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Told of an ancient cave when she was young, Rayn believes there is more to where her powers really originated from. She, along with her friends, will finally crack the code and find the truth.

모험 전체 공개.

#mystery #magic #adventure #cars3 #jacksonstorm
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Knoxville was quiet, the streets slowly becoming bear and people were heading home after long hours working. The sun was just hitting it's last few moments of daylight before the sky would become a dark blanket of stars.

"Mom, tell me the story again."

A child's voice spoke as she bounced up on her bed and got under her covers. Her mother chuckled and sat down on the edge, smiling as her daughter looked up at her with anticipation.

"You must really like this story, huh?"

Her mother asked, seeing her daughter nod her head, which rested her answer.


Her daughter cooed. Her mother breathed in and began telling the story from the beginning.

"When I was a little girl in the 70s, there were legends of a cave that was protecting the most powerful elements in the world. Rain, Wind, Thunder and Lightning. It was said these elements would make one person the most powerful on earth."

The little girl stared in awe at her mother's story, even if she had heard it more than once, it always intruded her mind.

"The rumor goes like this, When the elements awaken, they seek out a perfect keeper... I wonder who that might be."

She grinned and giggled, her mother hugging her and kissing her forehead.

"Now, time for you to go to bed, Goodnight my darling."

Her mother said as she flicked off her bedroom light, her nightlight igniting in a soft yellow light that illuminated her room.

"Goodnight Mommy."

Her mother smiled and closed her door, the little girl snuggling in her bed, hugging her stuffed animal tightly as she drifted off to sleep.

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