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This is the first draft. It is complete as the first draft but I will begin editing it soon. Once i begin, I will edit chapters and mark them as being edited in the title of the chapter. In the first book of my new world, we enter The Amber Kingdom, where there is a mad King who created the Kingdom Decency Laws that outlaw all LGBTQ persons. The people are labeled as Indecents and cast away from society to either Kara Wyspa (Punishment Island) or to the border with Iseron to fight day and night against the Kingdoms enemies. Emryk and Aleks are two boys in love. Accepted by their parents, they nonetheless must hide their true selves from the other people of Fortarre. While many agree the laws are wrong, no one is willing to risk the harsh punishments of defending others. The world is also filled with magical beings, God's, and Goddesses. Can the boys with the help of the God's and their children fight to end the laws? Can they succeed in finding and bringing the Aerimoaerian Elves back to the world and restoring the balance of Love back to the Kingdom. As the story unfolds, Emryk and Aleks discover shocking revelations that will forever change their lives. The first book of this new world explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of oppression. *Temporary cover created from Dall-E

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Feel free to read them in whichever way is easiest or makes sense to you. I wanted to use new and borrowed terms from cultures I am fascinated by that could be altered in the reader's mind to flow easily in English by either dropping a letter. For some terms, I shorten them in my writing to make them easier for this purpose. I will also include the full term and pronunciation because I find it fascinating.


Human Characters -

Emryk Jarosz (Em-rick) Polish (Nicknames: Emy by Aleks

Aleksander Augustyn (Alex-sander) Polish (Nicknames: Aly [Allie])

Marek Augustyn (Mah-rek) polish (Aleks father)

Elżbieta Augustyn (el-ZHBYEH-tah) polish (Aleks mother, called Ela by his father)

Liliana Augustyn (Lil-i-ana) polish (Aleks young sister)

Katarzyna (kah-tah-zhee-nah) Polish

Etieniel (Eh-tee-en-ee-el)

Mareno (Mah-reh-no)

Zofia (ZOH-fyah) Polish

Mateusz (Mah-TEH-oosh) Polish

Patryk / Patrycja polish

Members of the Autokratja (King's Court) (Names are all Polish)

Książę Kacper (kshon-zeh KAH-tsper) (Książę = Prince)Polish

Duke Janusz (Yah-noosh)

Viscount Tomasz (Toe-mash)

Viscount Narcyz (NAR-tsis)

Grand Duke Kazuch (KAH-zook), Lord of the Central Territories. Supreme Commandar of the Central Legion. Duke of Dalkow.

Skartabellat Jakub (Yah-kob)

Grand Duke Nikodem (nyee-KAW-dehm), Regent Lord of the Kingdom, Lord of the Eastern Territories, Supreme Commandar of the Eastern Legion, Duke of Blazkow.

Gods and Goddesses -

Cognitius (Cog-ni-shush) God of Knowledge (aka Knowledge)

Oceanis (O-she-an-is) (Father of the Oceans and Seas)

Terrianis (Tear-i-an-is) (Mother Earth)

Aerianis (Air-i-an-is) (Father of the Skies)

Amorius (Amor-i-us) Goddess of Love

Fertilis (Fur-til-lis) (Goddess of Agriculture)

Vitaeus (Vee-tay-ie-us) Goddess of Health

Nomadis (No-mad-us) God of Travelers and Wanderers.

Malumbris (Mal-um-bris) God of Evil

Solaris (Sol-air-is) God of the Sun

Lunaris (Lu-nar-is) Goddess of the Moon, Secrets, Mysteries, Dreams

Bonitius (Bon-i-shush) God of Good

Laetius (Lay-shush) (Goddess of Joy)

Guardians -

Lahja Eeva (LAH-yah EH-vah) Finnish Guardian of Life

Slawomir (SLAH-vo-meer) Polish Guardian of Death

Aelalosian Forest Elves (Aelalos) -

Miekkamestari Juhani (Mie-kka-MES-tah-ree Yoh-hah-nee) Master of the Sword Finnish

Jousimestari Eero (YOH-see-MES-tah-ree Eh-ROH) Master of the Bow Finnish

Partiomestari Mikko (Par-tee-oh-MES-tah-ree Me-KOH) Master Scout Finnish

Prinssi Kalle (Prin-see Kal-leh) (Elven Prince) Finnish

Aerimoaerian Elves (Iseron) -

Regina Bianca (Queen Bianca) Italian

Terrakin (Name for Dwarves) -

Mountainborn Terrakin -

Stoneborn Terrakin -

Hillborn Terrakin -


Dual biforked Meryx (Dicrocerus elegans [extinct] Miocene deer)

Toxodon (Tox-o-don)([extinct] Miocene giant rodent)

Leshy (Lesh-ie)Polish legend

Strzyga (Stra-z-ga)Polish legend

Aerimoaerian Elves (Air-i-more-air-ian)

Magnivox Avian (Argentavis magnificens [extinct] Miocene Bird)

Celestodon (eurhinodelphis [extinct] miocene dolphin)

Rusałki(roo-SAHW-kee)Polish legend

Sapientarius (say-pe-en-tar-e-us) Owl

Serpavix (Anhinga aka Snake Bird aka Water Turkey aka Devil Bird)

Saw-Tailed Piscix (Scombridae [Fish])

Velocavix (Peregrine Falcon)

Chromoreptix (Chameleon)

Domovoi (doe-mo-VOY)Slavic Legend

Orkanie (Or-ka-nie) [Orkan (singular)]polish word meaning hurricane or storm.

