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Samara was special and borne with a gift most wished for. She could hear and see things beyond the normal realm and was taught the ways of a healer. However, she never suspected her ability would be put to a test so soon, and in the worst way possible. She had to journey through the forest to the infamous mountain of the gods to seek help that would heal her dying mother, who suffered a bite from a mysterious poisonous snake. Samara had to face hardships both physical and supernatural in her quest to beat time and save her mother. She never expected help to come from a supernatural being of great power who seemed to be waiting for her arrival. Finding out a demon was responsible for her mother's condition puts a twist on her predicament. Copyright ©️ 2024-05-09 by O. J Zainab. All rights reserved.

모험 전체 공개. © Copyright ©️ 2024-05-09 by O. J Zainab. All rights reserved.

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A Journey Against Time

"Nothing is working, Samara." The senior healer announced worriedly, her voice tainted with sadness. "If something is not done soon, we will lose her."

My eyes flickered with tears at the dead tone of my teacher. I was a junior healer learning the ways of traditional medicine in my village, Charmin. I never suspected my talents would be needed so soon. I was born with something strange in my hand; an item my people recognized as unique and special. Something they felt beared an important message from the gods and revealed the mission I would undertake during my life on earth. This unique occurrence of my birth made my parents perform special rites that opened my eyes to a new world and made me see and hear things that defied logic. I weaponized this gift to save lives. But now, my only living relative, my mother's life hung in the balance. She was bitten by a poisonous snake of unknown species on her way back from the farm. No one knew what type of snake bit her which made healing her difficult. My teacher tried everything and still no good response. My mother was as still as a corpse, the only difference was the telltale signs of her breathing.

"So what can be done? We need to do everything to save her. Tell me what you need."

"You would have to journey through the forest of Charmin to the holy mountains and seek the help of the gods. I have been told there's immense power up there, something that cures all ailments. But the journey is not easy. It's tedious and filled with danger."

"I'm not scared of any danger. I would do anything to save my mum."

"Then you must leave at the soonest. As soon as dawn breaks. I'm afraid we don't have much time. Remember, most things you see on the way might not be real. I would give you a special talisman that would protect you from supernatural dangers. But as for the physical ones, you're on your own."

"That's more than enough. I won't disappoint you, or my mum."

"Good. My blessings are with you."

l nodded and turned in for the night, praying so hard for enough time and strength to save my mother.

The Break Of Dawn...

Dear Diary,

Week One:

You know my situation and are aware of my predicament. Today I start my journey through the forest of Charmin to the holy mountain to seek the intervention of the gods in saving my mother. I know the task ahead is daunting but I'm determined. Besides I have you for company, and that brings me solace. So I packed light, just a couple of dry foods, some water, a special herbal cream to treat minor injuries, and a torch light. I couldn't afford to carry more items that would weigh me down or slow my movements. Hopefully, it would be enough preparation.

The sun is playing hide and seek this week which I see as a blessing from God, a little reprieve to make my journey easier. I walked in a rushed gait, my feet crunching on fallen branches and dead leaves, while kicking little rocks out of my path. I was so focused on beating time I didn't notice the pit of quicksand until it was too late, and I had fallen into it. Steadily I threw my crossbag across the pit to the other side, and wriggled my legs around. I had been told this act creates space between the legs and the quicksand, and helps the water in the pit to flow through and dilate or loosen the soil to enable movement, especially when done slowly and progressively. This was the best technique to use, so I applied it and got out safely from the death trap. I collapsed with an exerted grunt, puffing out the air in exhaustion. I would have to get moving though, and find a stream to wash away the muddy mess. I knew this would waste my time, and prayed fervently it wouldn't be a hiccup that would cost my mother's life.

Dear Diary,

Week Two:

Another week found me at the foothill of the mountain. I knew then my true journey had begun. After several days of trekking through the uneven forest grounds, having rough wide flappy leaves lash out at my skin, escaping the deadly pit of quicksand and enduring the bites of invisible insects, I finally reached the bottom of the enormous mountain.

So this was the infamous holy mountain that was patronized by a few daring folks with needs or desires greater than their fears. I never thought I would be one of those seeking the help of the secrets the mountain holds.

