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"Hey guys, if you've read my story of JEE and found it relatable, then you'll definitely find this one relatable too. It's not just about JEE; it's about how I coped with my dream and turned it into reality, becoming a robotics engineer and even starting my own company, Humobots. In this story, I'll reveal every step of my life, from my JEE journey to my college life, my career, and beyond. So, please come along and let's live this life together."

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The journey to my jee exam :--

The time is 12:54 AM, March 31, 2024, Sunday. This story I am about to narrate is my real-life experience; I am living through it at this very moment. It's not about an incident from many years ago; it's about an event that unfolded in the last three months.

You're all familiar with JEE, the Joint Entrance Examination. It's the crucial exam in India required for admission to NITs, IITs, IIITs, and even GFTIs. In our country, there's a prevailing myth that if a student scores above 90 percent, they should pursue the science stream and aim for JEE or NEET, pressured by both societal norms and parental expectations.

However, in my case, there was no external pressure; it was my dream to become a robotics engineer. That's why my parents enrolled me in a dummy school and secured admission for JEE preparation at a reputable coaching institute in my city, Muzaffarnagar, called Achievers Academy.

In the 11th grade, I commenced my JEE preparations. Initially, our classes were conducted online due to COVID-19, but later, they transitioned to offline mode. At the beginning, I was unaware of the specifics of JEE, NITs, IITs, etc. I only knew I wanted to become a robotics engineer and that clearing the JEE exam was essential, although I wasn't familiar with the different branches, JEE Mains, or Advanced. Nevertheless, I was fully committed to my studies, at least for a few months, as I was scoring decent marks in tests and grasping the concepts well.

However, this dedication lasted only a few months. After the first combined test, my life took a turn. I scored a mere 120 out of 300, which came as a shock to both me and my parents. Subsequently, my scores plummeted in every test, making it challenging to focus on my studies. I even started skipping online classes, feeling bored and sleepy, especially during chemistry sessions. I felt as though I was deceiving my parents by neglecting my studies, which filled me with guilt.

The turning point came with the announcement of a test on Atomic Structure in chemistry, a chapter I hadn't even taken notes on. Moreover, the teacher threatened to remove anyone scoring less than 50 marks from the batch. With just a week to prepare, I diligently made notes from recorded lectures, studied the chapter thoroughly, and practiced numerous questions, despite finding them challenging. Despite the odds, I gave it my all and scored 99 out of 120 in the test.

From that day onward, there was a significant improvement in my journey towards JEE. My performance gradually improved, with my favorite subject being physics. However, despite my progress, I struggled with mathematics, failing to score above 50 throughout the 11th grade, which left me perplexed.

Fortunately, my performance in mathematics began to improve in the 12th grade. Around three to four months before Diwali, I contracted typhoid, causing my platelet count to drop significantly. This forced me to take a 20-day leave from coaching, resulting in a substantial backlog. However, with the support of my teachers and friends, I managed to overcome this setback and get back on track within a month.

By the end of the 11th grade, I was confident that I had secured 75 percent of the syllabus. I even topped my class in the annual examination, scoring full marks in mathematics and high scores in physics and chemistry. It was a happy ending to my 11th-grade journey, but my struggles continued as I entered the 12th grade.

In the first month of 12th grade, our physics teacher, Mr. Tulsi, conducted a surprise test in which we all performed poorly. On that day, my father met with Mr. Tulsi, who expressed doubts about my abilities in physics and my chances of cracking JEE. Despite support from my mathematics teacher, Mr. Tulsi remained skeptical. His discouragement ignited a sense of animosity within me towards him. I suggested an oral and mock test for the chapter on electrostatics, which he agreed to. I prepared rigorously and impressed him with my performance, scoring the highest in the mock test with 82 out of 100. This success made my parents proud and vindicated my belief in my abilities.

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