Jayden Granaham

It's good to live the rich life, but is that everything you need to manage a kingdom?

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Chapter I

I turned off my alarm clock and got ready to start the day as any normal teenager. I was a bit startled by the dream I had last night as I rushed downstairs to take my breakfast just before heading off to school.

By the way, I'm Andrew and recently I've been having strange dreams ever since my grandad passed away since I was nine. He was a kind and generous man whom I took as my role model ever since.

He was also very wealthy. Now I know what you are thinking that we might be rich. But we're just a normal loving family who cares about others.

I am the only child of both parents Mr and Mrs Anderson. Anyways, back to the present, so as I headed off to school my best friend John joined in we've been best buds since sixth grade and honestly I enjoyed his company even though he can be a bit of a party animal.

I still like him for the way he is. We chatted along the way to school and he couldn't stop talking about the party I held last week at my place. I just changed the subject and we discussed our school since we were in our final year of high school.

Most guys are just excited to start life on their own away from their parents, No rules and No curfew you know. As we approached the hallway, We saw Emily, she waved at me and I waved back. Honestly, I think I have a bit of a thing for her.

As she left John gave me an eye before we went to class. I knew he was going to talk about my thing for Emily lately. And just as you would expect, he did talk about Emily during the class session. I sat with Emily during chemistry class and gosh she is beautiful when she is viewed up close.

She's also the top of the class whilst I was just an average guy who was always in the top 10 of my class. Whatever goes on in class, nothing would make me take my eyes off Emily not even for a bit. Just then, the principal announced my name during lunch to meet him at his office

I was a bit worried and confused about why he would call me to his office. Yes, I got into trouble sometimes but not always. I reluctantly agreed and met him at his office. He welcomed me to his office and offered me a seat. I sat down with a major official sitting next to me.

"Mr Anderson, I called you here because we need to inform you about some important matters concerning your future here at Wendsford High."

" Is everything okay, Mr Klein?" I asked anxiously.

"You'll find out soon" Mr Klein assured.

Now I'm a bit confused as so many thoughts run through my mind."Am I about to be expelled, punished or confronted by my parents?"

These were some of the questions I asked myself just when I heard the knock at the door. As the principal opened the door, I was shocked at the person I saw before me. I was speechless and stunned.

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