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Two girls abandoned by their father at very young ages, growing up with only their mom proves very lonely, so their mom promises them a visit to their dad in new York City, so I guess you'd have to read to find out

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School Holiday

I woke up and did my morning rituals, afterwards I put on a white crop top, black mini skirt on white sneakers. Oh sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm Arya sanders, I'm 19 , I live with my mum and sister, my dad, I have no idea where he is.

I went downstairs, then went to the kitchen, I looked into the fridge and found a bowl of ice cream, but I'm not in the mood for ice-cream, so I decided to check for something else. I found oat and bacons.

I took out a pot and a frying pan, then I poured water into the pot and poured in the oats.

Afterwards, I put some oil in the frying pan and poured in the bacon.


I removed the bacons from the frying pan and the oats from the fire. I divided it into three parts and then took it to the dining table. Good morning sis "casie said" morning, you hungry? "I asked" of course, I mean, why won't anyone be hungry in the morning "casie said and rolled her eyes." whatever "I said and smiled.

After my sis sat down, my mum came downstairs" good morning mum "I said and smiled" good morning mum "casie said

" morning sweethearts "mum said and sat down

After eating, casie and I cleared the dishes and I went up stairs to grab my school bag and phone.

Casie and I walked to school, cause the school's bus got revoked, so now most students walk to school, I looked at the morning sun.

I wish dad was around, he would have driven us to school, I'm not saying mum can't drive us to school, but she's always busy with this and that both at home and at work, so she doesn't have time to drive us to school.

"sis, where are you going, this is the school right here" casie said and I just realised that I had walked half a mile away from the school. I turned around and went back to the school gate "what are you thinking about?" casie asked "don't worry about it" I said and walked into the school.

My first class was chemistry, though i hate chemistry a lot, but I still have to do it. I know i could skip chemistry class, but i can't, cause my mum's going to kill me if i do, so i'd rather not.

After chemistry class I had literature in English, my favorite class, I walked into the class with my hands full of books I can't wait to read. "Arya, you're late to class" Mrs Taylor said " sorry ma'am i promise i won't be late next time" I said and she signalled me to go to my seat.

I sat down and rested my head on the chair, then, I felt a tap on my shoulder "Arya, hi chica" my best friend 'Emily' said "hi, Emily, sorry, I've been busy" I said and closed my eyes "busy with what?" Emily asked and I gave her a weird look "what, it's just a question" she said and grinned.

"I don't know, I've just been so busy at home, in school, everywhere" I said and opened one of the books I brought "whatever, you up for a party?" she asked "where?" I asked "at my place, my parents are celebrating the anniversary of their company, so, you coming" she asked again "sure, whatever" I said and smiled.

"ok, class, we're not doing anything today, cause I need to get back home now" Mrs Taylor said and walked out of the class. " she just walked out the door" Emily said "bummer" I said and put all the books I took from the liabary in my bag, then walked out.

"Arya, wait up" Emily said and ran to me "where are you going?" she asked "to return books to the library" I said.

We went to the library and returned the all the books, well not all the books, I kept one of them. "what were you doing with all those books?" she asked "well, what do people do with books?" I asked " they read them?" she said and I smiled "that's what I was doing with them" I said "whatever" she said and she walked off. I chased after her and finally caught up with her "Emily, are you angry?" I asked "no" she said and I grinned "then, why did you walk off like that?" I asked "well, I'm hungry, you're not" she said and continued walking.

I followed her to the cafeteria and we sat down at a free table e beside the window "i want to see my dad one day" I said looking out the window "why did you say that?" she asked "oh, sorry I must have said it out loud, I was just thinking '' I said and looked into the thin air." well, I'm sure you'll see him one day soon "she said" I hope "I said and smiled.

The electric bell rang" all students please make your ways to the hall '' the principal said and all the students started rushing to the hall.

Emily and I got up and also rushed to the hall. We arrived at the hall and all the students were whispering to each other.

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