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Arjun life changes upside down when he decides to help his childhood one-sided love who was stuck in a problem. Hope that you will enjoy the story . If any changes please comment

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The beginning

One fine night with water from cloud touching the earth. Everyone in a small city called kalap near Araku valley with only ten lakh inhabitants, was busy in their own works. The assistant commissioner Guru in the prison was enquiring Arjun in a tortured manner. He tied Arjun in a rope and hitting him like an animal. A few girls and their family in that city were standing outside the prison. And protesting against police and asking them to release Arjun. But what crime Arjun did? ,who was this Arjun?, while police is against Arjun why people are supporting him?, what was really happened? . come we will see together what happened in Arjun's life.

Diya was a young girl about 25 and she was very beautiful with attractive eyes, shinning face, fair tone and in totality her look was gorgeous. she works as an journalist in kalap city. she was very courageous and brave while her family is against that. she loves the country very much and she joined journalism just to expose the crimes and to punish the criminals. From last 4 years she was researching about the mafia group who was the most dangerous group in that city. Even police will fear to near them. But Diya didn't get any useful information about the mafia as no one has the dare to tell about them.

One day in office Diya observed the news of girls missing were printing in their newspaper very frequently. So she made a enquire with her colleagues. In that enquire she came to know that the girls from about 18 to 30 were going missing and she suspected mafia. She thought it might be women trafficking. The next day when she said the same to her friend and colleague Seema, she said that " I thought that you will do something like this when you asked about that news. As this is just a news for us we should not take tension. We will print news just to increase TRP rate that's it. Don't think about unwanted things and just concentrate on your work." Hearing this Diya scolded Seema and argued that this is also her work as an good journalist. At that moment Seema tried to change the topic. The vexed Diya left the place. Then she informed the news with her manager Gautham. He warned her to do not poke her nose in unnecessary matters and kept a eye on Diya. Diya didn't leave the topic, she was trying to find out who was behind the kidnaps. Gautham called her and again warned Diya, but she didn't hear to him and she thought ' everyone are very much concerned only in trp, no one as concern about this society, everyone are just selfish.'

A day passed, at night around 10.00 pm Diya got a call from an unknown person. Though she felt something fishy she attended the call. A unknown person warned her to do not interfere in the girls missing news. He also said if she interferes in that matter they will kill all close ones of her. But Diya didn't hear to him and challenged him that she will expose them by saying this she kept he call. After that call she suspected Gautham or Seema behind this call as she discussed the news only with them.

The next morning when Diya went to office she heard a news that her friend Seema is missing. The problem for Diya begins. let's see how she will handle the situation?, will she able to find her friend and expose them?.

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