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zoe and emma

You and Zoe are best friends you guys met when y'all were babies. So, you basically grew up together. She is like a sister to you. Your name is Emma. Your parents recently passed and you are 19 so you've been staying with Zoe and Dawson. Your birthday is October 8, 2002. Anyways, you graduated, and have your own job as an influencer with a huge fanbase (39.5M on TikTok and verified 4.8M on Instagram and verified 285.7K subscribers on youtube). Some people hate on you for dumb reasons like they do all people. You and Zoe found the perfect house for you to move into and it's in her neighborhood. You fill out the form and get the house. The moving day is tomorrow.

You wake up at 9:30 AM and get ready for the day. After, around 10:36 AM you wake Zoe and Dawson up. "Today is the day my bestie gets her first house, thank you for letting me be a part of it, Emma. I love you so much." Zoe says. "I couldn't have done it without you. And plus, you let me be a part of your small wedding and your child's birth, it's the least I could do," you reply. Finally, hours later, you are finished. You, Zoe, and Dawson are sitting on the couch on yalls phones. You drag Zoe to your car and talk to her abt praning Dawson bc you hid cameras in the house and in the car. It's gonna be a cheating prank to help Zoe win prank wars. You run inside and start yelling while Zoe chases you. "BRUH, Dawson Zoe is cheating on you, she was otp with sum brad dude talking abt a date." "WTF ZOE. WE HAVE A FUCKING KID AND YOU WANNA CHEAT. WE'RE OVER." "emma i told you to stfu." " you dont do that to the man who gave you his daughter and his last name." i say. "zoe get your stuff out of my house and stay with emma or brad, emersyn will stay the night with your mom. oh and thanks for telling me emma." dawson says as he leaves. "bruh omg its getting to serious emma we need to go to my house to talk to him, i have my house key." zoe says. Y'all get in your car and drive to there house. You grab the camera and run behind zoe. "Babe its a prank emma sat cameras up while we unpacked. there was a camera in the car to you can even watch the intro while i edit the video." zoe says. "why tf would you do that." dawson says. "prank war is on bruh. had to help my sister." i say.

After that me and Zoe do a photoshoot then I go home and unpack my new tv for my room, the guest room, and my bedroom. I call dalton (my boyfriend who i've been with for 8 months). i showed him the house and told him some exciting news. I'M PREGNANT!!!! We wanted to both keep it. I could tell he was excited to be a dad but also nervous. After our call I watched euphoria and went to take a shower and take off my makeup. I was so excited to tell Zoe that she was gonna be an aunt and Emi was gonna be a cousin.

I wolk up the next morning at 12:47 PM. And unpacked my living room decorations so my living room was finished. I also did my room and my bathroom. A little of the kitchen, then i finally got ready for the day. I called zoe and told her to come over. A few minutes later she came over with Emersyn. She sat Emi down bc she was asleep from being up all night. I took her to my room and showed her an ultrasound and pregnancy test. "OMGGGGG Emma your pregnant what when are you due?" "November 28" i reply. "can i tell dawson." she says. "yes of course you can." she calls him. "emma is pregnant and your going to be an uncle." "holy freaking.. Omg congrats." dawson says. "Thank you." i reply.

I hung out with Zoe and eventually she left. I called brad and he came over and helped me finish unpacking. After we were completely done, he sat me down to have an 'important' conversation. "I know you might say no but can we move in together, im living with my parents and about to be a dad. Plus, while youre pregnant youll need help, so whats your answer?" "omg yes brad i have been wanting you to move in since i bought the house. lets go tell your parents im pregnant and youre moving in." i say.

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