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Ethan woke up from a coma, lured to consciousness by the harsh beeping sound of the machines attached to his body. In a lame quest to detach himself, he found a mysterious note embedded in his palm. A note that left him breathless and scared for the safety of his loved ones. His wife and son were gone, abducted by the younger brother of a drug syndicate leader he had taken down. He was asked to journey through the deadly desert known as 'the valley of death' to the town across it if he wanted to save his family. He had no choice but to accept the unspoken challenge to endure hardships and navigate through the perils of the desert to save his family. In the end, his efforts amounted to nothing, and his body gave up on him. Finding out later Brad lied to him to lure him into the dangers of the desert and that his family were safely under police protection, rankled him beyond words and he felt like murdering the bastard.

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A journey into the Valley of Death

Ethan woke up with a start, jerked to reality by the beeping sounds making a ruckus deep in his subconscious. His whole body ached as he tried to take in the unfamiliar surroundings. He grunted in alarm as he took in the blinding fluorescent light, the beeping life support machines, and the white sheet of the walls, realizing he was in the hospital.

But how? What the hell happened to him? Why was he in this condition? In an unguarded state of fright, he tried to get out of the bed that confined him and groaned aloud at how impossible it was to move his body. His body felt heavy as he collapsed back on the bed. He raised his hand to wipe the beads of sweat off his forehead and realized there was a note in his right palm. Weird. Who gives a patient a note? Especially one who was attached to a life support machine. Sighing wearily, he unfolded the note and ran his curious eyes through it, wishing he hadn't. His eyes welled up with tears and his soul was filled with suffocating desperation as the words of the note flooded his mind with terrifying images and memories he couldn't believe he had forgotten.

His family!

He needed to get to his family! He was an officer of the law, the best in his department and his dedication to his office had enabled him to bring down the head of a big drug syndicate cocooning his people in safety. But then the younger brother demanded retribution; 'blood for blood', and was responsible for his current position. Brad had taken him by surprise and jumped him in the park, ramming his body with bullets that almost took his life. Now Brad had his wife and son and promised to wait for him to come for them if he dared. But he knew how frivolous and empty a criminal's words were. He would kill the bastard!

His heart picked up pace as his eyes caught the location– what the hell?

The valley of death!

Brad wants him to cross the valley of Death to the town across it if he has any hope of saving his family. He always knew drug dealers were nuts but this was borderline insane! Absurd! But he had no choice, he must meet his demand even though he might die doing it. He had to save his family.

His town was sort of plain and dry and resembled a backcountry. It was surrounded by an infamous desert called 'The Valley of Death', which served as a fortress in disguise for his town. It kept them safe from snooping outsiders and predators who knew better than to cross the deadlands. But he would have to journey through it.

Damn! He hissed out almost tumbling out of bed. His legs were shaky and he felt sluggish as he struggled to get his bearings. He had some planning to do if he wanted to survive his new mission.

A few hours later...

Ethan parked his car at the mouth of the infamous desert known as 'the valley of death' and thought how hopeless his quest was. Brad had outdone himself this time sending him on a foolhardy mission dipped in perils. He envisioned the harsh environs that were a wasteland garnished with traps that swallowed up the unprepared and killed the incautious on the spot. He had tried his damnest to prepare for any mishaps and mayhem that might befall him. His car was stacked with water to keep him hydrated, some high calories light chocolate and energy bars to keep him fed, some nuts and dry processed foods to support the bars, fuel for his car, and a torch light just in case he had to go on foot, a compass and maps for a sense of direction so he doesn't lose his way in the deadlands, some sunscreens and insect repellents to protect his skin from the sun and the little bugs who might find him scrumptious to feed on, a lighter and matches, an emergency kit to treat him when he injured himself, mirror to send an SOS, and a gun to protect him from wild predators and the band of thieves or marauders that are known to stalk the desert looking for easy preys to bully. He was satisfied with his preparation and had packed light, shoving all these items into his backpack except for the large tanks of water and fuel. However, he had three bottles of water in his backpack. Now all he had to do was follow the trail of roads carved between the desert and hope for the best. He must focus on his family for strength and fortification.

