Gloria Obi

"P... please, don't do this" I muttered up the courage to speak this words. My voice pleading and my eyes desperate to get to him. " I can't wait any longer. You don't know how bad I want you, even your tears turns me on" His face came closer to me. I could feel his warmth breath on my face, his words send chill down my body. ☆☆☆ When a dangerous captor sets his sight on a young girl and he knew he needs to have her even if it means taking her against her will

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Normani Parker

Lazily, i rolled out of the warm and cozy bed when I heard the sound of the marvelous alarm clock.

Note the sarcasm.

I slam my hand on my stupid alarm, yelling for me to go to school. I feel so lazy today. Who am I kidding? I feel lazy literally every day. I curled into a ball and went under the sheets, pressing my head on my comfortable pillow.

While letting out a disapproving groaned, l lifted myself up from the bed. After tying up my room, I dragged myself to the bathroom, slamming the door I turned on the shower, waited for it to get to the right temperature before taking off my pgs and hoping to shower, and ended up shaving my legs. Twenty minutes later, I came out with wet hair and a smile like vanilla.

I chose a blue jumpsuit that reached my mid-thigh and had a bow at the waist because I wanted to stand out. I applied a moisturizer to my face, then a little bit of eyeliner, making my blue eyes pop out, and also applied my strawberry lipgloss. I tied my medium blond hair into a ponytail, bringing out a little bit of hair on both sides of my face. I put on my black flats and walked out of my room to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, adding two scoops of French caramel cream and two spoons of sugar.


I went back to the room to get my phone and a black bag with the coffee in it. I checked the time and saw that it was already 9:00 a.m. and my class starts by 10. I drank my coffee in a hurry, grabbing an apple and eating it . I didn't bother knocking on Stephanie's room because I knew she would be in school since she had an early class this morning.

I took my car keys from the counter as I stepped out of the house. I opened the car and quickly climbed in, putting my seatbelt on, then I started my car. I turned on my radio, turning the volume up as I heard my favorite Ariana Grande song, "position," playing. Pulling out of my driveway, I started to head toward the direction of the university.

I found a perfect place to park. I quickly got down from the car as I brought out my phone to check the time, only to find out it was almost 10. I put my phone back in my bag before rushing into the school to get to my first class of the day.


"Hey girl, how was class today?" Steph asked as I stepped into our apartment. We have been best friends for ever and now we attend the same college. I am really grateful to Steph and her family. After my parents' death in a car crash when I was sixteen, Steph's parents took me in and treated me like a daughter. I don't know where I would be without them. They are like my second family.

"Mrs. Williams can be so freaking annoying. I don't know why she picks on me every time. " I complained, plopping down on the couch beside her as I rested my back on the seat.

" She's still a bitch to you. " She asked, getting a nod from me. " She seriously needs to get laid. I doubt her husband is doing a good job at it if she always comes in cranky," Steph replied. I scrunched up my face, not surprised at her response at all. " Speaking of getting laid, it's Friday. Let's go clubbing. "

"Nope, I have got an assignment to do and clubbing isn't just my scene," I said .

" Come on, it will be fun, I promise," she begged, " and you seriously need to let off some steam."

"No, I don't."

" Please please please." I turned to look at her as she gave me her best puppy eyes, knowing very well that I couldn't resist it.

"Fine," I sighed, earning a squeal from her.

"Great!, We'll leave by 7 ", we both stood up together, going into our various rooms.

I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower, washing off the day's stress. I toweled off and looked at the time; it was already 6:00. I was hoping to have a good nap before going out with Steph. I took my time blow-drying my hair.

After blow-drying my hair, I walked into the closet just to find out I had nothing to wear. I don't really go clubbing, so all I had were sweatpants, jeans, and cardigans. I started contemplating if I should go or not, but a knock at the door brought me out of my thoughts.

Stephanie walked into my room with two dresses on her hands, and they left me with nothing to imagine about.

" Steph, where are we really going to?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Okay, you caught me. There's this exclusive club for famous, rich, and powerful people, and I happened to score two passes," she replied excitedly.

" Steph, I don't think this is a good idea. We are talking about a club that requires passes. " I tell her I'm not really up for it.

"Don't worry, nothing bad will happen," she assured her, "now come sit and let me get you ready."

What have I gotten myself into?

After an hour of getting primed and plucked by Steph, she handed me a black short dress and heels that no doubt I would have trouble walking on. I put all my essentials in a tiny bag she gave me, and I must say she really outdid herself; I looked breathtakingly beautiful.

" Are you sure that is me and not someone else?" I asked, stunned as I stared at my reflection in the mirror.

" It is you, Mani. I just enhance the beautiful features you have naturally." She says back to me, "Now let's go; we don't want to be late." She grabs my hand and drags me out of my room towards the main door.

Let the night begin.

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