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Shane was the king of campus, he earned that title when he transferred to Lincoln University and everyone seemed to gravitate towards him like a sapling to the sun. Girls threw themselves at him because of his looks and he was on the football team though he didn't entertain them. And the guys wanted to be him though they were no match for him. He was too much of a force to reckon with, and had only one goal in mind; to graduate with flying colors and make the national team. He had no room to be distracted or for love. But he definitely couldn't say no to her, not when everything about her drew him in like the lightning to the storm. He was hooked from the get-go, and she was one hell of a distraction he couldn't deny or run from. Not when he wanted to consume every inch of her sweet soul like a firestorm, obliterating every doubt she had until she could see no one but him, breathe nothing but him, smell nothing but him, hear no one but him. Until she couldn't live without him. All Lana knew was loneliness, deep excruciating loneliness that made her a shell that avoided any social activities. She had no siblings, and her mother was always busy with her research work. Early on she had leant to fend for herself. Making friends had never been her forte, and girls her age avoided her like a plague as if her mere presence would taint them. And guys never noticed her, she was nonexistent to that species, which was fine by her, she wouldn't know what to do with the attention of a guy anyway. She was content burying her head in her books and letting the dreamy world of a romantic book sweep her off her feet. She wasn't prepared for love when it stormed into her life. Hadn't expected it when she had good-naturedly saved a guy from getting run over. But what's a girl to do when she is finally been noticed? What's she to do when he sees her, and wouldn't take no for an answer? NB: Please note no part of this work should be reproduced or distributed in any form and by any means electronic or otherwise without the consent of the author O.J Zainab. All rights reserved.

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Saving him


Lana shut the massive door behind her, thinking how empty her home was like her young life. She had had breakfast alone like every other day as her mum was up early and gone before she could blink; her work was more important than her. She was used to it now, and no longer hurt by it.

Pulling her hood over her head, she put on her backpack and started her journey to school. She could have taken her car, but it drew too much attention because of its sleekness and flashiness. Did she forget to mention she was the sole heir to a tech empire? Her mum was a billionaire but no one would suspect that glancing at her modest self. She liked to keep a low profile and blend into the background. Besides, no one seemed to notice her. Growing up, she had always felt like an oddball no one wanted to associate with, and every attempt she made to befriend anyone and build a connection always ended up in smoke, completely ruined by one disaster or the other. So she stopped trying, and it didn't matter as she never celebrated her birthday, and only had several gifts lavished on her from her mum.

Don't get her wrong, she knew her mum loved her but just didn't show it as often as she could, not when she was busy securing their lifestyle and making sure she had something stable to fall back on. Her mum's efforts hadn't been in vain.

She sighed as she stopped the sad train of her thoughts to focus on her task of reaching school in one piece. Her mother would frown upon her now if she noticed her walking instead of using the exotic Porche car she had gifted her on her last birthday. But she couldn't worry about that, she enjoyed strolling to school for it prepped and psyched her for the day ahead. It gave her a clear mind to focus on her studies.

She turned the corner and furtively glanced around; an old habit she couldn't turn off. This time though, she was glad for it as she noticed a disaster about to unfold.

What the hell was he doing?!

Didn't he see the car barrelling down towards him?

Of course, he didn't, he had on headphones and was focused on whatever shit was blasting into his ears.

Damn, she would have to save him somehow though he looked larger than life. Watching the car hurtling down the streets headed straight for the poor guy as if the gates of hell were opened and demons were chasing it, she ate up the distance between, and hurled herself with all her might at him, catching him on the nape of his jacket and yanking him back from the street.

She must have miscalculated because the next thing she knew she was tumbling backward with him on top of her. She let out a grunt at the impact and thought she must have died trying to save another at the numbness that grabbed her in a vice. She was still floating somewhere in the sky of her subconscious when she felt a weight lift off her triggering and activating her breathing mode.

"Thank you, for saving me." The voice spoken so softly and having a husky texture hit her in her core and awakened something she couldn't describe. Her eyes flew open and clashed with eyes that were a blend of the sea and forest. She didn't know how to describe his jewels; they were both blue and green, so beautiful in their intensity. She knew without a grain of doubt they would haunt her for the rest of her life. That filled her with alarm and pulled her body out of its slumber and into action. Without thinking and fueled by a force of survival and to protect her heart, she took one final look at him, jumped to her feet, and took to her heels. She could hear his callings and shouts, but knew on an instinctual level she couldn't and mustn't yield it. She must avoid the awkward situation and prevent another disaster from happening. She wouldn't know what to say to him and would most likely make a fool of herself. It was enough for her that she had saved and prevented him from getting mauled by the damn car whose driver was probably drunk this early in the day. Where were the damn police anyway? They should be arresting and fining such culprits before they endanger someone.

