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I felt the need to challenge myself, writing a crime/police story without planning too much stuff, using english, which is not my first language. This story will dive you into a detective's mind, trying to find out the solution of a crime series while struggling with his own past. The book cover is also created by the author. Feel free to comment and help me with the story. 👻

범죄 만 13세 미만 어린이는 이용 불가. © All rights reserved. @Andre Felipe de Oliveira 2023

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A New Wave of Crimes

"It Takes a lot to overcome the sense of humanity for this..."

Thought James while putting back The white piece of cover in the unknows woman's face. The cold body was then carried away in the ambulence, with it's doors being shut tight and sirens echoing throughout the streets.

"It always give me headaches" James was still toughtful looking The ambulance getting away. The smoke of the cigar causing a little bit of patience in those tired eyes.

— Detective, please, come with me — The Police Officer struggled by the mass of people, hitting some shoulders on the way without worrying about apologies.

— Officer Kell — James gave a quick bow and stomped in the cigar, washed away by the mad rain in cobblestone veins by the street.

— Have you talked with the woman's brother? He's the guy with a hat and butterfly tie over there — Kell pointed out to a store front, where the said man was sitting down looking utterly depressed.

— I prefer starting with the scene. People need time to recover themselves — James looked over the shoulders to the man again, before concluding with a whisper — and for some reason I think I will have some hard time with that man. "Who wears a butterfly tie?" James thought, hiding the face of judgement.

— Did you say something? — Kell was rispid, with hands om his wrist, having a good posture.

Without more words, both man continued through the Police stripes marking The crime scene, then entered a large metal door, rusty and noisy when pushed. The cold wind striked their faces upon getting in, and the smell of alcohol and vomit was starting to consider the place it's den.

— This is the third crime in three months, James. All of them following the same pattern. We could not find any feasible solution so far, neither a good track of possible next steps... — Kell took a deep breath — And let me be honest with you. This is a Police case, Officers from the highest quality are here, including the feds*. We have detectives from all places, liutenents, good dogs to smell any threats and everything else we can. So... — Kell looked James in the eyes, taking a step further, incresing his authority way of handling stuff — So I don't know why they have called you to put your nose in the case.

* feds is the short term for Federals.

— And yet you have discovered nothing — James kept the look straight into Kell's eyes, without a blink — Please Officer, let me alone to take a look around.

Kell cleaned his jacket from the dust and started walking out of the building, staring James till possible.

"They still have issues with old stuff" James started walking carefully in the large room, place of the night club named The Drunken Ink.

For a moment, James remembered old times, when he still was a member of the police department. For years he worked analyzing clues and discovering City crimes, becoming one of the best detectives in the area. For some people, he's still the best. For others, his name could be wiped out of the earth after what he did.

"It Takes a lot to overcome humanity. .." The quote was an echo in his mind, a reminder, day and night.

James started looking the club. There was broken cups and bottles near the main tables, a mess in the bar, with all kinds of liquids splashed and pieces of wood of the little chairs, probably used in a fight. Apart from the smell, everything was pretty empty and cold.

— The broken stuff is here around the bar, and the tables far away apparently did not get into the mess. The people probably run when the chaos started. There are no signals of blood, and the steps present among the pools of water and alcohol leads to the exit in random patterns. Probably because the people ran as a group, with each one desperate trying to reach the exit first. Some places have track marks, as if someone fell down and needed to get up. I feel sorry... People have no empathy, they probably stepped on or kicked the fallen one in the Darkness to leave the club — James was balbuciating his analyzes, leaning down to closely inspect the ground.

He reached out the pocket in his jacket for a little notebook and a pencil, writing everything. The sound of his mumble words and risks in the paper caused a flash to appear in his mind. A good one, from old times, when he started The detective carreer.

"The smashed Block of paper is better than anything else"

— Police said the woman's body was found on the second floor. It doesn't appear that her death has any relation with the bar fight.


The second floor was clean. James noticed as soon as he started climbing the stairs. As if no one have ever stepped in the little upstair corridor. And then, in one of the tables close to the wall, there was a little piece of cloth. As officer Kell said, it was the third crime following the same pattern. all of them with this piece of fabric with letters carefully placed somewhere.

"This again..."

The first victim was a boy. Quite young, found in front of his house, with the torned cloth tied in the door knob. A letter I was written in red, very bad detailed, as if the killer did it in blood with it's own finger.

"How come no one saw the body. Being dropped in there? In The middle of the street!" James did a ugly face thinking about it. "Nothing was found in forense analyzes, and the autopsy of the body found only sores in the skin, broken bones and some deep cuts. Cause of death was lack of air. Commonly know as asphixya.

— The second was a woman, no link with the first boy, they were not related, didn't have same work, neither same culture tastes as each other. Both families also said the crimes could not be some serial killer addictive stuff.

"I really doubt that..."

Only thing that was equal in both victims was The cause of death. Asphixya.

— and the cloth — James said to himself, with the eyes fixed in a blinking lamp by the end of the corridor.

In the second murder, the cloth had nails, fixing it in a wooden panel. The body was found in a near room, hanging with ropes all over it. The fabric had the letter N.

James took a look in the piece of cloth by the table, warping back from his thoughts to reality and between the lights and shadows, the letter Swas written in red.

— This time the body was here in the table, the woman leaning down, as if she had come here for a peaceful sleep.

"This give me the chills..."

James took note of more details, then was scared by his name being called downstairs. A known feminine voice, kind of bossy tough.

"Her..." With a deep breath and a scratch in his mustache, James went down to meet the arrived guest.

— Private Detective James — The woman raised her hand with little interest.

Madame... Blair — Good to ser you.

— Stop lying to yourself and me, detective, we have nothing to like on each other, but this time we'll work together. However... — Blair did a glance to one of the officers following her, raising her palm. The officer reached for an envelope and handed it to Blair.

— There are unfinished business we have to settle — Blair gave The envelope to James and turned her back, walking towards the exit — Read it. You will probably not like, but it's necessary. Meet me in the police station tomorrow morning so we can start digging into this case.

Blair disappeared by the door, followed by the officers which looked more as back guards. Kell was laughing behind the door, and James was certain he even leaned by a little breach while the door was closing to keep eye contact with him.

"Unbelievable" Was the only thing in James mind before exiting The building.

He went straight to his rented apartment, walking alone in the rain.

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Andre Oliveira André, nascido no interior de São Paulo, trabalha como Analista de sistemas, além de tomar parte do tempo para escrever histórias sombrias e fantasiosas. É participante de diversas coletâneas publicadas por editoras diversas, além de possuir dois livros independentes disponíveis.

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Ece Aytan Ece Aytan
Perfect imagery! The officers look like backguards. It tells a lot about who holds the power.
February 05, 2024, 19:29

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