 After losing his wife giving birth, Raymond raises his son Mikey, ten years has past and now grown ten years of age, Raymond and Mikey we're leaving from a school play, When a storm bruise over head and was driving home through the country when they…
2.2k 조회수 2 3 완결

ZOMBIES : Rise of the Dead

인증되지 않은 스토리 A bartender named Gavin needs to survive a zombie out break, will he survive.
1.4k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 격일

The Serpent : Part 2

Finding out his wife cheated on him left him heading for work, and things started to happen to him. Sitting a sign leading out of town divided to keep on driving and never looked back.
2.7k 조회수 1 8 새로운 챕터 격일

Westridge: Part 1,

Group of friends decided to spend the weekend hiking in the woods, Not aware of the terror lurks within.
1.8k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 격일

The Traveler

Bartender name Bobby Green was about to lock up his pub for the night when a mysterious man arrives and changes his life forever.
2.3k 조회수 1 3 새로운 챕터 격일

Chapter 2,

As the Horde of zombies arrive in town, The storms starts to settle when Victor and others in town are being under attack from the dead.
2.8k 조회수 1 새로운 챕터 격일

ZOMBIES : Rise Of The Dead

The rise of zombies have risen attacking a small country town, A group of locals band together to take on the Horde and save the human race.
2.1k 조회수 1 5 새로운 챕터 격일

Voices in the Storm

If you ever hear voices calling out to you Never ever listen to them.
2.0k 조회수 1 3 완결

A New Begining

인증되지 않은 스토리 Continuing from last past 1st part
2.9k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

Night of the Vampire

인증되지 않은 스토리 A father who losses his true love but gains a son spends his life raising his child, until one day everything changes. A visitor comes to town and takes his son; Since the day his son vanished he has never stopped looking.
2.4k 조회수 1 완결

The Serpent

Have you ever had one of those days where it went all to shit? Well, I did, you have no idea what's around the corner for you when it comes to life. Mine was getting any better' By the end of it all I had lost control of everything my attitude my h…
2.0k 조회수 1 2 새로운 챕터 매주 월요일

The Last Breath

Life is short! We don't know how long we have until we pass over; death can come at any time, Enjoy the little things and whatever you do; it's essential to live in the moment and cherish the little things.
7.9k 조회수 1 3 완결

The Comet

This is a story about a law student named Phillip Cohen, working with one of the finest Law firm in bright city, Getting the Job at Hollowsy's law firm, Phillip soon discovers one night a red glow over the city sky that extraordinary changes his li…
2.9k 조회수 2 새로운 챕터 매주

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