preston-olson Preston Olson

Oftentimes in life, we face obstacles with no clear solution. Our hero is up against insurmountable darkness in his ballad for justice. While a newfound love life begins to brew ... unparalleled powers have aligned against good fortune. When time becomes your thickest enemy, Detective Reisen will need marvelous courage to solve a grand scheme.

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#police #romance #chicago #twist #mystery #saga #thriller #badge-in-the-shadows #shadow-people #crime #suspense #humor #novella #city #fiction #character-building #detective #fighting #chase
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Detective Reisen is sailing toward his piece of mind. The sound of waves crashing against the shoreline echoes across Navy Pier. Leaving an everlasting impression on the sand. His vessel is a tribute to his passion for fishing and sailing across the Great Lakes. A boat may qualify as a luxurious asset. However, our everyday hero is far from a luxurious man.

He is a spiritual soul who believes the good will outweigh the bad in people. A blue-collar working man living out his American dream. Feels sanguine within his world.

When questioned by friends or loved ones, "How he was a single bachelor on the Chicago police force?" Detective Reisen has a response loaded like a criminal's gun. However, our wholesome lover boy believes he may have found his soul mate.

A woman regarded by the elites in Chicago as, "A breath of fresh air." Blonde with blue eyes and a full voluptuous figure. Boasting a smile that would stop a baby from crying.

The cornerstone of her beauty lies within her intuition, and uncanny ability to discover what others can't. A well-renowned reporter with major credentials.

Some folks squeak, "She attracts unwanted attention." Others say, "She has the kiss of death." Detective Reisen admires her passion and would rebuke the notion of anything less than the ladder. Bonnie Butterfield is more than a modern-day vixen. She is as good at capturing criminals as captivating an audience.

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Shaun Waller Shaun Waller
Nicely written and I like the front cover.
December 01, 2023, 23:00


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