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In a bleak, dystopian future, society is governed by an oppressive regime that erases memories deemed dangerous to them. Your protagonist stumbles upon a forgotten library that holds books containing the memories of the world before the regime's control. Write about your protagonist's journey when he/she uncovers the truth, readers about an unforgivable event, and sparks a rebellion in a society where forgetting is the norm. 1-2 chapters a week on a regular basis.

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1 - The City



The city was haunting in its dismal splendor; buildings stretching up towards the sky as though reaching for the light. However, even if they could make it into the abode above, there was nothing to be found there. Everything was the same.



This was reality; the one every citizen here faced. Every citizen in the City of Echoes.

Some said it had gained its name from the empty cries that seemed to ring through the streets, others spoke of the city being a mere ghost of its former status, and yet still others whispered of the sounds made by the inhabitants themselves. Nothing is as it was. Maybe it never will be again.

Regiem, the business-become-dictatorship of the City, was now in full control of everything…at least everything they could see…

Valo's feet hit the pavement. He huffs, pushing himself to go faster- he has to make it on time! His quick pace takes him past deserted buildings, empty shopping centers, broken houses...this city really was a mess.

One I'm used to, he muses, almost grinning in the cool night air.

Finally, he reaches his destination.

The nursing home looks the same as ever, if not a little more old and busted than before. It seems to get worse every time he comes, just like the people inside...

He pulls open the old sliding door, ignoring its squeaky protests as he steps inside, closing it behind him.

"Amá? Are you here?"

Valo passes several elderly people, sitting on the floor and leaning their backs against the walls for support, and he smiles as he walks by, though inside his heart feels heavy.

With all the toxins in the air, the poor patriarchs struggle to breathe as he can; they were created for a time forgotten. Though it was not long ago...

The boy winces, rubbing his head with one hand. Thoughts about the past hurt, and for that reason, many choose to just forget. Yet...Valo cherishes his memories, and would not trade them for the world. A new world, maybe but certainly not this one.

"Is...is that you,...Val?"


A woman sits in a huddled lump on the stained tiles in the far back of the room, and her face brightens as she sees the boy. She stretches out an arm, coughing weakly.


Valo kneels beside her, taking her hand and gently stroking it. His voice is soft, touch tender.

"How are you doing, Amá? Do you need anything?"

The joy the elderly matron expresses at seeing her young man is undeniable, as is the illness wracking her body. Through another cough, she shakes her head.

"I am in...perfect health, now that...you are here. How are...you, Val? You have grown...even since I saw you last."

Valo smiles sadly, knowing almost nothing has changed, nothing for him at least. Her condition grows worse still.

"I've been good, Amá. Are you sure I can't do anything for you?"

The woman wheezes, laughing slightly amidst her coughing. When the fit ceases, she turns to Valo with a frown twisting her face.

"I don't know how...how you manage, boy...Regiem is...taking everything-"

"Amá! You shouldn't say things like that," he murmurs urgently, eyes searching the empty room for potential threats.

"Nonsense! I'll be dead soon...anyway," she states defiantly, even as coughing begins again. Valo whispers a quick prayer, unable to do much else.

He can still remember her in perfect health, dancing around the city center with his Apá- wait, when he'd thought of the memory before, he'd always remembered it happening in the old field by the city limits.

"A...Amá? Do you remember when you and Apá took me to the outskirts? At the edge of the city, down by the old mayor's building...we all danced together."

The elderly woman's eyes crinkle in concern.

"I may just be...a little too old, but...that never happened. There is no outskirt to the city...it never...ends-"

She breaks off coughing again, though more tiredly this time. Her hand pulls softly from his own, and she leans back.

"I...I need to rest. You...you will come...back...yes?"

"Of course, Amá," Valo whispers, retreating back through the building to the world outside..

"I'll always come back."

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