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Decay is only a word which describes the death process of something. Is it really that bad of a word?, or is it just misunderstood?. Resurrection is out of the question!, when the Decay starts, there's no going back, just like life, once it starts, it will end. So, why not try to avoid total decay?

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Total Decay

Welcome!, to the world of decay, where everything is a target for total destruction. Nothing is safe, at some point in time everything has an expiration date. You can try to run, but I am everywhere. I'm up, I'm down. I'm even left and right. It's ok, I'll show mercy! that is, if it exist of course. So, are you still here?, if so, thank you! Now, let's play shall we. A game of course. My eyes go up and it goes down, but it never goes around and around unless I command it to. If it refuses, I will force them where I want them. As the blood starts to drip, I finally have a grip but I won't rip because I still need them. My hands are the force from which this decay will happen. The hands will make my eyes understand the process of decay. So, do yourself a favor, try to understand, it will be worth it. The feet are for walking while the mouth is for talking. The ghost are for stalking while the cat is for stalking. What sense is sense if you can't make non-sense. non-sense makes more sense then sense. do you understand now? Decay is important so you don't go crazy. With that in mind, don't let the ghost get you. it's right there behind you looking at you as you sleep, as you eat and drink. Even as you watch TV. This little ghost is called Death. it wants you alive so it can kill you. The question is, will you let it? the answer is yes, you have no choice. You ask where the story is, the story is here, this is the story. Can't you see. This is the process of decay. Decay is important to life, so life don't get crowded. Decay is the heart that attacks you, decay is the brain that fails you. Or the bones that break under you. Sleep while your awake and awake as you sleep. which is more important?. Neither. So tell me, are you sleepy yet?


"In the land of Decay, anything goes, nobody is safe. This is the rule of life."

"Hi, I'm back, did you miss me? how are you finding the energy to be reading this?, didn't they get you? I hope not. Anyway, hope your doing just fine."

"What are these messages. this stuff is crazy."

"Oh really? I thought you said you wasn't scared"

"I'm not scared, stop talking please."

"Whatever dude, just admit your scared and call it a day."

"I mean it, shut it man, wait.. did you hear that"

"Hear what, your imagination"

"No, seriously. I heard something."

"It's all in your head dude. I think your losing it. maybe we been in this house for too long."

"I know what I heard"

"I believe you"

"Do you really?"

"Are you kidding me, of course I don't. I was just playing with you"

"That's not funny"

"It is funny, you thought I would of believe something that I haven't heard or seen myself. Come on man, open your eyes, do you see anything here, it's empty."

"Whatever, I know what I heard"

As the two continued through the seemingly haunted house, things only got more crazy.

After a couple of seconds, one of the boys was violently pushed into the other.

"Hey, watch it man"

"It wasn't my fault"

"Just watch it"

Whatever is watching them clearly don't want them there. Will they be scared out or will they decay?.

"What is this place anyway?"

"What does it look like, it's an abandoned house."

" More like Haunted house"

"Right, A haunted house. Is this what you truly believe man. Come on, be real."



"Ok tell me you didn't hear that."

"Come on dude, not this game again"

"Your kidding right."

"Ok, tell me. what did this "voice" tell you?"

"Your joking right, fine... it said we are trespassing and we should leave, or we will decay like the others."

"Ok Stop, what others?, we came alone."

"I'm just telling you what I heard, ok"

"We're not leaving until we find what we came here to take ok. I didn't come all the way out here, to be scared of some voice in your heard."

"I'm not crazy ok, I think we should leave."

"Ok, I'm done playing these games ok, if you want to leave, go, just leave ok. but I'm staying.

As one of the boys walked away and left his friend, A loud voice was heard saying

"It's Decay Time!"

What will happen now?

"Hey man, where are you going?, come back don't leave while I'm talking to you!."

It was too late, his friend left, perhaps he went to another floor of the house. Who knows.

"Damn it!, I hate this place. maybe we should of left."

"I honestly don't like this place I came because he wanted to come here."

Within a couple of seconds of talking to himself, he finally heard a loud scream along with what he though were different screams of someone being violently murdered. But, these sounds were so disturbing, it echoed throughout the house.

"JIMMY!!!, where are you! I'm coming for you!"

As Jimmy's friend desperately tried to look for him, he now realize what Jimmy was trying to tell him was true but, what will he find when he find Jimmy again?.

After trying to look for Jimmy for 20 minutes, Jimmy's friend decided to take a little break.

"This can't be happening!, we came here to find creepy things. Maybe even take something back. We didn't come here to die!"

Jimmy's friend heard something he mistook as a voice, but it was enough to send him running little did he know, it was a trap!.

"Damn!, what was that noise. I could sworn I heard a voice!."


As soon as Jimmy's friend heard that, he ran upstairs, he ran so forcefully that he tripped on the way up.

As soon as he looked up, he saw Jimmy, on the floor, covered in blood.


Jimmy faintly looks over at his friend.

"Oh hey Jake, how's it going, you believe me now" Jimmy said as he coughed up blood

"I don't think I could make it man" Jimmy added on

"Come on man, you got to hold on"

Before Jake could finish, Jimmy unfortunately died, due to his rib breaking and piercing his heart. Whatever attacked Jimmy did some great damage.


"Curse this place, we never should have come here." Jake cried


In a matter of seconds, Jake felt a touch at the back of his neck

"What the hell!!!" Jake screamed

Before Jake could figure out what was going on, his eyes were gouged out, as he screamed in pain, this ghostly entity, with great force, broke Jake's spine, as it threw his now lifeless body, through the window.

Jake's body landed on the ground with great force.

The second he hit the floor, massive amounts of blood came out, lucky for Jake, somebody saw his body being thrown through the window, and called police.

Days went by, To this day nobody knew what took place there that day or why the spirits there were so angry, the only one that had answers was, unfortunately killed inside, IT WAS JIMMY!!!,

Jake didn't know about jimmy's history because he kept it hidden..

After that incident, that house was set to be torn down, but each time the government try sending people over, they would either disappear or be forever trapped inside, sleeping!.


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Marilyn Lindoor Marilyn Lindoor
wow, it went straight through my soul, that is how much I enjoyed this piece.
April 25, 2024, 09:32