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An average high schooler, who has had so many troubles growing up, and another high schooler who has had so many traumatic experiences in the past, would they cross paths and find true love, stay tuned for more.

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\}Episode 1

(I was always alone, nothing interesting seemed to happen, except girls who fight over boys, or teachers arguing, I had no friends)

Mr Kinsley:Alright class get to your seat, we have a new student here.

(I look up and I see a tall handsome guy, the other girls began giggling and gushing over him, and he didn't seem to care at all and it shocked me)

Andrew: Oh hello everyone, my name is Andrew.

Mr Kinsley: Nice to meet you Andrew, go ahead and find a seat.

Andrew: Thank you.

(He looks so beautiful and handsome at the same time, I'm sure Hailey would want to have him all to herself*I thought to myself*)

(To my surprise, he grabs a chair and sits next to me and looks forward)

(I look at him in shock, while the others look back wondering why he chose to sit with me of everyone)

Andrew: How long are you gonna keep that up (He looks at me)

(I get a bit flustered, and turn away)

Me: Sorry

Andrew: (Chuckles) I'm just playing, what's your name?

Me: Leah

Andrew: A pretty name for a pretty person like you.


Me:Thank you

Andrew: So do you have friends.

Me: No.

Andrew: Why not.

Me: They don't like me.

Andrew: Why.

Me: I don't know.

Andrew: So why did you say so.

Me: Well...

Mr Kinsley: Enough chitchatting class, open your text books to page 78 and work on it quietly.

Class: Yes Sir.

(Thank God, he interrupted the conversation *I said to myself*)

(Andrew looks around for a while and glances at me for a second and lays his head on the table)

(I continue working)

(About 20 minutes later, the teacher leaves and everyone goes back to chit chatting)

(A few girls walk up to were Andrew sat and they tried talking to him)

Sarah: Um hey

(He ignores Sarah)

Sarah: Are you asleep

(The room goes a bit silent)

Sarah: I know you can hear me

Andrew: What do you want

(She looks nervously around and goes back to her seat, Andrew looks at Sarah for a while and puts his head back on the table)

(I couldn't help but laugh silently a bit. Soon enough lunch time drew nearer and nearer, the class seems dull)

(Another girl walks up to Andrew again)

Hailey: Hey Andrew

(He looks up silently)

(Hailey waves smiling all friendly like)

Andrew:What's up (still looking at her)

Hailey: Um, I'm Hailey

Andrew:Nice to meet you

Hailey: Yeah

Andrew:So what do you want?

Hailey: Oh, I was wondering if you would like to hangout and get to know eachother more, you know

Andrew: Depends

Hailey: Oh, So like when are you free

Andrew: I don't know

Hailey: Oh, um how about you tell me when you're free

Andrew: Alright

Hailey: Ok

(Hailey looks at me weirdly almost as if we were competing)

Hailey: Oh Andrew you can come sit with me over there (she points to the left middle section next to the door)

Andrew: I'm good here

(Hailey sounds a little mad)

Hailey: You sure

Andrew: Yeah

(She walks away, a bit annoyed)

(Andrew looks at me)

Andrew: you good?

(I was so deep in my thoughts, I didn't here when Andrew spoke)

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Love it 😍
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I love it 🤩
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Can't wait for chapter 4
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