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This is the English version of my personal blog, "Bakit List of Reality" which talk about the real happenings, perceptions and experiences in life.

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Why so many people always feeling envious?

There was nothing wrong to be envious sometimes but the fault could be is that using it in bad way. Because of envy, we can hurt people's feelings until it reaches the extreme of destroying the reputation, dignity and life of each other. Why not use that envy as an inspiration to remain in positive thought instead of engaging to anger, insecurities and bitterness in our hearts?

If you want to have harmony and want to fulfill your desire in life, kindly limit your envy as keep watching every action and other people's lives then you spreading it to others. Avoid now enviousness which will result into trouble or disagreement with each other. Because of enviousness, you will not completely achieved the dreams you want in your life.

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