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Title: The Unwanted Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Beauty In Beast Summary: In the gritty underbelly of a nameless city, Desolation Meadows where shadows whispered secrets and despair clung to every crumbling brick, a man named Alex Donovan walked alone, a beacon of angst and unresolved mysteries. Alex, our enigmatic protagonist, bore the weight of his past like a heavy cloak, an unyielding burden that haunted his every step. "The Unwanted" unfolds against a backdrop of turmoil, a city divided by unseen boundaries, where brotherhood was forged in the crucible of survival and friendship emerged as a fragile lifeline in the darkness. Alex's world crumbled when he stumbled upon an ominous letter—a cryptic message from a brother he never knew he had, beckoning him into a world of intrigue and danger. As he embarked on a quest to unearth the truth, Alex became entangled with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own secrets and scars. From the stoic and battle-hardened Eugene, a fellow seeker of answers, to the elusive and enigmatic figure known only as "The Whisperer," whose cryptic guidance pointed the way forward. Friendship, a rare gem in this unforgiving landscape, blossomed unexpectedly as Alex forged a bond with a rogue hacker named Nico, whose technological prowess opened doors to unimaginable possibilities. Together, they traversed the gritty alleyways and hidden enclaves of a city teetering on the brink of chaos, each step fraught with danger and revelations that shook the foundations of their reality. In a city where the line between ally and adversary blurred, Alex uncovered a web of secrets and deceit that threatened to engulf everything he held dear. "The Unwanted" is a thrilling saga of resilience, brotherhood, and the relentless pursuit of answers, even when the truth is a double-edged sword. As Alex Donovan's journey unfolds, readers will be drawn into a world where mystery and drama collide, and the unbreakable bonds of friendship stand as a beacon of hope amidst the shadows. "The Unwanted" is a tale of redemption, where the unwanted find their purpose in a city that thrives on chaos and where every step toward the truth brings them closer to an inevitable reckoning. From the Series "Beauty In Beast"

추리/스릴러 도시 판타지 전체 공개.

#angst #drama #adventure #mystery #dark #friendship #urban # #brotherhood
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Prologue: The Forsaken Souls

In the heart of Desolation Meadows, where shadows clung to forgotten alleyways and secrets whispered in the rustling of the night, three lives converged, forever altering the course of their destinies.

Amidst the dimly lit streets and crumbling buildings of this nameless city, Alex Donovan moved with the grace of a solitary ghost. The weight of his past clung to him like a shroud, each step a reminder of the unresolved mysteries that haunted his every thought. In his world, there were no heroes—only survivors, and he was determined to remain among them.

But survival in Desolation Meadows was a perilous game, and fate had other plans for Alex that fateful night. A cryptic letter, its edges stained with the ink of enigma, found its way into his hands—a message from a brother he never knew existed. The words danced before his eyes, beckoning him into a world of intrigue and danger, a world that would either shape or shatter him.

As he embarked on this treacherous journey to unearth the truth, Alex crossed paths with Eugene, a stoic and battle-hardened soul, whose quest mirrored his own. Eugene's scars ran deep, a testament to the trials of the city that had forged their shared path. Together, they stood on the precipice of discovery, two lost souls bound by the promise of answers that had eluded them for too long.

But Desolation Meadows had more in store for them. In the shadows, a nameless figure emerged, a cryptic guide known only as "The Whisperer." With whispers that cut through the darkness like a knife, this enigmatic presence would play a pivotal role in the unfolding drama of their lives.

And then there was Nico, the rogue hacker, whose mastery of technology opened doors to a world of possibilities previously unimaginable. In the digital labyrinth of this city, Nico was the key to unlocking the truth, a truth that would shake the very foundations of their reality.

As this unlikely trio of Alex, Eugene, and Nico traversed the gritty alleyways and hidden enclaves of the city, they forged a friendship that defied the odds. In a place where allies could easily become adversaries, their bond became a beacon of hope—a rare gem in the unforgiving landscape of Desolation Meadows.

In a city where every step toward the truth was fraught with danger, they uncovered a web of secrets and deceit that threatened to engulf everything they held dear. But they were determined to press forward, for the truth was a double-edged sword, capable of both redemption and reckoning.

And so, the saga of "The Unwanted" began, a thrilling journey of mystery, friendship, and unrelenting determination. In the world of "Beauty In Beast," where darkness and drama collided, these three souls would find their purpose and forever change the course of their lives.

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