She smiled thinking her encounter with the hot guy was another special episode she could add to her diary. Her final thought before she entered campus was damn he was so fine.


He stared after the girl who just saved his life thinking he hadn't seen such a beautiful creature ever in his life. That perfect curvy figure is hidden beneath baggy clothes that did nothing to conceal what his hungry eyes could detect so easily without trying, and transparent shades that couldn't conceal but emphasized the richness of her eyes. They were brown, like a rich pool of honey. So huge in their plunder mingled with curiousity he could envision himself drowning in them all day. And that face...

Fuck! What a face. The oval shape of it, the milkiness of her skin, and that tiny pinpointed nose. Damn was he hooked and sunk on her. And don't even get him started on her hair, such long rich tresses that fell over her shoulders like a wave from a tall waterfall; the color of midnight. He wanted nothing more than to sink his hands into it and feel the texture. He knew it would feel as soft as it looked. It called to him, and he wanted to plant his face in her tresses, feel it caress him as he took a deep breath of her scent.

Man was he trouble.

He was a goner for a lady who ran away from him. Could anyone feel the irony of his situation? Well, he did.

He was fucked and screwed, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Because he had just found a new purpose to add to all the ones he was shouldering, and this was one purpose he wouldn't mind chasing. He suspected he would enjoy it. His heart was already pumping from anticipation, just waiting for the next moment he would see her. Because he would see her again. If he had to tear down the whole town to do it, he would find her.

She was his to claim and keep.

The one. The special one. The only one.


She had appeared out of nowhere, saved him from a certain death or injury, rewired his thoughts, and made a place for herself in it, imprinting her image into his mind.

She had marked him. Now it was his turn to find and mark her right back. He smiled thinking he couldn't wait for this to happen.

He lost his train of thought as he heard his mother's voice yelling at him from the phone. She was the reason he lost focus and almost lost his life. She was always nagging and picking fights with him which made him want to get far away from her clutches. She was the reason he was so driven to carve a better life for himself and his younger brother, away from her. He didn't want Peter to experience what he had growing up. He would make the national team, conquer the world and carve a name for himself, then build a better and safer home for his little brother who was only ten.

"Mum, I have to go. Talk to you later," he cut the call before she could rain more insults at him. He didn't get why she was living the way she was; drowning her pain and disappointment in the bottom of cheap whiskey, and neglecting her kids as if they didn't matter. He was sick and tired of her attitude, she was pulling him under, drowning and suffocating him. But he refused to sink, Peter needed him and he would be there for him. Their mother was broken and doing her damnest to break them too. But he wouldn't budge either. He was just as determined as her to survive and succeed, and he will too.

Her call had almost killed him, but thanks to his angel sent from above, he was still standing and going strong.

He bent to pick his backpack from the flagstone that covered the sidewalk and noticed something. A novel that didn't belong to him. His mysterious lady must have dropped it. He had no idea what her name was, she hadn't given him a chance to ask her. Maybe the book would tell him something, reveal something that would enable him to identify her. Something that would bridge the distance between them and get him closer to her. He would find out later, he thought shoving the book into his backpack. Now though, he needed to rush to campus if he was to catch his first class. With that thought in mind, he jogged to campus.


She had arrived at her first class with a few minutes to spare. It was her final year and she couldn't wait to be done with it. There were some faces she would rather not see, years of culminated bad history that she could do without. Sighing she dug into her backpack, looking for her novel to engross herself in before the lecturer arrived and her focus was demanded.

She couldn't find it, she must have dropped it during her little encounter with Mr hot. She smiled coyly at the name she labeled him. He was hot. She would have been blind if she hadn't noticed, what with those breathtaking eyes in a face made for Greek gods. And his was hard, all muscles and ridges. She had felt it when he had landed on her, crushing her to the ground. It was a miracle she could stand and wasn't hurt. He was tall with a mat of hair that was full and rich, and a bit on the longer side. She had wanted to run her hands through it just to see if it was as soft as it looked.

Girl, you need to stop daydreaming. Guys hardly noticed you, not to talk of one built like a Greek god. He wouldn't see you, and wouldn't waste his time on the likes of you. Guys like him didn't fall for Innocent naive girls like you. They had experienced girls who knew what they were doing and how to please a man, throwing themselves at them. So what would he do with you? It was in her best interest to forget Mr hot.

The door to the room opened and in walked the lecturer followed by Mr hot.

Holy shit! Did he go here?

