sin0051 Arvind Singh

Inspired by Rolling Sky level Candy, a man finds out about a magical place called CandyLand, better than any amusement park ever. Full of rides and and full of foods, nothing can beat it. After being the spotlight, a thief arrives. It steals the foods and hijacks the rides. Everyone is sad and this man is their only hope. Can he figure out the mystery or will this magical place be no more?

추리/스릴러 전체 공개.

#mystery #fun #circus #candy #thief #amusement-park #rollingsky #sweets #candyland #candyworld #rides
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The Gates

I had heard about it all over the news. The release of CandyLand. A magical and reminiscent place you could never imagine. Full of decorations and things that were out of this world. There were already reviews of this place all over social media and my phone’s notification tab was about to explode. My storage had increased. I attempted to book a reservation but it was nearly full. The last time was 8:15pm, the only remaining spot. I booked it, paid and went to rest. This was either going to be the best or worst ‘holiday’ I have ever had.

The time had come. It was 7:30pm and I had tired marks below my eyes. I had spent so much time doing other stuff that I had nearly forgotten where I had to go at this time. I hopped into my car and began driving. I somehow couldn’t visualise how the place would look like even after all of the reviews but I hoped CandyLand was something good.

I finally arrived at the place and the sky was dark blue, starting to transform into a murky grey colour. It was getting darker but some illuminated lights caught my attention in the distance. I looked to my left and saw a ginormous sign in rainbow colours saying CandyLand; it was hard to ignore. Underneath the sign was a pearl gate in the shape and colours of a magical harp. It had yellow stripes on it, resembling a real harp. I exited my car and headed over to the gate and there was a brown handle to pull it open. Hundreds of people were waiting for me to do the honours and so, I did. This place was better than I thought.

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Shaun M Waller Shaun M Waller
Interesting start.
November 24, 2023, 11:01


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