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Aric had the dream of changing his life and left his small village in pursuit of it, but during his departure, a grand scheme forever changed his life.

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The Day Everything Changed

This story is not just a mere narrative of heroism, nor a simple account of an epic journey. Instead, its purpose is to showcase every step that shaped me, every choice that led me down the path I continue to tread today.

I was born in a place forgotten by the gods, in the small village of Zenith, nestled among the snow-capped mountains.

On that day, the freezing dawn cut through to the bones, enveloping our modest village in a veil of mist, as if guarding secrets deep within its mountains. I remember it as if it were yesterday.

Every step I took was laden with anguish and fear, emotions I rarely experienced. I glanced back and saw my mother, with teary eyes, wishing me luck with a glimmer of pride and apprehension. Like her, I didn't want to leave that village, but circumstances forced us to head North in search of salvation.

The image of our farewell would remain etched in my memory, fueling my relentless quest for wealth, a promise I made to my mother. As I walked through the cobblestone streets of our village, I observed the villagers emerging from their homes, carrying tools on their way to the coal mines. As usual, some cast judgmental looks, as cold as the winter morning.

I followed the Damaraah trail toward the Terebas River a few kilometers away. An eerie silence settled in, and my hurried footsteps were the only soundtrack. Strangely, no birds sang, no insects buzzed, not even the trees whispered in the wind; everything was immersed in a disturbing silence, as if time had frozen.

This scene, disrupting the natural harmony of the Damaraah forest, played with my mind: "What could have happened here?" I pondered. Neither my keen hearing picked up any sound, not even a breath.

With each step deeper into the forest, the oppression in the air became unbearable, as if I were being watched by something malevolent and sadistic. A chilling sensation ran across my skin.

Suddenly, I heard hurried footsteps ahead of me. I focused on the direction of the sound and spotted the silhouette of a little girl running desperately. Without hesitation, I quickened my pace to assist her.

As I approached, the feeling of something malevolent intensified, as if something was closing in. To prevent trouble, I unsheathed my old sword, a relic from my father, and remained alert. Cautiously, I approached the bend in the trail.

What I witnessed ahead was a disconcerting sight: the little girl lay on the ground, crying with a strange, almost bestial sound, pleading for help. My outstretched hand touched her shoulder, but she vanished like smoke.

A sinister shiver ran down my spine, and demonic laughter echoed around me. My senses sharpened, and my Lufos instinct awakened, causing my blood to boil and my senses to heighten.

The sinister laughter grew louder when I finally saw the malevolent figure behind a tree: Draco Onfor, the vampire who had plagued our village for centuries, claiming lives.

The wretch appeared sporadically, always leaving death in his wake. What he didn't know was that I, as a Lufos, was his natural predator.

He turned into a black cloud and materialized in front of me, with evident contempt. "Ah, we have a Lufos here," he taunted. "Or rather, half-Lufos, impure blood."

His eyes were dark, gleaming with wickedness. I knew I would now have to fight for my life. Although Lufos were natural predators of vampires, in their transformed form, like mine, we didn't have as much advantage in a direct confrontation. And Draco was aware of that.

I assumed a defensive stance, knowing that the battle was about to begin.

The staring contest between Draco and me was a prelude to the imminent conflict. His lips curved into a sadistic smile as he withdrew an object from a bag he carried with him. A chilling shiver ran down my spine when I recognized what was about to happen.

With a swift gesture, he hurled the bag in my direction, and my heart sank when my mother's head emerged from the darkness and fell beside me.

A cry of pain and fury erupted from my lips, breaking the forest's silence. My vision turned red with rage, and my senses sharpened even more.

Without thinking, I fiercely charged at Draco. My sword cut through the air, tracing a deadly arc toward him. He dodged with supernatural agility, but I didn't give up. I attacked again and again, determined to avenge my mother.

Draco retaliated, showcasing his vampiric dexterity and bloodlust. Our movements were as fast as lightning, and the confrontation was a whirlwind of blades and fangs. Each strike was a deadly dance between life and death.

Finally, in a moment of momentary weakness, I managed to hit him. My sword plunged deep into his chest, and a cry of pain escaped his pale lips. He collapsed, black smoke dissipating from his body. I had won.

However, my victory was interrupted by the sudden arrival of the village leaders, men I had once thought were guardians of our community.

They descended upon me with expressions of surprise and concern, but before I could explain what had happened, they revealed their treachery.

With cruel composure, one of the leaders declared, "You were a nuisance, Aric, just like your mother. We hired Draco to get rid of you both." Betrayal struck me like a sharp blade.

In a fit of rage and despair, I fought against these men I had once called leaders. My sword was an extension of my anger, and one by one, they fell victim to my thirst for vengeance. Their blood mixed with that of my mother, and I became a murderer that day.

When the dust settled and the conflict came to an end, I realized I had no choice but to flee. I had become an outcast, a fugitive from my own village.

The promise I had made to my mother to seek wealth for us was now stained by tragedy. And so, with my sword stained with blood and my heart heavy with grief, I began my journey as a renegade, determined never to return to that place.

The life I had known had vanished on that dark day in the Damaraah forest.

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Shawnice Pate Shawnice Pate
Fast-Paced, simple description and a taste of reasoning that makes sense for the protagonist. Yes! I wonder how a vampire holds his own against a sword at the end. It makes me think with the description. Thanks.
May 30, 2024, 12:30
José Escritor José Escritor
Boas irmão👏👏👏👏
April 08, 2024, 15:02