But... but how? She had never noticed him on campus before. She knew almost everyone on campus though she mostly kept to herself. There was no way she would have missed his presence on campus. He was like a magnet that pulled one to its gravitational forcefield. In short, he was hard to miss. She sank a bit deeper into her seat, wishing she could meld herself into it and camouflage her presence somehow preventing him from looking at her. She didn't want him to recognize her, she had run away from him to avoid being in an awkward situation. But fate seemed to have other ideas, and she wasn't so sure she liked its idea. She tried not to look at him as he made his way through the class to find a seat. It was the first day of the first semester and shouldn't be hard to do, as the class wasn't full to its capacity and some students were yet to make their presence and way to class.

She released her breath when she heard and then saw him take a seat and the class commerced. Her concentration was shot, what with Mr hot just a few feet away. It was hard to concentrate and she was glad there wasn't any serious lecturing going on, just the distribution of pamphlets that depicted the term outline, and the topics and research work they would undertake in the weeks to come. Mr Sheldon was thorough if nothing else, and she took his communication skills class to boost her social skills mostly. She could feel it was going to be a hectic semester and wished she had a shield to cushion her through it. But knew that was her wishful thinking talking. She would just have to tighten her belt and face it head-on like she always does.

Finally, the class was over and the lecturer walked out erupting the class in noise and movements. She took that as her cue to bounce and make a fast exit. She was almost there, almost out the door when she felt a firm grip stall her escape. Without turning she knew who it was, felt his touch to her core.

It was him.

Mr hot.

Her heart picked up pace and she wished she was anywhere but there, especially when she noticed the room had suddenly gone quiet and she could sense every eye in the room directed at them. She could feel their curiosity and surprise, even some sharp burn that no doubt belonged to some very jealous ladies who wanted to be in her shoes right about then. They probably wanted to do her body harm for being the main focus of Mr hot. But it wasn't her fault, she hadn't asked for any of this.

"Please wait, can I have a word?" she glanced sideways at him and drew in a sharp breath when their gaze clashed. His was so intense and glued to her. He was looking at her as if...he wanted to consume her, to own her. But that's impossible. She must be imagining things.

"Y...yes. Just not here."

"Okay, please lead the way," he released her making her breathe easier, and followed her. He walked quietly beside her and she led him to a quiet spot on campus then turned to face him.

"I...I can't waste much time, I have another class to catch."

"As do I," he smiled down at her and she felt a flurry of butterflies dance wildly in her stomach filling her with alarm and making her want to run. But she couldn't be rude to him, or could she? "I just wanted to thank you for saving me earlier today, and to return this to you Lana," he said her name with reverence, like a caressing kiss to the cheek from a lover. It made the butterflies in her tummy dance harder and with more passion, making her weak knead.

Her breath caught in her throat when she realized he knew her name. But how? "How do you know my name?" she asked dubiously, staring at him with suspicion mingled with curiosity. Her excitement of a moment ago was forgotten.

"From your book. Your name is written on it. And you dropped it when you ran from me–"

"I didn't run from you," she denied taking the book from him and avoiding his gaze.

"You sure did."

"Did not," she countered firmly, then rushed to add. "I need to go now. Thanks for returning this," she turned to leave but halted when he called out after her.

"I'm Shane! It was nice meeting you, Lana!"

"Bye Shane," she tossed over her shoulders, stealing a glance at him and catching his panty-melting smile before moving out of sight.

Boy was she in trouble!


Again he found his eyes staring after her retreating figure, wishing he could make her stay. He couldn't curb the yearning blazing hot within him to mark her, brand her, and ruin her for any other guy.

Baby steps, he thought trying to calm the beast of want within him. His heart was impatient and wanted him to make her his for the world to see. But his mind, being the logical one in the house knew he had to take it easy with her. His mind could sense she was a flighty and shy soul and knew coming on strong was a sure way to make her flee. And he couldn't have that unless she was fleeing towards him.

"Earth to Shane!" his best friend snapped his fingers in his face bringing him out of his musing. "Who was that? You seemed to have it bad for her."

"That's Lana, and I'm gonna make her mine."


"It's her. She's the one. I have finally found the one."

"No kidding. Are you sure?"

"As sure as the morning sun that rises from the East."

"Wow, man. I'm happy for you. Not everyone is so lucky to find the one. You deserve the happiness coming your way."

"Thanks, George. Now I need to find a way to woo her," he announced wishing he knew how to go about it. However, he didn't have the time now to think about it. They had practice and were running late.

"I'm here if you need anything."

"Thanks. Now we need to move before coach has our head on a platter and drills us."

"That would suck for us," they both laughed as they made their way to the football field on campus. Their school invested heavily in sports and had one of the best training gyms and fields for sports, which was one of the reasons he transferred here for his final year. He wanted the best. He was one of the best in the game and had mad skill most universities coveted. Getting a free ride to study and play the game he loved had been easy. All he had to do was keep his GPA up and give his all to the game when representing the school, and his scholarship was covered.

No biggie.

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