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"You're the only person that can make me shy with just a look and a smile." Nana, a straight girl gets confessed to by another girl named Jessica who's lesbian and who has been crushing on Nana from afar. Jessica makes a bet with Nana that she'll fall for her by the end of October. Inspired by girl in red songs.

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The students had a free pass on Fridays to do whatever activity they wanted for the gym period. I leaned against the blue wall of the gym, my hands at my side, one of my converses not tied due to the laziness of me not wanting to bend over and tie it. It was bad the place I chose to stand, had a basketball goal above me. The boys were playing basketball, the ball coming in my direction a few times almost hitting my face, I squealed shielding my face. The ball bounced on the old worn-out wooden floors of the gym hitting my dirty white converse.

A boy yelled at me to throw the ball back. Instead of me picking it up and throwing it back I kicked it back over to them. To which one of the boys rolled his eyes coming to get the ball halfway because me kicking it wasn't enough to give them their ball back.

I tap my fingers against my exposed thighs looking around the gym. Everyone had their click and people they would whether do actives with. On Friday I was the one left out. Even when doing group activities I'm just there taking up space and being ignored. The weird kids get knowledge more than I do.

Chewing on my bottom lip I slide down the blue wall, bringing my knees to my chest. I watched the boys play basketball for a little while until Coach TP blew his whistle and then told everyone to put whatever they had away. I get up dusting off my shorts. As I get ready to leave I was pulled back by my forearm.

I look up at the girl who had held me. She offered a shy smile then realizes she holding my forearm. She quickly let go letting her hand fall to her side.

Looking at the brown skin girl, I'd never noticed her before not even in the girl's locker room. Hell, she's pretty how could I have not noticed her at all?

I watched as she digs in her purple gym shorts pulling out a folded piece of paper. She holds it out to me and I stare at her in curiosity before taking the paper.

"What's this?" I asked, looking up at her. She was a tall girl probably around 6ft. This makes me mad because I would have noticed someone as tall as her. Then again I didn't notice anyone in my gym class or care to remember their faces. I wasn't important to them so why should they be important to me?

"It's a confession." She said, looking down at me with a little shy smile.

"From who?" I asked.

"Me." She averts her eyes to the old wooden gym floor.

"You?" I looked at the folded paper. "-From a girl?" I choked out, shocked. Was it normal for a girl to give another girl a confession? Usually, it's either the girl giving one to a boy or the boy giving one to a girl.

"Does it bother you?" She peeks at me through her long lashes.

"No! I mean I'm flattered. This is my first confession." I said smiling. I never thought I would get one of these let alone one from a pretty girl like her.

She rubs the back of her neck while scuffing the old wooden floors with her purple vans that patched her purple shorts.

"What's your name?" I asked her.

The girl looked at me speaking, "Jessica."

"Jessica," I repeated. Her name sounded familiar. I probably heard it in role call a million times but never paid attention to who the name may belong to. "I'm-"

"Nana." This huge smile brightens her face. "Please read my confession-"

A group of girls walked by pulling Jessica away. She didn't take her eyes off me until she was out of the gym.

Would she be hurt when I tell her I didn't like girls and her confession was a waste?

I walked out of the gym unfolding the paper taking a look at it.

I have this crush on you, lol.

I've been admiring you from afar. I like you a lot. Like a lot, a lot.

will you please go out with me?

Please, destroy it after reading :)

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