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The story picks up after a couple months after the events of the second part. Rose is at her house when she recives a mysterious package. It helps her get more truth to what happened in the second book. As the story progresses challanges fall under Roses feet. How will she get around them? Read this book to find out.

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Journal Entry: Welcome

It's been a month since Annabelle died.

I remember sitting on my couch and reading my bible when I heard the doorbell ring.

I walked up to the door and opened it.

There was a box addressed to me.

I took it inside.

I sat on the couch and opened it.

There were three cassette tapes inside. On top of them was a letter.

“When you read this letter. I am dead. The cassette tapes in this box will help you find out who I became, who I was.

On the last tape you will be given instructions. You must follow these instructions. If you don’t, major consequences will fall to your feet.

Happy listening.

-Annabelle Dianne Verlice.”

That was unexpected. However these three tapes will give me the truth. The truth I deserve to know.

I got a radio from the garage and brought it to the living room. I inserted the first tape.


It said on it.

I turned on the radio.

A voice began to speak.

“Welcome, welcome to my mind.”

I realized it was Annabelle’s voice.

“This is tape 1, side A. If you all are going to find out about me then it's best to start with my early childhood. You could say I was a special child. Not a normal one. I would lie often. I would emotionally hurt kids often. I remember when I hurt Eva. She was quite the emotional child. She would cry often. Once I saw her cry I told her Stop being so weak. That made her cry even more. I honestly didn’t care. Later that day I had a conversation with Mom and Dad about that. They-”

That is only how much I could have listened before I heard the doorbell ring.

I paused the radio. I opened the door. It was Edgard.

“Can I come in?” He asked.

“Yeah.” I replied.

I held the door as he walked in.

I closed the door.

“So?” I asked.

“I think it's best if you see this for yourself. Get dressed first.” Edgard said.

“Okay, wait here.” I said.

I got dressed in a white blouse, light gray blazer, light gray loose dress pants, and bright gray ankle boots.

I brushed my hair out and left it on my right side.

I came downstairs.

“You look great. Let's go.” Edgard said.

I got my light gray chain bag before leaving the house.

We got in his white Rolls-Royce.

He got behind the driver's seat. I got in the passenger seat by him.

“So can you tell me where we are going?” I asked Edgard.

“To your workplace. I think it's best if you see what is happening there for yourself.” Edgard replied.

I’m intrigued.

However I decided not to ask questions.

I looked out the window as Edgard drove. It was cloudy outside.

Within an hour and 30 minutes we arrived at my workplace.

There were protestors outside.



Some of them had on their signs.

“Take the underground entrance.” I told Edgard.

He parked the car underground.

We took an elevator upstairs.

I got a text from Vance.

“Mrs. Verlice, meet us in your office.” The text said.

Edgard and I went to my office.

Vance, Terrance, Kelly, and Anya were waiting by it.

I opened my office.

I sat on my big white chair by my desk. Edgard stood by me. Everyone else sat in chairs by my desk.

“Why are there protests happening outside?” I asked.

“We’ve been accused of having an unsafe work space.” Vance said.

“How?” I questioned.

“Supposedly five employees got injured. All of them got injured because of defective equipment.” Vance said.

“Do they want to take the case to trial?” I asked.

“They might.” Vance said.

“We’ll be fine. They are probably going to make up some stuff.” Kelly suggested.

“What if they have actual evidence?” Edgard questioned.

“There is nothing to worry about. I had people look over the equipment and camera recordings.” Anya said.

“Okay, however we need to do something about the protests outside.” I added.

“We can’t. If they try to break in then we can do something. Arrest them at most.” Vance added.

“Alright, I believe we spoke about everything we needed to speak about. Meeting dismissed.” I said.

Everyone was about to walk out.

“Ms. Verlice, could I speak with you privately?” Anya asked.

“Sure.” I said.

I turned to Edgard.

“Wait outside.” I told him.

Edgard walked out of my office.

“People want to interview you. Many people. I only accepted some on your behalf. Part of them want to interview you on the unsafe workspace outburst. I just wanted to let you know.” Anya explained.

“Thank you.” I said.

She walked out. I let Edgard in my office.

I sat back in my chair.

“Thank you for showing me this Edgard.” I told Edgard.

“You want to stay for a bit or do you want me to take you home?” Edgard asked.

“I’ll stay.” I replied.

“Okay, call me if you need anything.” Edgard said and walked out.

I checked my emails. I had lots of emails. I replied to most of them.

After a couple hours I took a taxi home.

Edgard was in the kitchen washing dishes.

I looked around. I saw that the house looked cleaner.

“I saw you have pictures of Ben still around. If you want those to stay, they can. If not, I can help you put those away.” Edgard explained.

“I'd rather for the pictures of Ben to stay.” I stated.

“That’s fine.” Edgard said.

I went to the kitchen and leaned against the countertop.

Edgard stopped washing the dishes.

As wiped his hands he turned to me and said “I know things might have been hard with the possible lawsuit so I thought I would take you to see Carmen. After dinner. What do you say?”.

“Sure. At what time?” I asked.

“At 7:30pm.”

“Alright, I’ll get ready.”

I went upstairs.

I put on a High neck sleeveless black sparkly gown and coal heels.

I curled my hair and did light make-up.

I went downstairs. Edgard had his hair in a side part. He wore a blazer, dress shirt, dress pants, and laced boots all in black.

“Interesting hair change.” I commented.

Before leaving I took a black clutch bag with me.

The drive was an hour. We listened to christian instrumental music.

Night came as we drove.

Edgard and I sat in the loge circle of the theater.

I mostly understood what was happening for most of the opera. I saw it a few years back.

It finished after about three hours.

Edgard and I went to a steakhouse.

As we ate we spoke.

“What did you think of the opera?” Edgard asked.

“It's a love story just like any other opera.”

“Not every opera is the same.”

A couple seconds passed.

“Can I tell you something?” He asked.


“There are billions of stars in the world and yet you're the one I chose.”

I smiled.

I took a bite of my steak and so did he.

I got a thought.

Maybe I should move out? Start a new life. Be able to make new memories.

I told Edgard that idea.

“What if we were to move out? To a larger place?” I suggested.

“We can, why though?” Edgard questioned.

“I want to be able to live in a place where the past is not always haunting me.” I replied.

“Okay, I’ll try to look for something at a later time. I suggest you do the same.” Edgard added.

“I will.” I said.

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