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Story of Narcissas twin girls.

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Narcissa was screaming as the people rushed around. Lucius was next to her as she pushed her daughters from her. When she had learned that her second child would be female, she was so happy. But that happiness turned to fear when she was informed that she carried 2 children. The Black's had never carried twins to term. But now she was hopeful. The healers had confirmed both children were female, and were in perfect health. Her sister was practically bouncing in the corner, as she wanted another child to spoil.

"Your first girl, Lady Malfoy." the healer told her and gave a small bundle over to her. A set of black eyes stared up at her, with black peach fuzz for hair.

"Cassiopiea Lycoris. She looks just like us Bella." she told her sister, who immediately cooed at the baby. She was delighted, and Narcissa could see it clearly. The second child, who had light blonde peach fuzz and steel Grey eyes, was handed over to her. She looked to her husband. It had been decided that he would name the second child.

"Lyra Bellatrix." Bella looked shocked but also looked like she was going to melt. To Narcissa, everything was perfect.



Narcissa was exasperated. She was watching her twins bully their little brother Draco. He was the youngest. The oldest being Abraxas, who was currently with his father at the ministry.

"Cassie, Lyra. Why don't you go play in the garden." the two 6 year old girls took her question as it was. It was a command. One that they knew better to disobey. Narcissa wasn't a loud or violent woman, but she still had a commanding voice. And she expected her daughters to follow her lead.

" Draco, Darling, go to your room and calm yourself. Your sisters meant no harm." she would send her husband to deal with her youngest son later. She sighed as she was finally alone in the room. She loved all her children, but she was going to be very happy when they were old enough for Hogwarts. Until that day, she knew that her moment of peace wouldn't last that long. As she sat back down and sipped her tea, she heard the fireplace flare to life. Her moment of peace and quiet had ended.


The platform was packed. Her eldest was already on the train. He was now in his 3rd year, while the girls were going into their first year. Draco was upset, as he thought he was old enough. He hated that he had to stay at home while his 3 siblings got to go to school without him. And now he was currently not speaking to any of us. It was a typical Malfoy tantrum, one that her own husband had had at least once since they married.

"Behave yourselves, I assure you that you don't want a letter from me if I find out that your misbehaving. You will each show the world how mature the Ladies of House Malfoy can be. Is that clear?" both girls sighed, but they straightened up, knowing that their mother was very serious, no pun intended.

" Yes, Mother. We will be on our best behavior, just as we are at home. " Narcissa flat out laughed, startling some of the other parents. She pointed at her children.

"That is what I am speaking of. Do not try to fool me. You will be have like the Ladies I taught you to be, or there will be dire consequences." she raised an eyebrow at her two girls,

"Yes Mother. We promise to behave." they took that opportunity to take their trunks and rush onto the train. Narcissa knew they wouldn't behave, and she fully expected Severus to owl her in the first week. But she would do nothing. After all, they were children and deserved to have fun. With a smile on her face, she led her angry son towards the fireplace to return home.

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