I gazed up at the gigantic mountain feeling inadequate and little in comparison. The mountain was so formidable and looked downright dangerous with its steep slopes. And each jagged ridge and Stony crevice was mean-looking, and unyielding, and promised certain injuries. How am I to climb this thing? I thought with trepidation clouding my senses. I had no experience beyond the daily hunting for herbs in the forest and small valleys and hills. I have only climbed one mountain, and it's nothing like the monstrosity that looms before me. This was a king of mountains, unlike anything I have seen. And its appearance was uninviting, to say the least. Even the visible footholds jutting out of the uneven walls were not encouraging. It was still dangerous. Especially, if I fall, there would be nothing but excruciating death to break my fall. At that moment, the seriousness of my mission hit me like a thunderbolt that almost paralyzed me.

Taking several deep breaths, I fortified myself and shook off my fright. Sending a quick prayer to the heavens, I took that final step that would make or break my mission, knowing very well time is of the essence. Taking one last look at the summit of the mountain that was swallowed by a bed of fluffy clouds, I began my climb, taking each step at a time, mindful to keep my head upwards and focused on the prize. Intuitively, I knew looking downward would scare the hell out of me, and make me lose my equilibrium. I couldn't allow that because it would mean the suicide of my mission and the death of my mother. I needed to focus on the thoughts of my mother to keep going. Perhaps I focused too hard because before I knew it, I was attacked by an angry falcon and almost slipped. I had the devil's work hanging onto the stony walls while I fought off the falcon with one hand and a deafening scream. I wondered why it was attacking me until I saw a nest buried in a small opening.

"I'm not here to harm your chicks!" I yell at it, catching its gaze and holding it captive. At that moment, something meaningful flashed between us, and an unspoken blanket of truce cocooned us. I smiled and continued on my merry way.

The mild sun was setting now and I knew my second week journey was almost at an end. I was glad when I came across a bigger opening that looked like an ancient cave carved between the stony walls of the mountain. It would make a safe settlement for the night. So I used my torch to check it out before settling in for the night. I drank some water and ate some dried spicy meat, then closed my eyes to sleep. I was barely asleep before I was visited by a creature of the night; its screeching sound scaring me awake. I sat up abruptly, my eyes opening wide to be confronted by the beady red eyes of a shadowy creature. My body stiffened as I noticed it float above my sitting form, its bony claws reaching for my neck as if to squeeze. I realized then my life hung in the balance, and I must do something fast to safe myself. Quickly, I took out the talisman my teacher gifted me from its nestle at my bosom and pointed it at the creature. I tried not to cringe as the creature screeched in pain and then disappeared into thin air.
What the hell was that?! I asked myself, feeling remnants of my fright shake my body. I knew sleep would be a lost cause, and I wouldn't be able to get a wink.
And that's how my night ended, dear diary.

Dear Diary,

Week 3:

This week started slowly with no concerns except the aches of my body. It was uneventful, well for the most part. But then I felt a swift change in the air. The cool morning wind brushing against my tired muscles suddenly changed and became heated as the sun appeared with a vengeance that scorched my skin and made me sweat a pool. My dress was now plastered to my body, my hands clammy and raw from all the climbing but I couldn't give up. I couldn't lose my mother. I hope I wasn't late. I knew my teacher would do everything to keep her alive till I returned. I felt a headache forming at my temple but tried to ignore it as the heat oozing from the sun was so piercing and suffocating. It made it hard to breathe, and my throat became parched. I pushed ahead, ignoring the aches and pains, just pushing one leg ahead of the other.

Suddenly I heard a hiss that was so vicious my heartbeat skyrocketed into panic, and I knew before looking, a dangerous threat loomed. I held my breath, stilled my movements, and looked up into the eyes of death. I couldn't believe I was staring into the eyes of a Viper snake. Of all places and times it had to be here. Did anyone see the irony of it? While my mother was dying from a snake bite, I was been confronted by the threat of a deadly bite. I knew I was trapped. I couldn't run or hide. So I did the only thing I think best. I closed my eyes, held still, and prayed hard to any divinity listening. I continued praying, even when I felt its breath on my face. I refused to move or open my eyes. Finally, I felt it slither over my body and disappear to a destination unknown to me. The heavens must be testing me, I thought, my grip almost giving up on me in relief. I held strong and
continued my journey.

I don't know how long I was hanging on, moving gradually, and refusing to break under the painful strain of my muscles. I just knew I had to save my mum at all costs or die trying. This was the best sacrifice as a loyal daughter I can give to my mother for all the times she stood by me and took care of me. It was my turn to give back, and I plan on doing a good job. Suddenly a gust of strong wind pushed me out of my riverie and threatened to push me off the steep wall I was hanging onto.

