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The demi-humans remaining on the island... Ghosts that suck human souls... Travelers who face this adventure... In this story, you are the ghost and I am the main character... This is our story... The story consists of one piece.

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Humanity Ghost

"My friends and I loved traveling. Everyone in the group dreamed of either traveling around the world or going to a place of their choice and getting to know different cultures.

It bothered us to have people other than our friends in the group while traveling. That's why we wanted a place where it could just be us. We couldn't all be in the car together. The bus would also be crowded. Besides, if we went by land it would be unbearable. Most likely, we would go there hard and half of our lives would be spent on this journey. Well, since none of us had money to rent a plane, there was only one way left: "SEA"

We could go on a yacht. We could all go together, there would be no one else but us, and we could enjoy the sea when we got bored. We agreed on this idea. We set off on Sunday evening.

Wait a minute, I'm so excited I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jeremy. I enjoy traveling. Other things don't matter to me. I generally follow the majority. Yes, I know this is a bad thing.

Anyway, let's move on. I last mentioned that we set out on Sunday evening. We were hanging out as usual. Dean, James and Kevin were enjoying the sea. Others were doing their simple jobs. I was just drawing pictures. Pictures of the things I see... Actually, I'm doing my job too.

My job is painting. Painters don't just draw pictures. They place things in the picture they draw that will enter your subconscious. This may be a small dot or a line.

I have never made my drawings on request. I just wanted to show people what I'm worried about. What I want to instill in them...

While I was finishing my masterpiece, we approached a piece of land. The captain said we needed to keep our feet on the ground a little. When we reached land, everyone started to disembark.

You woke up. They woke you up. Your friends woke up too. They entered your territory. To the place that is special to you... To the place that is only yours and that you own... They must go. Take them out. Or should I say, let them in?

When I landed, I felt a strange aura. The air was very stuffy. In fact, it was so flat that I felt like I was sinking into the ground. I moved forward slowly and started to visit the tiny piece of land. Maybe it would be better to call it an island. When I looked to my right and left, I saw a lighthouse emitting green lights. Of course, it cannot be called a lighthouse because it consisted of stones and could not be said to have a wide entrance. It couldn't have been something that occurred spontaneously.

Just as I was stepping into the lighthouse, they shouted after me: "Dude, Jeremy, where are you going?" I immediately turned around and said I would be right back. When they started wandering around on their own, I stepped into the lighthouse.

I could smell something. The smell of fear reached my nose. It was pitch dark inside. I was breathing like oxygen was limited. I was so scared that if I heard a single sound I would run out. Thank God, Dean took on that task. He sneaked up behind me and touched me. Of course, I jumped up and tried to escape. Dean grabs me and says, "Relax, it's me." said. At that moment, I, who was running away, suddenly stopped and started cursing. I think I was right. Anyway...

I went for a walk with them, but my mind was still in that place. The green lights emanating from there were like gas. I felt like I was in a horror movie. Of course, I was there again while our group was getting ready for dinner.

This time I also took my phone. The phone's light would make it easier for me to navigate. Or at least I would know what was on my left and right. First of all, I focused on finding the source of the green lights - or we can say gas. I was constantly hearing crying, laughter, and frightening sounds (like Boo). It was difficult to distinguish the voices from each other. These sounds did not scare me because they were either sounds coming from my subconscious or the wind was making these sounds. Most likely the first option...

My phone's light wasn't helping me at all. Darkness was swallowing the light. Or it could be blinking like it's broken. After this minor glitch, my phone ran out of battery. It always happened in the movies and I would say, "What nonsense is this?" I guess it's actually happening...

Suddenly I encountered a wind. It was drawing me in. The sounds of laughter gradually increased. When the wind slowed down, it became brighter inside. No... No, it was something white. He slowly approached me. Then he stopped and came running towards me. I couldn't control my feet. I was so shocked I couldn't move.

The white object was rapidly approaching me. It suddenly passed through me. I felt the fear and excitement in my bones. As the object passed through me, I formed a crescent shape towards the back. My face was facing the stones above. I felt the veins on my face burst. I guess what I felt in my bones wasn't fear and excitement. That white object had harmed me.

I suddenly fell to the ground and slowly closed my eyes. When I opened it again, the same object was waiting for me. He had my hands folded over my chest. He was pushing too hard. I was literally writhing in pain. Then I got up slowly. God, that was my soul. My lifeless body was lying on the ground. That creature sucked my soul into itself. Now I saw myself inside that creature. I was seeing what he saw and moving as he moved. But I wasn't the one controlling it. It was like I was trapped inside it. It was very noisy inside.

Damn, my friends were coming looking for me. No, they would die. No... I should have blocked them. The creature I was inside was not moving.

Yes, you were waiting for them to come to you. You didn't need to bother. Because they wouldn't stop until they found the soul you just ate. You will help them. You will send them to the soul you just ate. To your stomach... Isn't it very noisy in there? The souls you eat make a lot of noise. Is that why you're adding new ones? So pathetic...

My friends were heading this way. No matter how much I shouted at them, I couldn't make a sound, I was swallowing air. No, they shouldn't have died. They shouldn't have died just to find scum like me.

No way... This creature knew they were approaching. He approached them just as he approached me. Suddenly he started running and passed through my friends. This was terrible. I felt as if I had killed them with my own hands. Maybe it was... Maybe that creature was me. Maybe killing them was fun.

No soul has ever tasted this good, right? Those two were probably very good people. You've never met a soul that thinks like your first meal, have you? The one who doubts himself and enjoys eating them... It would be a good idea to team up with him, right?

I didn't stop doubting myself and I wasn't going to stop. Because I also enjoyed eating those souls. Killing them... It would be nice to continue this. But there was a lot of noise inside. The voice of previously defeated souls. They couldn't get out of this creature because their bodies still hadn't been found. Of course they would never get out. If this creature accepted the deal, I could silence the people inside. But would he trust me?

If this spirit accepted the deal, you could be free from the voices of those inside. But would he trust you?

Yes, you and I had come to an agreement. He would feed me by eating those souls. I was going to get rid of the sounds that were giving him a headache. This agreement continued for a long time. "The one who finally entered that cavernous place could never come out again."

Jeremy wrote this long story and closed his lab. He would never publish it. He just wanted to tell you. What would it be like for a person who defeated humanity, spirit, dreams and hopes? Did he really experience these as the main character of the story? Or was this all really a story?

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