This was it, he thought getting back in his car to enter the forbidden lands. He drove through the desert cautiously, keeping an eye out on the rearview mirror and the road ahead for any sign of danger. He had been driving for hours, the sun was blazing hot above him rendering his old-fashioned air condition useless and beading his heated skin with sweat. His throat became parched as he lost more body fluid, and he blindly reached out for his bottled water and gulped it down rapidly, sighing with relish at the end. He couldn't believe he had lost touch with reality for a full month, lying useless on a bed. He jolted out of his musings when a loud blaring sound pierced his ears. He glared at his rearview mirror and noticed a trailer charging towards him at an ungodly speed. He thought he was dreaming, seeing two hard glints of lights that were nothing but a mirage brought on by his exhausted mind.

But no, it was real, as real as the fear that snaked down his back.

What's the fucker doing? He thought wildly pulling his car swiftly to the other lane, but instead of passing him by, the trailer pulled up behind him and blared his horn louder, filling him with panic.

What the hell did the driver want? He asked aloud pressing down on his accelerator in a futile attempt to avoid the beast of a car hellbent on throwing him off the road and ending his mission. It seemed the monster behind that wheel was on a mission to end his life before he could complete his mission. He was surprised to see anyone on this deserted road. He drove faster and blared his horn back at his pursuer, but that only seemed to ruffle him more and was what broke the camel's back. Before he knew it the trailer hit him so hard, after taunting him with a few tiny hits, then shoved him off the road with such force his car went off the grid and started toppling down the uneven slope of land. He felt as if he had been tossed to and fro by the trunk of an aggressive elephant. His screams stopped abruptly as he ended up in a small ditch, his crashed car lying on its side.

He hissed in pain as his breath burned with each breath he took. He could smell blood so he must be bleeding somewhere. His head hammered as he tried to reorient himself and undo his seatbelt. It was then he realized the psycho that almost annihilated him was nothing in comparison to the danger that stared him in the eyes.

He had known he was treading on a dangerous threshold and had expected to be confronted by some of the perils that tainted this valley of death, but nothing in his wildest dreams could have prepared him for this. Of all the places his car could crash into, it had to be a pit of snakes! And not just any type, but the vicious deadly kind– rattlesnakes. They were crawling around his car now, trying to get into it and attack the intruder. He had no antidote for their bites and hadn't prepared for them in any real sense. So he needed to get out and away from his damaged car. Fueled by urgency as their hisses were getting louder, he grabbed his backpack, the only thing he could salvage from the wreck, and broke the rest of his shattered window glass with a hand wrapped in a scarf and climbed out on top of his car. His car started to shift under his weight, threatening to topple over and ruin his plans of escape. He needed to jump now that his car served as leverage to the surface before it toppled over and screwed him. He was about to jump when a devilish rattlesnake posed for attack slithered up and blocked his exit. They glared at each other, it was a showdown of dominance and he was determined to have the upper hand. He braced himself and prepared for the snake to take the first shot, using his backpack to shove it out of his way when it did, managing to jump and attach his upper body to the mouth of the ditch and pull himself up, breathing hard from exertion when he did.

He struggled to his feet and regarded the mess before him, mourning the loss of his car and thankful he only had a few cuts to dress. He needed to move and find a safe place to pass the night. He knew he had to cover up though he was feeling hot as it would prevent him from dehydrating quickly. He only had two bottles of water he must pace, or else he would find himself hunting at early dawn for dew formation beneath rocks and desert grasses. He sighed in dismay contemplating it. Trudging on, he used his compass to get him back on track, or at least he thought he was going in the right direction. He walked till he could feel his feet burn, and his clothing was soaked. His head hammered and he thought he saw his wife and kid in the distance urging him to their side, but when he got there and blinked they were gone. The sun was about to set and still no sight of a cave or a large rock. No tree or depression either. If he doesn't see any he would have to build a scout pit shelter and he was too exhausted to fancy the thought.

