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A short story about second chances, going back to win back what was lost. A story about a love not destroyed by time and separation. Alex realized he had made a mistake when he left his love behind in pursuit of his dreams. Now fully accomplished and successful, he realized his life was empty without her in it, and she was the real gold, not the flashy life he had carved for himself. So he decided to abandon everything to go fight for what matters; his love. Nb: This was written for the contest 24 hours to midnight. No part of this work must be used copied or shared in any way or form new or old without the author's permission. All rights reserved.

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Winning her back


It was a day to new year and the weather was nippy this time of the year, a white sheet of snow spreading far and wide as far as the eyes could see. And though most folks embraced the full spirit of the season and were basking in celebration and filled with resolution and wishes for the new year, he was consumed by one goal and one want only; winning back the woman of his dreams. The beautiful woman he had left behind to pursue his dreams. The woman he couldn't forget. He only hoped he wasn't five years late.

looking back at the life he was leaving behind in pursuit of his love, he sighed with resolution mingled with yearning as he boarded his jet to a destination he never thought he would visit again. He jolted out of his head as the door closed with a finality that sealed his fate, driving home the fact there was no turning back, only trudging forward. He prayed and hoped the festivity of the month of wishes would make things easier for him, and his wish of reuniting with his love wouldn't be a dream but a reality that would come to fruition soon.

He dropped his Versace suitcase in the allocated compartment and settled in for the flight home. It shouldn't take him less than 7 hours to reach his homeland; a small town tucked away in its little corner of the world. It wasn't a big town crawling with top developers but a quaint peaceful town where everyone knows who is who and what's what. In short, everyone was mostly on a first-name basis, and if one was new in town, one was like an alien that stood out. News spreads like wildfire in his quaint town. He had run from it in pursuit of greener pastures and a bigger dream, but at what cost? At a bigger cost, he hadn't anticipated.

He missed her fiercely, with every fiber of his being. No one had sufficed, and every attempt he made to move on with another had left him swimming in a world of yearning with his body and soul only craving her.

He only hoped he wasn't too late.

Five years was a long time without communicating. God, he hoped she had waited for him though he hadn't asked her to.

He sighed as he declined the flute of chilled wine offered to him by the cute air hostess. He was too wound up tight to drink anything. He might as well get in some sleep before his jet landed because he wouldn't have any time to waste. He was already running late with a few hours left to midnight.


He groaned as he felt a tiny tap on his shoulders, then opened his eyes to meet his private pilot and friend.

"Alex, we've landed over an hour ago and you need to alight to put your plans in motion."

"Damnit, Marcus! You should have wake me up –"

"Trust me, we did try. But, you refused to budge. it looks like you were beat." he was already up and grabbing his suitcase then moving towards the exit.

"Well, you should have tried harder. You know what I'm up against. Time, and it's not on my side."

"Don't worry, everything would work out. Just trust the spirit in the air. This is the time of wishes, so make yours a good one." Marcus winked at him.

Finally, his feet were on the ground, and he felt nostalgic to be back where it all started. His rented car pulled up before him, and he took the keys from the driver. But before he got in, he turned to face his friend. "Marcus, I will see you back at the house after I accomplish everything. Tell everyone I will be with them soon."

"Okay. Don't worry about anything, I will take care of everything. Just focus on what you have to do. My family would understand."

"Thanks, man," he got back in the car and drove towards his love's house, praying she still resided there.


He cursed aloud, frustrated with how slow it was to reach his destination. The roads were slippery and trickier to navigate, and he had gotten a flat tire out of nowhere and had stopped to change it wasting precious time. He sighed deeply trying to release his frayed nerves and the tension twisting his insides.

Nothing has changed, everything was as it was when he left it felt like he never did. He turned the corner and almost ran into a couple busy frolicking in the middle of the street. As he took in their presence he blew his horn at them thinking they should get a room to burn out the heat blazing hot between them. They reminded him of what he let slip away; what he hoped to recover soon.


He was finally at his destination, standing before the door that would make or break him, and he hoped it was the former. He knocked softly at the old door, wishing Sarah would be the one to open it. He couldn't believe it had taken him this long to realize he didn't want a world without Sarah in it. He should have fought harder to keep her, fought for the love he knew was a once-in-a-lifetime privilege and gifted to the lucky. But he hadn't wanted to be selfish. He hadn't wanted to tie down the woman of his dreams when he didn't know where he was going and if he would make it or not. His life had been filled with uncertainty, which made him ignore the silent pleading in her eyes for him to ask her to wait for him. He couldn't do that to her then, but now he wished he had. He regretted his actions and wished he had been selfish and asked her to wait for him.

He turned off his thoughts as the wooden door creaked open and he was greeted not by his love, or any adults he recognized, but by a tiny little angel that looked suspiciously like him. No, scratch that. She was a spitting image of him.

Holy shit!

The tiny angel had his eyes, the same hues though hers were big like her mother's. Her features were so similar to his that there's no denying she was his. That made him stagger backward in shock, a mass proportion of it. He couldn't believe his eyes, the truth standing before him. He had come to win his love back but walked into a tsunami.

What the fuck was this?

He had a kid? A lovely kid, and he had missed out on her. No one told him anything. How could they betray him in such a way?

"Hello. Who are you?" her tiny voice was filled with innocent curiosity and caught his attention.

How should he respond?"

"A friend of your mother's."

"Are you here for the wedding?"

His heart stopped at that tidbit.

Wedding? Which freaking wedding?

