hcholbert Howard C Holbert

An exciting story of the kittens and the mountain meadow as they discover the magic and danger of the life beyond the meadow

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#love #life #adventure #family #lessons #meadow #kittens
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In the heart of the verdant meadow, a group of lively kittens frolic and explore. Their playful spirits matched only by the enchanting surroundings that engulf them. One sunny afternoon, their adventure took an unexpected turn. Charlie, a mischievous yet friendly squirrel, arrived with a gleeful skip in his step, catching the kittens' attention. With his nimble body and quick reflexes, he darted around the apple trees, taunting them with every twist and turn. Jumping effortlessly from limb to limb, he showcased a truly remarkable gift. The kittens stood in awe, their eyes widened with amazement. Charlie, the acrobatic squirrel, had captured their hearts with his incredible jumping ability. They watched, unable to contain their delight, as he continued to dance among the branches. From that day forward, Douglas squirrel became the stuff of legend, whispered among the meadow kittens as a majestic creature whose extraordinary feats would forever remain etched in their memories.

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Howard C Holbert HC Holbert is a BMI member songwriter, visual artist, author,poet, naturalist,member of Pacific North West Artists

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CH Charlotte Holbert
Love the stories, when reading them you can picture yourself in the story . Beautifully written.
January 22, 2024, 05:49