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Julia is 15 and in her sophomore year of collage all is going well until she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Read this story to find out how Julia gets revenge and how she had to start all over. What did she start over? Read to find out! If you’re interested on contacting me my tik tok user is on the cover!

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How it all began

Rushing down the hall I find myself becoming dizzy. I’m late for my chemistry test. I finally arrive to the classroom only to see the eyes of everyone on me. “My oh my” says my best friend Abby. “Late again?”

Said my professor. “Sorry I missed the bus” I say in response. I rest my bag down on my desk as I begin to take out my paper and pen. A note flies in front of my desk. “Are you okay from Eden”. I wish he stop worrying about me so much. Eden is my boyfriend. Me and him have Been together for 8 months. I begin writing back “yes I’m fine don’t worry about me.” I pass the note to the boy behind me hoping he would pass it to Eden. Instead he glares at me. I pass the note over to my friend to pass to Eden. Finally after getting my test I begin working. The note flies back. “Okay but I have to cancel our plans sorry” I frown. Trying to hide my sadness I flash a smile at him and continue on my test. The bell rings and Everyone leaves. I see my boyfriend fly out the room. He always leaves so early I wonder why. “Hey” I say to the boy from earlier. He’s friends with Eden so surely he would know where he has been going off to. “Do you know where Eden goes everyday after class?” “No, sorry” “okay thanks anyways”. I look through the hallways for him but I catch him with a teacher. “We have a new transfer students coming and I was wondering if you could tour them around the school”. “Sure” he replies. The teacher nods then walks off. I follow Eden into an empty classroom. I peek through the door and see him with my cousin Ashley. They have always been close so I never really worried about anything going on. But since he’s been canceling on me I should see why he’s here.” I close my diary and lay on my bed “If only I stood there a little longer to see he was with her” I wake up and rush to school as usual. Walking through the hall I put in my headphones and walk to class. But was interrupted by mason by mason I mean the guy who sat behind me freshman year. He grabs one of my headphones and puts it in his ear.) Now you may be wondering Julia how did you become friends with him didn’t he hate you. Well you’re right he did and still does. Let me explain. So basically he used to be friends with Ashley but she dropped him because Eden Stopped being friends with him. So me and mason made a deal to get close to make them mad. We still very much hate each other but yeah..

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Ariella Torres Ariella Torres
This is so interesting
June 06, 2023, 01:56

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