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The way Jade and Jane were attracted to and repelled by each other in the journey through Berkely's Time Machine and the way they both realized the other that made them good friends cook up the whole story "A Day through Berkely's Time Machine". Jane and Jade were pulled into Berkeyle's Time Machine to complete a mission by the people of the village of Reddington. Jane and Jade had their intentions kept secret covered up in their minds. Jane decided to use the time machine for the welfare of the needy, after completing their current mission. Jade decided to destroy the time machine after their mission for it may be a hindrance and a possible threat to humankind. They had different and opposite opinions of each other. But both had the same greatness of minds which is revealed to each other near the end. Towards the last, the story gradually reveals how they both came to common terms and how their journey through a time machine made them understand each other well enough to become a good friend for their lifetime.

SF 시간여행 전체 공개. © Inkspired Kalaiselvi Kumaresan

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The Trekking Event

A big old bell rang rhythmically when it was exactly 18 hours left to embrace and welcome the New Year. People were getting ready to give a green carpet welcome to the upcoming year. It was a stretch of open thick grass which adds aesthetic to the gloomy morning. The silver-lined clouds expanded and moved away from each other to welcome the rise of the sun coated in red. The sun's rays are minimal. It was travelling through the dense layers of air leaving the snow-capped grass shining like a snake pearl. The snake pearl grasses move with the rhythm of the breezy wind.
People were moving around on the pavements for a brisk morning walk. The group of people had been gathered in the village at the base of Reddington Hills. It was a training camp for the trekking lovers. They were engaged in simple warm-up exercises.
They were the members of the trekking club who were gathered to take up the trip of climbing the mountainous terrain of Reddington Hills.
Some of them had split into teams hither and thither and were engaged in tiny talks. Smith was busy looking into the notes, that he had held in his hands. Erick was busy calling his team to gather everyone on the spot. Besides being busy, he also noticed Emilie's gesture and her eyes all the way reflecting her forlorn hope, anticipation and great expectations. Emilie appeared to be keen and worried about expecting something or someone. Emilie seemed to stare at the entry path quite often. Jane was still not at the spot which made Erick skeptical if he would probably join the event or not.
They were all waiting for the coach and the senior member, Edward, to initiate the trekking event.
The coach was arriving at the spot wherein Jane rushed from behind the coach. He gesticulated to Erick by wavering his hands and sighed that he would join the event. Erick breathed a sigh of relief on gazing at the entry of Jane. Emilie simply turned to Erick witnessing the event of Erick receiving Jane. She smiled at them and quickly turned her eyes to the coach to follow his instructions.
The coach Edward invited the attention of everyone by whistling. He took his stance wishing the budding trekkers and added a welcome note to the members of the event of — Star Trekking to the Reddington Hills — organized by the Star Trekking Club.
The members started huddling around their coach. Meanwhile, Jane joined the crowd managing to reach his team. The coach ordered his trekkers to stack them up in rows, in order, by their respective teams. He asked them if they completed the warm-up session by then and said, "Let's prolong it for a few more minutes." The trekkers started carrying out the orders of the coach repeating the stretching exercises. He monitored the session and cheered them up.
After the warm-up, he advised and insisted everyone not to compromise on their safety guidelines throughout their trip. On smirking at the members, he pointed out the note, "This is my 25th batch with a team of 5 and a total team of 3, that I train for trekking. My happiness is halfway through the process of being fulfilled by completing the event successfully. You have gone through necessitated training and are ready for the next stage of the trip."
The coach informed the crew about what to expect from the trip. "You may encounter traversing rocky trails, crossing streams and rivers, and climbing steep inclines." He assured them to provide proper manpower and necessary tools quoting, "On reaching the summit, the base camp will guide you throughout the event helping you in all aspects straight through to reaching the summit till returning back here. You may be expected to return in about a day"
The coach took notice of, each of the trekkers and started addressing the gathering, "Hope the team has a map handy for your guidance travelling back and forth through the Reddington Hills. The trek leaders should take care of it." They replied to him that everything was ready. "Before proceeding, let's recollect the gist of the safety guidelines needed for this trip." Also, the coach pointed out the significance of revisiting it at the appropriate time. After pausing for a moment, the coach called upon the volunteered representative from among them to jot down important things that needed to be lingering in their minds till the end of the event. Erick stepped out and asked for consent and started jotting out the points one by one.
Erik revisited the important points wherein the coach intruded on Erick. He then addressed some more crucial points and insisted everyone carve a deeper understanding of those critical points, in their minds, in particular.
He finally wished them and even alerted them further and mentioned "Teams, Be ready for the adventure, The time is all set, we all have to reassemble here within the next 24 hours to complete the event."
He firmly insisted that they must remember well that no technology can predict the actual weather forever in the mountains, hence being prepared is the only choice. Apart from being prepared, he also made them remember the team’s immediate responsiveness always proves as a saviour.
The same old bell rang again when the coach instructed everyone to be prepared for the adventure with all and minimal necessary things like water, trekking shoes etc... He handed the teams over to the event organizers to take them to the Base Camp through a van.
The trekkers helped the organizers load the bus with all the things necessary for camping like equipment and gear like tents, sleeping bags, emergency tools etc...
Being seated in a van, everyone was thrilled to start their adventurous trip in a couple of minutes.

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