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Simple, it's a book! :D From the creators of Into the Future and Battle of the Slayer

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Hi I’m Joge before I tell you what’s going on right now I’ll tell you my history. When I was 5 years old it was rough for me I had to work because my parents were always goingon missions to protect earth and me and my brother to work a lot to keep our lives the way they are. One day a strange light appeared in the sky and shortly after a huge alien ship appeared in the sky , the aliens came out and said, “ surrender your plant or we will use our power” soon after they made a lightning orb and destroyed a house we all ran away from them and we were picked up by a resistance, it turns out the aliens had been all around the world and my parents were killed by them so I trained because I wanted to avenge my parents. The aliens names were Voids.

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