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Andrei comes to Constantine for revenge after the bad events and says these words: -To keep alive what I have lost; Revenge +..... Before Konstanin can answer, swords are taken out and struck together, and before this happens the story goes back a few years and goes back to the reasons why the events started.

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Case In The Future And Highschool Times

About the future Constantine and Andrei;

Vladimir (Andrei) goes to his palatial home in the kingdom, surrounded by paintings and silk carpets worth millions, to confront Constantine in one of the final stages of his revenge plan to pay for a great mental weight and betrayals, and after meeting his family, he goes to his room and with his pale face challenges Constantine to a duel and finally knocks down Constantine's men.

- "To keep alive those I have lost; Revenge!" he shouted.


Before Constantine can answer, swords are drawn and struck together, and before this can happen the story flashes back a few years to the events that started it all.

Konstantin is a boy who generally has no financial problems due to the wealth of his family, while Andrei is in the opposite situation, facing severe financial difficulties, debts and so on. Most of the time they barely get by. Constantine and Andrei, who have been firm friends since they were little, always trust each other and are in solidarity. Konstantin even wanted to help Andrei's family, but Andrei refused and politely declined. Nevertheless, Konstantin did not stop helping in small ways.

Andrei and Konstantin had actually been friends since elementary school, and in elementary school they would go out and about and Konstantin would often buy him things and entertain him, and they did all sorts of things in elementary school, and in middle school they remained close. Their poems in middle school were even published nationally and the king came to congratulate them and gave them a prize, but after leaving high school, Andrei moved away from Konstantin and needed some time to himself because he continued to have financial problems and he didn't have money or anything for university, he tried to live with his family after finding a job, he still couldn't forget the girl he had fallen in love with in high school and he thought about her even at work, but one day in this happy life, Andrei came back from work late in the evening and he saw soldiers in his house. The soldiers told Andrei that Andrei's family had been murdered and that no evidence had been found, Andrei was then called to the police station to give a statement to the soldiers and after being held in prison for about 5 months, it was concluded that Andrei had nothing to do with this incident, but even Andrei's lawyer did not inform Andrei about this murder in court. Andrei was kept there for 5 months in the corner of his room where he was kept, both mentally and in his ideas about who did this murder, After Andrei is released from prison, he suspects this for sure and goes to Constantine to investigate the case, and Constantine regrets the following words "I wish I hadn't touched it" and then Andrei goes straight to Constantine and after a few hours he is with Constantine and asks Constantine if he knows anything about this incident, because Andrei feels sad inside and feels the need to go to Constantine.

Constantine replies;

+ I didn't know anything, Andrei, you don't look very sad.

- I want to express my sincere sadness because it's not normal that my family was killed and soldiers were talking

nonsense to me, Konstantin, do you have people who can investigate this because sometimes I feel really sad, you know Konstantin?

+ Unfortunately, in my family only my father can do such things, but I can find out about it.

- Thank you, Konstantin. I'm leaving.

+ See you, Andrei

After Andrei left the room;

+ My plan will end your life, Andrei!

After his conversation with Konstantin, Andrei went for a beer and wanted to get a little drunk because he was not feeling well mentally and needed a distraction. Andrei went to the bar with a pale face and drank a little bit and recovered. He still couldn't forget the experience of 5 months of imprisonment and he was still living there. He was making plans to find out more about this murder.

When Andrei returned home he realized that the soldiers had left and the house was in the same condition as before, but there were small noises coming from inside.

Andrei went in and saw someone sitting at the table, so he went over to him and after a moment of silence he said:

+Would you like a drink?

Andrei said in a sad voice.

-No, no.

+Could you introduce yourself?

The man with his bodyguard approached the table and said;

-My name is Ivan, the king sent me here to talk to you.

Andrei was surprised that he knew his name and thought "what could the Kingdom want from me?" "because if they came when I was really so sad and gave me moral support instead of material support, they could make me happy."


-We're here to help you financially after the murder of your family. And Andrei, don't tell anyone about this for now, it's between us until it's solved.

Andrei thought to himself again, "The purpose of the cover-up is that someone is involved in something. Most of the people I will probably go to will never inform me."

+Of course, I won't tell anyone for now, sir.

+We agreed we will bring you financial support every month.

Ivan calmly gets up from the table and leaves the house. His bodyguard goes with him.

+"What they mean is that we will check on you every month so that you don't tell anyone or run away. Hah.

Hahahaha, someone's up to something. I will definitely find him...

As Andrei was getting ready, he was thinking hard about the motive for hiding this murder and was trying to make sense of Konstantin's involvement. But it seemed as if there was no trace of him and he thought of a close relative "Lzkov" and he wanted to visit him immediately because he worked in military intelligence and maybe Lzkov had the information he needed, then Andrei went to sleep and prepared to go to his relative Lzkov tomorrow. When he woke up, he made himself a good breakfast and ate well, then he made a mental note of what had happened. Andrei was going to combine the information Lzkov would give him with the information he had now, so that he could better understand what had happened and find out who was responsible. Even if he lacked a little motivation, he had some people in his mind that he could more or less calculate or predict, but he couldn't say anything for sure for now because they were not guaranteed, so he quickly dressed himself warmly and went to Lzkov's shop and came to him.

+Hey, are you available?

-Of course, come in.

They sit down together at a table and Andrei comes straight into the conversation and he has two bottles of booze with him. And after hours of conversation, Andrei says with a pale face:

+My family was murdered the other day and it looks like someone is planning something. I'm very upset, did they say something to you?

-What? I'm sorry for your sadness, yes I was told something.

The reason Andrei's relative is surprised is the secrecy of the mission. Because the Four of Fire warned the soldiers sternly about this, not in the usual harsh way, but in a painful way, and everyone was too scared to tell anyone and continued their mission. But Lzkov is likely to take a risk with what he will tell Andrei.

+Can you tell me about it?

-Of course I can tell you.....

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