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The night falls into solitude. One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember..

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A loner by default

The night falls into solitude.
One could hear the calling of the moon speaking through my veins, I knew tonight will be something to remember...

"Everything in order?" I nod along the group of men, preparing the ship.
"Make sure those cages are locked,"

Our job was to catch them, the shifters, but of course, things were never that easy.

Nothing was ever explained to us, and everyone knows, asking questions build your coffin...

"Hey hey, Stanimir, what are you doing?" I brush the mop further ignoring eye contact.

"N-nothing," His immense figure stops before me.

"Did you find something?" My head falls to the coin in my pocket, one given to me before my parents mysteriously disappeared.

"No, just my coin Sir," He nods, waving to the floor, "Looking at the coin won't clean the floor,"

"Yes, Sir,"

Of course, I knew he was right, but it reminded me of so many reasons why I actually hate this job.

Why I chose it, is out of my mind, but for some reason, I loved hunting them and of course, the special sences.

Now... Those are another mystery...
X-ray hearing...
Hawk eye sight...
Fast movement...

They all fall down on one theory... One of my parents was like them, but then again...

I don't remember, one of them turning (or shifting)

So... I just figured I'm special...
Damn good at caging them...

But then the screaming comes along... The chasing... The experimenting... Lab rats...

I don't know why... I don't understand why they accepted this...

The screaming and pain would stop from time to time, but as soon as I do something which reminds me... They return...

I slide the coin to remind myself what my purpose is, I may have lost everythibg, but I'm still here...

I return the coin and finish my mopping, this job may be the only thing keeping me sane.
"Hold up, something is wrong," The scent occupy my nostrils, a female scent.

I follow it slowly, "We're not supposed to be down here,"

"I just want to see who it is," He pulls my arm back, "What does it matter? They're all the same,"

I sniff the scent, "Not them..." "Hold up, them?"

I nod toward him, peeking the surrounding area, "I can feel them, they're lost, they're scared,"

He turns me around, shivering against my skin, "You know the rules, if they find us, we're dead... One of them escapes, we're dead... Every damn fucking thing kills us and now you want to screw around with this shit?"

"I don't need some speech, Matt's, I need a mate," He looks around pondering hard on my question...

"Come on, have I ever been wrong?" His head falls forward, "Yeah, I know, but if I want to today... I don't know,"

"You don't need some explanation to be my mate or help me deal with this Matts," "I know,"

He slaps my arm, "Come on, I know a shirt cut,"

I follow him through the gaps of the cages, every instinct of me awakens...

"Don't smell them, you don't know them," "But that's the problem, I do know them, I talked to them,"

He stops in his tracks, "But your not allowed to,"

"I had to know," His eyes pops, "Had to know what?" "Who they are,"

"Why do you need to know who they are?" I sigh, counting my words, although I already know.

"They killed my family," His sea blue eyes stretch, "Does anyone else know? How long have we been mates and you kept this from me?"

I shake, rubbing my sweaty palms together, I know I'm not one of the smallest people to board the ship.

In height, I stood, (0,748 Inch) and in weight (220,462 pounds)

"No..." He nods uneasily and I heel him again.

By nature, this wasn't easy... At 16, I started training myself to listen to them, understand them, know when to use them...

And at the age of 30... Where I stand today... I'm proud of myself for doing so.

"Which one, Stanimir?" "Hold up, I'm thinking,"

I know one of them have answers, but it seems... "Shit!" "Shit, what?"

"Don't panic, he is gone, I don't know how, obviously someone let him out,"

He stops without warning, I balance us both, "What are you talking about? He can't just escape,"

I drag him down along with me, I battle my breathing... All known training flushes down.

"Shit! Matts," In slow motion his body falls to the side... Everything screams inside of me and before I can find myself...

The hairy neck snaps in between my fingers.

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