What in the loving name of God was this? I trembled from the coldness, my teeth chattering. My eyes closed defensively against the sharp particles in the wind. I thought for sure I would lose my grip and fall to my death, but it seemed the heavens were finally smiling down at me because the wind ceased and I was free to continue. I had little rest or break because my mum had little time. I was fortified by a strength bigger than me, stronger than my mental exertion, and a determination taller than this mountain.
My third week ended with relief, dear diary.

Dear Diary,

Week 4:

Finally, I reached the summit and pulled myself upwards, collapsing at the top. I can't believe I survived on nearly nothing. I was so dehydrated and hungry it was a miracle I still lived. But I was too tired to move, too weak to encourage myself. I had no choice though, as the mountain started to shake, and a rumbling sound emanated from an unknown source. I found myself jumping to my feet, and anxiously looking around me. It was then I noticed a cloudy path that led to a sprawling castle of Victorian style suspended in the air. The Castle looked like something that would jump out of a fantasy book. Its ethereal beauty invited the senses in a sinful indulgence that complimented the clouds. I realized the castle was responsible for the rumbling sound as it seemed to be spinning slowly. My curiosity was now bigger than my exhaustion, and I made a beeline through the cloudy steps to the spinning castle. Its door flew open for me as it stopped. Without thinking, I went inside, noticing how dark it was and cold. So cold; the ungodly kind that had me shivering. Suddenly I felt a presence at my side and shrieked in shock, almost fleeing but found my feet rooted to the spot.

"Who's there?" I asked shrilly.

"You tell me." The voice that spoke into my ears was sultry and mysterious. "You invaded my fortress."

"It opened to me," I defended.

"Because you are the first human to grace my presence in a century."

"W... What?"

"Yes. So you see, you're important. Very special indeed."

"Can I see you? I can't see anything now."

"Are you sure you're ready to see me?" his voice was mocking, filled with derision.


"Okay." That one word flooded the room with light so bright I turned away, closing my eyes from the impact before opening it slowly. My eyes widened as they landed on the most flawless creature I had ever seen. His skin was so smooth and translucent. His garments were made of the finest golden silk that spoke of a wealth unknown to man, and it puzzled me. "You don't look anything like your castle."

"I know. I'm more stylish. Anyway, what brings you here, little one?"

"My mother was bitten by an unknown poisonous snake and is dying. Nothing we do seems to work on her. She keeps getting worse."

"I see. It wasn't a snake that bit your mother, but a rogue demon."

"What? A demon? How? Why? What makes you say that?"

"I'm the keeper of the mountain. The god of knowledge and the unknown. I see what you cannot. My fortress is filled with the knowledge of the ancient; medicine, science, and technology... You name it. The list is endless. So trust me when I say a demon bit your mum. He covets you and thinks making you an orphan, and vulnerable would endear him to you when he approaches. But you're not meant for him, but me. And I have been waiting for your arrival for a good while. There's so much I can teach you, and with your gift, you would be able to do wonders. But now is not the time, your mother needs you. She doesn't have much time left. We need to head back now if we have any hope of saving her."

"But what about your castle?–"

"It can take care of itself. No one enters without my permission. Come on, we need to go. I have to save your mother. Now that fate has brought you to me, I must protect you and teach you all I know. Only then you would fulfill your destiny. We shall return."

I was so stunned by everything he said, and amazed by him. He was unlike any man I know– I wasn't even sure he was a man at all. Something told me he was more and could be a formidable enemy if he wanted to be. But I was grateful he was on my side. I stood silently as he grabbed some stuff, admiring the tall shelves of ancient scrolls I knew carried knowledge one could only dream of. Knowledge I hope to discover one day soon. His castle was a mystery waiting to be discovered, and I promised myself I would return and dive into its mysteries, and unravel its treasures.

I allowed him to grab my hand, his grip cold but comforting to the touch. It soothed my aches and pains, and I felt myself heal under his touch. He led me to an antique mirror that towered over us, and I raised my eyes to question him. He smiled and said softly.

"It would take us to your mum in seconds. All I have to do is have a destination in mind."

"Really?" I asked in awe.

"Yes. Now, hold on, little one. Your true journey starts now."

Dear Diary, I never knew his final words would change my life forever.

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