"Wedding?" he asked breathlessly, not wanting to hear the answer. Intuitively knowing it wouldn't be good.

"My mum's. She's marrying Tyler and he would be my dad."

Not a chance in hell!

No one was taking what was his. They were his family, and he would die before he allowed any fucker to take them from him.

"Please come inside. The wedding is tonight at the town square before midnight." she continued in a cheery voice that gave him news that pierced his heart.

She had moved on?

She hadn't waited for him?

"Are you home alone?" he asked not seeing anyone around. "Where's everyone?"

"It's only my mum and I, and she's running errands for tonight's wedding."

"She left you alone? Where are your grandparents?"

"I'm not alone, I have a babysitter but she's using the loo," she announced gently, then added in a sad tone. "my grandparents are in heaven."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"It's okay. My mum says they are in a better place now."

"And she's right." he finally got a good look at the house and loved the coziness of it. Sarah had done a good job keeping the house in good shape while raising their kid. "What's your name?"


"That's a sweet name," he said making himself comfortable while he awaited Sarah's return. They had a lot of catching up to do, and he had a wedding to stop. In the meantime, he had a little angel to get to know.


He had waited and waited for Sarah's return from wherever she went, and though the wait had been filled with little insights about his kid, he needed to make things right with her mother.

The door opened, and in walked his love looking ravishing and not a day older than when he last saw her. His breath caught as their gaze collided from across the room, and hers bulged out with shock. She dropped her goods on the floor and covered the distance between them. Then the weirdest thing happened, her fingers frantically touched his face, and rubbed his shoulders as if checking for something or assuring herself of something.

"You're alive," she breathed.


"I can't believe you're alive. I didn't hear from you for so long, not a word. And then Tyler told me you were dead, he showed me some documents confirming his words and I believed him. I had no one to ask about it. Your family moved out almost immediately after you left."

"I know. But who's Tyler? You had our kid and didn't inform me." he accused softly.

She pulled away from him. "How did you know?"

"She looks like me. I figured it out. Who's Tyler?"

She sighed then turned to face him. "A good man who I'm marrying tonight?"

"You can't go through with it. I'm back for you Sarah. I never forgot about you...we can be a family together."

"I can't break Tyler's trust. He has been good to me."

"He lied to you about my demise and took advantage of your vulnerability. Think about us, our love, and how it was between us."

"It's too late now. I'm sorry, but you need to leave now."

"Do you love him?"

"Love is not all it's cut out to be. I should know, I had and lost it. It was nice seeing you, but please leave. I have a wedding to prepare for," she walked towards the door and opened it for him. He knew that stance and recognized the stubborn jut of her chin. Her mind was made up and she wouldn't budge. She had won the battle but not the war. If she thought his leaving now signified his defeat, she had another thinking coming on.


He had spent the last few hours after leaving his love's home gathering all the info he could lay his hand on on Tyler. Marcus's help and the fact it was a small town made his quest a bit easier. He had been stunned by the filth he uncovered on Tyler. The guy was dirty and shady and waist-deep in illicit businesses that made him a threat to his sweet Sarah and kid. And that wasn't what gutted him, the bastard had fabricated his death certificate just to get a chance to worm his way into Sarah's life. Besides that, he was screwing Sarah over and had a lover. They were the same couple he almost ran down earlier. He wished he had run him down knowing what he did now. However, what he had planned was better and a wedding stopper if there ever was one.

It was a good thing he was just on time to drop his bomb with his surprise. He walked through the throngs of seated crowd and made his presence known with his interjection.

"This wedding can't take place!" his voice boomed through the cold night air, making everyone gracing the occasion to gasp. "That man has a pregnant lover! He has been two-timing you, Sarah."

"What?!" she gasped in shock, dropping her bouquet in alarm. He noticed someone picked it up but couldn't focus on that issue. Not when something bigger was about to go down. He stepped aside for Tyler's lover to be seen. Her little bump was on display and hard to miss. She must be in her first trimester.

"Tyler! How could you do this to me? Come here this instant!" she ordered, and he was gobsmacked to see him jump to do her bidding. In a ruckus, she slapped and dragged him out of the place, leaving Sarah's jaw to drop in shock and the guests to gasp and chatter in shock.

He took that moment as his cue to jump into the scene and save the day, and of course, win his love. He checked his time and realized he still had 5 minutes to midnight. More than enough time to wrap things up and win his love.

stepping before her, he knelt and asked with hope hanging in his eyes. "I know it's a bit late in coming, but I moved around the world and found no one like you. None that could take your place. You're my home, my everything and I can't exist without you. please, give me the chance to make things right and complete our family. I'm back for good, please give me the chance to love you like you deserve. Please, marry me," he held his ring out and released a tight breath crushing him when she smiled down at him and said yes. In a flash, he was up on his feet hugging her tightly and kissing her deeply. He smiled into the kiss when he heard the town's bell ring signaling the end of the old year, and the beginning of a new one filled with joy and happiness. And of course, love and good health mingled with success.

At last, his world was complete, and he was with whom he was meant to be with.

"I love you, Alex. I never stopped loving you even after I thought I lost you. Thank you for returning to me, for fighting for us. I love you."

"And I love you more," he said hoarsely, kissing her deeply to the cheers of everyone, especially Lily's.

Love was always worth fighting for. Never give up on true love when it crosses your path, hang on with all your might. Because without love, life is empty and meaningless. He was glad he returned to claim back his love.

Now he could live without regret, and die a happy man when the time comes.

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An excellent read, well written and very captivating.
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This is a great piece. I loved it.
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Nice story.
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