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An adventure in Egypt. It all started with a trip to the most famous Egyptian bazaar and before you know it, gods arrive. They can be good or bad and nothing else but why not be both? Read this to find out.

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Resurrection of the Sun and Moon

We were walking through the sultry desert with hot sand touching our feet and toes. The Sun states still, for Re did not go away. We would occasionally see a camel but the owner charged us 200 Egyptian pounds. Mama says that’s 10 dollars in Australia. She knows a lot about Australia as she came from there. We continued waking, controlling our sweat proportions. We only saw cacti and sand for hundreds of meters and I was getting more exhausted by the minute. My father, Ali, looked fine but asked my mother, Dina, how long more. She didn’t respond but we soon found why. Tiny gold flakes appeared, mingling with the sand. Gold was standard culture here in Egypt. He gold became more frequent and pronounced. The gold flakes became gold bars and after a bit, the sand was hidden. We all stopped in our tracks and looked up to a gold-plated sign, Khan El Khalili Bazaar.

I was happy that we didn’t have to walk for a long time anymore. As soon as we entered via the gilded curtains, a silver beam flashed down next to us. Without warning, a wash of water rained down upon us, washing the god of bad luck, Sekhmet, off our shoulders. As soon as our vision was clear, we saw many people beneath the gilded signs of their stalls. In one stall as a dressed lady selling Egyptian jewellery, inscribed with ancient characters. There were many different colors and a diverse range of necklaces and charms. We walked further down and came across a restaurant with the smell of koshary which had fried onions, pasta, rice, vermicelli and lentils coming to our nostrils. It was reasonably priced at 199 Egyptian pounds. Mama bought it as she was hungry and shared it with Papa and I. Beside that was a stall that a variety of spices that could be used in cultured dishes. For 700 Egyptian pounds, we managed to obtain cumin, fenugreek, cardamom and turmeric. Papa thought it was a steal. We also found souvenirs that ranged to refrigerator magnets to Arabic stickers. We thought we were finished and were about to leave but I was observant enough to spot a mysterious, purple door, marked with a question mark. There was a loud cackling noise coming from it so with full curiosity, we went inside.

As soon as we entered, the door behind us shut immediately. Papa hurt his foot badly so Mama and I tugged at his foot aggressively until it broke free from the door. It was very dark, adding to the ominous feelings we all had in our guts. There was an invisible mist that I could sense. It was like being double, even triple, blindfolded where you had to use touch to distinguish invisible objects. Suddenly, the lights overhead started flickering. In those moments, I saw a desk, but it had two broken legs. There were stacks of books of five, with three stacks. On the left, a portal appeared but it soon disintegrated and the lights stopped flickering. It shone down a dim, blue light on the desk where a lady sat down. Her name tag showed her name, Reem.

She pointed to the amulets on the desk. One was in the shape of a person with a hoodie. It was blue and could be hung around your neck with ease. Second was a bird with vibrant scales all over with a gem forcefully out into it. The bird was facing left and had lapis lazuli in between the scales. However, the last was a scarab amulet with blue wings extending out to the left and right. It had a red tint to it, with its eyes closed. Scarab amulets represented birth, life, death and resurrection as well as protection from disease in Egyptian culture. All of us came to a consensus and we picked the third one. When Mama picked it up, the ground started rumbling ferociously. I had a sickly feeling in my stomach and felt uncomfortable. Suddenly, Reem began to levitate off the ground and began to morph. A snake formed above her head and she had a metal stick in her hand. "You shall bow down before me, for I am Re, the Sun god of ancient Egypt!"

Reem began to turn into Re and showed several characteristics of him due to hawk's head and precious metals infused into his stomach. A cloak lied on his stomach, white and yellow. He had blue lapis lazuli bracelets scattered all over his shoulders, wrists and ankles. He had brown skin and white fingertips and fingernails. He had six necklaces of different material and color around his neck. In his left hand was an ankh, an Egyptian amulet that represented eternal life. While observing Re, the ground grumbled even more and while we were all startled, the metal stick slammed the ground and the surface pulsated for minutes. During that time, Re grew even bigger to the size of an actual god. Re gave us all a mysterious look before disappearing into the night.

We stood still, horrified at what we just witnessed. The lights were flickering instantaneously and none of us knew what to do. Mama had her jaw out wide. At that moment, the air was vibrating, and fragments started to piece themselves. The end result was Khonsu, the Egyptian god of the Moon. it looked exactly like Re except that it wasn't a snake above his head but a crescent moon and a transparent ball. Khonsu looked around to find any others god, since he was cannibalistic after all. However, he could sense Re's energy and flew over to his location at that exact moment. After finding Re, he had an angry look on his face and called upon the wolves to attack Re. Re's left leg was severely injured and incredibly painful. He wanted revenge. Sweet revenge. However, what they didn't know was that a legendary fight was about to take place.

After mere seconds, he managed to stand up and cupped his hands together. Immediately, a yellow energy beam fired at Khonsu and he tried to resist it carefully but he couldn't. The Moon god alternatively, blocked defensively with a translucent shield at his chest, where the beam was being fired from. Khonsu then emitted fire out of his mouth at Re but he was to quick and got out of the way. However, the Moon god redirected his shot and Re didn't have the speed nor luck. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! The fire sizzled the Sun god and did damage, burning the hawk's head. Re screamed in pain and Khonsu summoned his wolves once again to bite Re's right leg. re wasn't about to give up yet though and so he began to channel all his energy into one last energy beam but was interrupted by a red haze that came out of nowhere. This only meant one thing. Ra was here.

Ra had many abilities and was officially crowned as the supreme god of Egypt. He looked down on Khonsu. "Khonsu, explain!" he said in a deep, upsetting tone. "Master Ra, I can explain. I can sense fake energy. Re over here is fake. It's a human in disguise that has been unlocked by a specific, magical amulet." Khonsu expressed nervously. Ra looked at Re and the fake Sun god gulped. Ra used a flick of his staff to turn re back to normal. Re became Reem. "I just wanted to be a god. please don't kill me!" she yelled. The two gods disappeared and Reem was on the floor, kneeling and sobbing loudly.

Mama, Papa and I rushed back to Khan El Khalili Bazaar. We went to a stall that sold amulets. Mama questioned the man there if they were magical but he replied with a simplistic no. Mama bought a scarab amulet. We exited the place and were on the sand again. I couldn't believe it. We had encounters with real, but also, fake gods! Shivers went down my spine. It was a scary and action-packed experience. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was what you wanted it to be. An adventure.

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