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Karen Cox, better known as Sergeant Officer Cox by not only her pals in blue but also every male inmate in the maximum security prison in the United States of America. While she is sexy to all, the 32 year old blonde woman has a mean streak and a very fiery temper, especially to those who were incarcerated for sexual crimes. This fact is why Karen is considered the most frightening officer in the prison, and if she takes a liking to you, you are in more trouble than you would ever know. With her power to release prisoners early under the condition of 'good behavior', Officer Cox takes sadistic delight in ordering convicted criminals to do whatever she would demand just to be free. So is the case for this unnamed male criminal... Disclaimer from me, the author: "This story discusses the topic of 'Rape'. Although all characters and situations are entirely fictional, those who are squeamish of this topic should not read this story if the victim's case feels all too realistic and would trigger an emotional response from you." (Part of the Horniverse. More erotic stories involving the devious escapades of Karen Cox will depend on the reception of the short tale.)

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He Needs Some Milk

Upon opening the door to her office after knocking in a goofy sounding sequence, a young male security officer would very cautiously open the door to see his supervisor, Sergeant Officer Cox, sitting in her rolling chair with her hands placed on the sides of her head. He took a mental note that she looked visibly frustrated, and upon seeing the young blonde woman angrily slam her right fist down onto the desk, the male officer promptly closed the door in fear of her rage being taken out on him for the third time.

Sitting on Officer Cox's mahogany desk was a thick slack of documents of a man with a redacted name as well as the details of his crime, which was rape of a college woman. The young woman's stomach would churn as she processed every word internally, gritting her teeth to the point of them hurting a lot upon reading the disturbing passage that had indicated that the young female victim was sexually violated in front of her mother, father, and little brother, who were chair bound during the entire ordeal. Officer Cox would then shed tears for not only the victim and her family but also herself, as she had been the victim of a similar tragedy that ultimately led to the end of her two year marriage due to developing abusive tendencies to her ex-husband. She HATED rapists, especially if they were towards women her age or younger.

"F*ck you, you disgusting son of a..." Officer Cox would say in a low tone of voice before slowly getting up and wiping tears off of her face using her right hand, still very angry at what she had read in the papers.

"I got the perfect punishment for you, you filthy monster. Just you wait..."

1 year later...

It took tons of careful planning. Lots of people were in on the diabolical plan that Officer Cox had cultivated in retribution for the rape victim. Judge Cox, her father, had signed off on this plan as well. Now, all that needed to be done was to get the unnamed man out of his prison cell and in front of the young blonde woman to discuss talks of his early release. Officer Cox was not only thrilled that her operation was in motion, but she was getting very sexual excited at the prospect as well.

After having been raped and losing her husband to the trauma, Karen Cox had resorted to internet pornography as her way of coping with the loss of her love life. However, the videos she would indulge in were not typical and were quite unorthodox for a young woman like herself to get off on: Domination porn. From seeing naked men bound to watching other women slap or even punch their testicles, Officer Cox found herself falling in love with the idea of losing herself sexually to the humiliation of a man! Fortunately for the young blonde as well, her job as a maximum security police officer only made her sexual cravings more justified in her mind as she had developed very creative punishments for every inmate convicted and sentenced for a violent sexual crime, from giving oral to fellow male inmates to letting her shove a middle finger up their anus and making them orgasm through their butt. The looks of embarrassment that they gave her as well as humiliating them via the acts were enough to easily soak Officer Cox's panties and give her something to relentlessly finger herself to climax to. But this very particular punishment would not only exceed her sexual fantasy but also provide the justice that the victim as well as her family had been seeking for so long.

"Right this way, Mr. Weathers." Officer Cox would say in a sweet voice as she saw a tall black man slowly shuffle his way into the empty room, his arms and legs tightly shackled together.

"Have a seat right on that chair there, sir. Now, do you know why you're in here?"

"Is that a trick question?" Weathers asked with a bad attitude, Officer Cox doing her very best not to get visibly pissed off at him as she sat across the round table.

"I'm here cuz I raped a girl. And if ya askin' to see if I regret it, then you can save your breath because I don't. That latina girl shouldn't have worn a skirt so damn short that you could see her panty clad pussy everytime she bent over! She was just ASKING for me to come to her house that day..."

"Fine, then. Imma cut the crap and spare myself of faking a smile for a nasty piece of filth like you..." Officer Cox growled out in a rage while pulling her hat off of her head, making the convicted rapist smirk to himself.

"You're here because you are eligible for early release, Weathers. You're a free man under the condition that you agree on doing something for me..."

"Let me guess, give you my BBC?" He asked in a very flirtatious voice, the young blonde woman getting a little wet in her panties just from hearing that.

"Because, out of all the white girls I've ever got the pleasure of staring at, you got to be the most delicious looking. You over here looking like white chocolate or something, girl..."

"Actually... I was hoping that you would, I don't know, drink the milk from my breasts?" Officer Cox would ask in a very cutesy voice before slowly removing her uniform jacket, turning on Weathers greatly.

"I've been lactating lately, but I'm too embarrassed to admit it to anyone else. So, in front of you is a glass of milk that came from these scrumptious tits that I'm about to show you in a moment. And if you drink it all, I wouldn't mind giving more from the source..."

"Yes, baby..." The convicted rapist would agree to before carefully picking up the glass of milk with both hands, soon raising it up to his mouth and taking large sips.

"MMM! That's good titty milk! Gimme some more, white girl!"

"Cumming right up..." The young blonde officer would respond in the form of a sexual innuendo, Weathers not realizing what he had just did to himself.