Oceadra (O-sheed-ra) Ancient creature, Oceanis' original sea for. Many consider it to be a mythical creature in the world since its never been seen.


Elmsk (Elm-sk)

Aerimoaer (Air-i-more-air)

Iseron (Ice-er-on)

Kara Wyspa (KAH-rah VEES-pah)[Kara (punishment) Wyspa (Island)]polish

Morska Zapora (MOR-ska za-PO-ra) [Morska = Sea / Zapora = Dam]Polish

Oceano Occidentale (oh-CHAY-noh oh-chee-den-TAH-leh)[Oceano = Ocean / Occidentale = Western]Italian

Mare Maestoso (Ma-reh mah-eh-STOH-so) (Majestic Sea)Italian

Golfo Meridionale (GOL-foh meh-ree-dyo-NAH-leh)[Golfo = Gulf / Meridionale = Southern)Italian

Morburg Castle (King's Castle)

Klifgrad (Capital of the Kingdom)

Trianisian Isle (Try-an-ise-i-an)

Trojno Krono (pronounced "TROH-y-noh KROH-noh") - Meaning "Triple Crown"Slovenian

Jeklo Srce (pronounced "YEK-loh SRT-seh") - Meaning "Steel Heart"Slovenian

Pentaregna Montis latin + greek (Penta-reg-na Mon-tis) Meaning "Five Kingdom Mountains"

Metsänvalta (MEHT-sän VAHL-tah) Meaning "Forest Power" Finnish

Valtaleiri (VAHL-tah-LAY-ree) Meaning "Power Camp" Finnish

Gorący Tron (Go-RAH-tsy To-on) "Hot Throne" Polish

Kootznoowoo (Kootz-noo-woo) "Fortress of the Bear" Tlingit (Native Alaskan)

Kinlandia (Kin-Land-y-uh)

Zwiastun (zvee-ah-stoon) Polish [City in the Kingdom]

Amelia's Atoll (Island of Nikumaroro as part of the Pheonix Islands, Kiribati. Renamed after Amelia Earhart)


Rozsada Festyn (Roz-SA-da FES-tin) (Seedlings Festival) polish

Urodziny Ludu (oo-ROH-jee-nee LOO-doo) [The People's Birthday] polish

Gwardia Miasta (G-var-dee-ah Mee-ah-stah)(Guard of the town) polish

Centralna Legion Graniczny (tsen-TRAHL-nah LEH-gyon grah-NEECH-nee) [Central Border Legion] polish

Zachodni Legion Graniczny (ZA-khod-nee LEH-gyon grah-NEECH-nee) [Western Border Legion] polish

Autokratja (Aw-toe-kraht-yah) (Autocracy) Polish

KrolMagik (Krol-Mah-jeek) (Krol = King / Magik = Magician) Polish

KorzenRodzen (Korzeń [kawr-zhɛn / Root]) (Rodzeńtwo [ROAD-zhɛn-tvaw / Siblings]) Polish

Hippusshoe (Horseshoe)

Tervehdys, Herra Tieto. Greetings, Lord Knowledge (Tervehdys: TEHR-veh-düs) (Herra: HEHR-rah) (Tieto: TEE-eh-toh) Finnish

Książę (kshon-zeh) [Prince] Polish

Anteeksi Elämän Äiti (An-tehk-see Eh-lah-mahn Ah-ee-tee) [Sorry, Mother of Life] Finnish

General Animal Names:

Meryx (Deer)

Hippus (Horse)

Delphix (Dolphin)

Avix (Bird)

Piscix (Fish)

Phocix (Seals)

Lutrix (Otters)

Gharix (Crocodiles/Deinosuchus)

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Good descriptions and guide, this will help with reading the story.
January 08, 2024, 08:13
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Thank you , appreciate your explanation and pronunciation assistance !
October 27, 2023, 18:36

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Amber Kingdom
Amber Kingdom

I have three trilogies planned already. It takes place in a world similar to our but with magical beings, extinct animals from the Miocene Era, gods, goddesses, demigods, and a plethora of other creatures and beings. The first Trilogy is the Guardian Series, with the first novel already up. Most of the time I am a pretty fast writer and can write around 6 to 10k words on the weekend but only a few thousand on weekdays. While Ive written one or more chapters a day, I am also editing them as I go to publish them as I go. [all images made with Dall-E] 더 읽어보기 Amber Kingdom.