Guadalupe Iglesias Paz

Four years ago, I had lost everything, I lost the reason why I lived and the one that made me happy. But what happens at the moment that that reason why you lived and made you happy from time immemorial appears again in your life without expecting it? I stayed in shock and without understanding anything, because for me that reason no longer existed until I found it four years later.

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This is my sotry


Four years. It’s been four years since the person I loved most in this world left. I still remember her smile, as with a couple of words she made you feel the most interesting person in the world, those kisses I dream of and I could continue to list things that she made me feel, I would never finish saying them.

In these years that I have been without her, without a doubt today it was the worst of all, because just today it was four years since I kissed those lips that I liked and adored so much, the last time I saw that smile that miraculously I made appear in her face, the happiness that we had managed to maintain throughout the years we had been together, everyone was like impressed with the time we were together, which for me doesn’t make sense, because I loved her madly and she made every time clear to me that she loved me too.

We never saw her corpse, but that happened to many families. Sometimes I asked myself why I didn’t go with her on that work trip. She was a photographer who sometimes did some sessions with famous people and was also an artist, in the field of painting, and went to Los Angeles to prepare everything for one of her exhibitions when the storm occurred that nobody expected, and for bad luck, caught her outside. Thinking about the reason why she was away makes me angry at times, because if I hadn’t saved that child and his puppy, she would be alive, with me, but then I remember how happy it made her to help everyone and that the poor boy wasn’t to blame for anything, I burst into tears for hours.

As I said before, today was the worst day of the year. Her family and our closest friends had offered to spend with the day, I guess so that I would avoid doing some stupidity as I was about to do at some point. To leave everything after so much suffering from her departure. With that I’m not saying that at this moment I’m not suffering, because I still do, pain has become part of my life, but I would not do anything that harmed my health or anything like that because I promised it to her. It’s because of her that I am still walking around, because I know that she herself would take care of resurrecting me to kill me herself.

I’m Santiago, Santi for the people I trust and this is my story, the story before losing my great and only love.

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