The while the first glass of milk was indeed what it was, it was soon come to pass that the convicted rapist was no longer drinking the dairy product during each new pour in. Every time that Karen Cox refilled the glass underneath the table per his request, she would take out a small glass vile from her uniform pants pocket, open it up, and pour a small amount of refrigerated semen generously donatated by his inmate into the mix of her breast milk! It would even get to the point where the officer had stopped squirting her own breast milk into the glass cup and just poured several viles full of the inmate's semen into the glass for him to unknowingly consume instead, not noticing its more bitter taste whatsoever.

"That was delicious!" Weathers said happily and with a smile on his face as he had semen oozing down the sides of his mouth, Officer Cox getting so wet from seeing the sight that she almost reflexively shoved a hand down her pants to touch her womanhood.

"I absolutely love the taste of women. Their fluids are so creamy and sticky. I'm so hard from drinking them right now..."

"I'm glad you like them..." The young blonde woman began to say before grinning ear to ear, ready to burst the convicted rapist's bubble.

"Because you just gulped down your inmate's cum, Weathers! And I have it all on my body camera, too. So, unless you want it to get out that you like taste of a man's cum more than a woman's, I suggest you do as I say if you still wanna be a free man..."

It was then that Officer Cox's mind took a mental photograph of the look of utter disbelief on Weathers' face before seeing the defeat in his eyes. She knew that he would relent almost instantly, given the fact that even if he didn't want to leave prison, he'd be incarcerated with the inmate that he drank the cum of and mostly certainly would be his plaything! Just as well, the likelihood of the body cam footage getting out to the public would be astronomically high since the media already hated his guts. Weathers had no other choice but to abide by Officer Cox and any of her desires.

"I'll... I'll do whatever you want me to..." The convicted rapist said in a very defeated tone, soon looking into the young blonde woman's eyes as she proceeded to undo the buttons of her solid white shirt.

"Good boy. Because now, I'm gonna pull that BBC out and stroke it til you cum all over yourself..." Officer Cox said in a very flirtatious voice before getting her top off, soon unbuckling the belt around her waist shortly afterward.

"Don't mind me, Weathers. I'm just getting you in the mood to get that large cock up. I wouldn't be able to get what I want if it were still limp and stuff. Isn't that right?"

"Yeah..." The convicted rapist would moan out in desperation, watching as the young blonde woman slowly pulled down her uniform pants and revealed her solid white thong panties before his cock became fully stiff.


"You can say that..." Officer Cox replied in a very dejected way as she then took her chair and moved it up in front of a visibly aroused Mr. Weathers, soon causing him to shiver in sexual delight as she reached into his jumpsuit and pulled out his cock.

"I rather say that I enjoy getting retribution through sexual means, turning even the most hardened criminals into my whiny boy toy. You want to be my little horny plaything, don't you?"

It was then that the young blonde woman had gripped the convicted rapist's male member and began stroking it up & down with her right hand! Her eyes would stare into his as he began trembling in his seat, the female officer being his first sexual interaction in a whole year. And the very horny Mr. Weathers was already close to an orgasm, so much so that he even started considering her words.

"Yes, white girl... I wanna be your boy toy!" He finally said with a violent groan of sexual delight, causing Officer Cox to smirk as she felt pre leak semen ooze out of the tip of his circumcised cock.

"You serious about that, Weathers? Are you absolutely certain you want that? Because if you mean it, then I don't wanna hear you whining after you say---

"YES!!!" Mr. Weathers roared out in the young female officer's face, having given into his sexual lust fully.

"Suit yourself, Weathers..." Officer Cox would eerily reply before reaching forward with her left hand and leaning his head into his own lap.


The moment of truth was nigh. Having successfully predicted when he would achieve climax, Officer Cox would watch on with a devious smile on her face as the convicted rapist shot jets of hot and gooey semen into his own mouth! To make the sight even more sexually tantalizing for her as well, she then ordered him to swallow his own seed, which he did without even the slightest of hesitation. Officer Cox got the justice she wanted to see.

"Good boy drinking your own semen like that, Weathers! Now, I need you to say one more thing, and then you are a free man..."

"What do you want me to say?" The convicted rapist asked with curiosity in his tired, sounding voice, making the female officer grow wet with arousal.

"Tell me that you like the taste of semen. Then, you can leave..." She responded very casually before flashing him a sweet smile, successfully disarming Mr. Weathers and causing him to remember the bitter taste of the 'milk' he drank, which he did admittedly like.

"I-I... I like semen." He told Officer Cox right before hearing the metal door behind him, suddenly swing open with two male officers walking into the room, soon picking the convicted rapist up and taking him away.

After seeing the door shut, Officer Cox would then stand up and walk her partially nude self over to her discarded uniform pants before reaching into the back pocket and pulling out her smartphone. Upon turning it on, she then sent a lenghty text out to a contact under the name of 'Maria Rodriguez'

"Hey, Maria. This is Sergeant Officer Karen Cox. I hope you and your family are doing well. I did it. I managed to get that filthy scumbag to drink not only his but also another man's semen! The best part? It's all on video and ready for the MSM to exploit this to high heaven with very selective editing and stuff like that. And even though he's getting an early release from prison, Mr. Weathers will NOT get a smooth transition. I will make sure of it myself! Everyone he knows will see the footage of him cumming in his own mouth and savoring the taste of it, and I'll sent you a copy to use against him for what's left of his pathetic life. His hell is only just beginning." It wrote before she hit 'SEND'.

After shooting the rape victim that text, Officer Cox would smile with sadistic joy as Maria texted back with a simple 'Thumb's Up' emoji before smiling and placing her smartphone onto the table. The young blonde would then slip one hand into her damp white thong panties and work her hot body to a well deserved orgasm.

Justice for Maria Rodriguez and her family would be served that very same day in perhaps the most unorthodox of ways.

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