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We were given angels when our kids are born. God shows us the steps of responsibility while our spouses are pregnant and gives us choices of names as we share laughter of our new beginning. We never know what’s up next. Whether they’re going to be a girl or a boy. Whether they’re going to strive during labor as the father is telling you to take slow breaths, in through your nose and out your mouth. We never know if the baby is going to have any complications as an infant or have any struggles with their brains or body’s. When they’re born with a disability it makes us love them more and stand by them even stronger. Sure there’s people that choose otherwise but as parents of angels with a gift of Autism we show more concern due to the challenges the family faces together. I’ve been given a will from God to care and this is the most exciting thing I’ve ever came across doing other then the charities I was involved with in the past such as the walk for breast cancer in Albuquerque. God blessed me with good people to lend a hand and smile for the times that I needed encouragement. I thank those people for helping me today, by bringing together the joy we share for the ones who needs it most as we stand strong for Autism awareness. Let’s stand with unity for the ones who keeps us pushing. We never understand the obstacles we’re up against but we put our full faith in the good Lord to keep us strong on our journey with the angels He blessed us with. Our strength comes from the faith we have for our day to day struggles that we push through as we stay supportive and logical for the road ahead.

God bless and be kind

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