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Prologue: Of Sons, and Daughters

Atlas sat still, observing his daughter as she shone bright through the midnight sky.

As his last born, final born, she remained youthful, with an ethereal glow. Atlas shook his head, he'd caught himself thinking of how she reminded him so much of his beautiful, elegant wife, Pleione. Such a gem in their world, and a becon of light for him.

A mere spitting image of her, in fact. The sky was more than still, and Atlas felt there to be an ominous vibe across the universe. He couldn’t place it, but he was sure something was off. The glittering laugh of his bright constellation pulled him from his rabbit hole of worry, and he smiled at her, showing his perfect, starlike teeth.

Elsewhere, the once graceful goddess, Leto, fled through the night, rage and sorrow consuming her scrambled thoughts.

She cried out to the heavens, with no tangible, coherent thoughts to be found.

Her own son, how dare he! Conspiring against the very life his own mother lived, all for the sake of a little more power amongst his peers.

Leto’s heart shook with betrayal and anger, as she found herself nearing the edge of the sky. There was nothing that she could do that wouldn’t involve the other gods, and her rage erupted further from the depths of her soul. A strangled howl came through her scorching throat and she dove further into the sky.

Atlas whipped around, right as a gust of wind clouded him. He looked at a flashing blur halt to a stop, and his eyes widened with curiosity.

Leto had revealed herself, her face twisted with sorrow.

Atlas began to worry. He felt her pain, and the feeling became nearly unbearable. His curiosity and worry grew rapidly, Leto looked as if she were a deer in the headlights, and not the beautiful and powerful goddess that she was.

Leto flickered her gaze from a worried Atlas to what his sight was previously on, his daughter. Her mind instantly switched to her beloved creation.

Lycans of ancient descent held great power, and with that of a constellation’s potential, a solution popped out at her. With one swift movement, Leto changed her course, and pounced onto the young constellation.

Effectively, the poor constelllation was thrown from the sky, hurtling towards earth, calling for her father in sheer terror. Atlas could only watch, frozen in a state of horror, as his beloved daughter soared through the now pitch black sky... into a realm he dared not go. For the balance of the universe was the one force never to be reckoned with.

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Kathryn Barker Kathryn Barker
These characters feel incredibly authentic to me! I absolutely loved reading the interplay between them! A very well built storyline! You have me transfixed! I cannot wait to read more! I’m not an easy customer.:-) Thank you for the opportunity to read your work! You are very talented!
November 27, 2023, 22:08

  • Kelly Alice Kelly Alice
    Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. You have no idea how much that and your words mean to me 💙 November 27, 2023, 23:46
Sarah EllisonFlake Sarah EllisonFlake
I really like this , it makes me wanna know what else will happen. Love it. Keep up good work
September 08, 2023, 10:29

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