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Chapter 1

There's nothing more discouraging than seeing people bully you for the way you look. The most discouraging one was that they bully you for your skin.

Tania Gomez blamed herself why she is brown. No matter how many times she apply lotion, she never became white. Her acne scars, which were her fault why everyone called her ugly because she pops them one by one, were the reason also she blamed herself for what happened to her. She blamed herself everyday.

As she goes to get lunch, the students go for a run to run away from her. The other one gave her a dirty finger while the other students whispered to each other, and she could hear them say, "What an ugly bitch!" or "She's so ugly!"

She carries her lunch outside and eats by herself, feeling unloved and down. Her parents were busy working, having no time for her, and she was left alone with herself always. She is not mad at them. She understands them because what they were doing was for her.

She looks to the sky. "I don't want to live anymore." she whispered sadly to herself. She then looks at her wrist. They have cuts- some healed, some still fresh from yesterday night's cutting.

While she was peacefully looking at the surroundings, a group of girls found her on the back of the cafeteria. Tania did not saw them and was eating her lunch peacefully.

They threw pieces of papers at her and they laughed as Tania picked them up. She opened the crumbled paper and saw that each of the crumbled papers has words that says: "You are an ugly bitch. You don't belong here! Get lost!"

Tania cried silently at what the words said.


She skipped her afternoon classes. She spent her hours on the comfort room, slashing her wrist with a blade while crying. She does not remember how long has she been miserable like this. She wanted to scream. She wanted to end her suffering and the only way to end her suffering was dying.

She was comfortable with that thought. So instead of cutting her skin, she aimed at the pulse. But she did not do it.

She stood up after that, opening the door to the cubicle.

But instead, she found a road. She was amazed. She wondered where would that road lead her to. And then she said to herself, "It's time to get out of here."

And she started to walk on the long road, escaping school.

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Joseph Mbaga Joseph Mbaga
Cool, very attractive story
Alison Lawrence Alison Lawrence
A thought provoking story.👍🙏
April 15, 2024, 16:13

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