Finally, he appeared before tall boulders of large rocks that formed a maze of walls and he knew he could make shelter there. Invading the space cautiously, he tried concealing his movements and presence by walking stealthily with his shotgun pulled at a ready. He perused his surroundings steadfastly with expertise honed in by his career in the police department and came across a small opening that appeared to be a graveyard or something. He could see some bones sticking out of the ground as if trying to reach out to something, probably for help. The poor victims must have been unprepared for the perils and death traps of the 'valley of death', their presence a sharp remembrance of what he mustn't become. He must persevere at all cost, he thought finding a hidden place to hide for the night. He set a fire and settled in with a bar of chocolate bars and nuts. He drank some of his water, thinking he must find a water source soon. But he knew how nearly futile that would be in this wretched desert lands.

Damn, he was doomed. But he wasn't allowed to give up, not when his family needed him. He must survive somehow and reach his family.

He curled up tightly beneath his blanket and shivered when a gust of nippy air hit him like a thunderbolt. He sighed at the contrast and swift change of the weather as he tried to catch a wink. His eyes finally grew heavy and he knew he was at the doorstep of sleep, however a huge shadow in the form of a wild animal with razor-sharp teeth and red-rimmed eyes framed the cave's entrance scaring him almost half to death and chased the sleep from his eyes, but it was gone before he could blink.

Damn, it felt as if he was on drugs because he kept seeing things that weren't there. He didn't think he was going to get any sleep tonight, and he needed to preserve his strength. Fuck! He cursed aloud, deciding to apply some repellent cream against insects and bugs when they started irritating him.

He was up early the next morning to catch some dew and squeeze it with a tiny cloth into his empty bottle, it wasn't much but it was better than nothing. He continued his journey, the compass serving as his sense of direction when suddenly he heard a roaring sound and felt a shift in the wind that alarmed him. He looked behind him and saw an enormous sandstorm chasing his rear. He started to run with the little energy he had left, knowing how deadly these sand storms were. If it didn't bury one alive and suffocate the breath out of you, it would tear into one's skin and lacerate the flesh with the sharp stony particles it carried. He needed shelter ASAP! He raced harder trying to beat the danger bent on killing him before he reached his destination and found an abandoned shed to hide inside, praying against hope it would hold and suffice against the sudden threat. He yelped when he saw the decaying body of a man, probably the owner of the place, and wondered what made a man make his home out here in the forsaken and what killed him. He searched for anything that would help his cause but only found a small can of water and desert chia seeds. It will do, he thought relieving him of it and thanking him silently.

He passed the night in the shed but woke up to the sound of rough voices and cars. He wanted to scream for help but thought better of it. They might be vicious foes. So instead, he peeped through the cracks in the wooden walls of the shed and confirmed his fears. The intruders were desert raiders known for their viciousness. He needed to camouflage his presence before they sniffed him out. Searching the shed, he found some weak planks in the floorboard and pulled them out to hide beneath it before placing them back in place. He watched quietly as they raided the shed but came up empty. One raider kicked the deceased out of frustration making him wince in annoyance. One must never disrespect the dead.

He came out of his hiding after he was sure they were gone and continued his journey. He had no idea how long he was on the road, but his water and food were depleted and he was running on sheer force of will. He was dehydrated, and exhausted and knew he would drop any moment. He needed to send out an SOS, a final attempt to live. He prayed it was seen. He weakly shook out the items in his backpack, grabbed the mirror, and used it to create a twinkling signal. He was now on his backside, too weak to continue. The sunlight was hitting him hard hellbent on toasting him. He prayed he survived as his eyes closed.

He woke up with a start, again to the beeping sounds of the machines, only difference was his family was with him. He was later informed his wife and kid went under police protection after he got hit and Brad had deceived him, making him think he had his family. So he had journeyed to the valley of death for nothing.


He always knew the words of a criminal cannot be trusted. He should have known better and looked before leaping.

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Very action packed! And, I liked the twist at the end.
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    Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it :-) April 16, 2024, 21:24
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Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D Richard E James Ed. D, Ph. D
Congratulations- you moved up on the Leader board #1
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A thrilling read ❤️
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