The Chat of Crime

This is a crime story in which a man is mudered and all of the details of the complete case are played out over the Phone.
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The Fire in the Bay

In the peaceful town of Port Huron, Michigan, a mysterious explosion rocks the harbor, setting off a chain of events that uncovers a dangerous conspiracy. As chaos ensues and the townsfolk panic, a young resident named Jason emerges as a hero, determined to uncover the truth behind the explosion and bring justice to his beloved town. With heighten…
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The Wonderlust: Lost in Time

The story is about a young woman with spiritual amnesia lost in time and space eventually finding her way through a means unsuspected.
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Quotes to think about

Quotes to think about.
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Quotes to take away

To think about.
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An underground worker is going to fix a problem in an underground tunnel when he stumbles across…
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Hidden Gem

Appearances can be deceiving; a decrepit mansion sits lifeless but once homed many fun family memories; with the sale of Mum’s childhood home looming, it’s time to clear up all their personal belongings, but there is a room she has never seen until I stumble across it.
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The sound of the violinist.

(Announcement of the eBook) ...She was already waiting. "Hello," she said with a smile and took a pleasurable drag on her cigarette. I wanted to shake her hand in greeting but she made no sign of returning it... Aunt Elizabeth also had a dark secret and it was right by her piano. But Diana Stone had to know, and as quickly as possible. But to do…
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L.U.N.A-Love Unleashed, Never Ending Aspirations

This is the story of one six-year-old Filipina with the ability to overcome any obstacle in her life in order to realize her dreams. Aspiration and success is never about the dream itself but rather the inspiration we take from it that can transform a persons life and the others we touch along the way.
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24 Hours to Midnight

The bell rings and there are 24 hours left for the midnight of New Year's Eve. The countdown has begun and your main character has to rush to conquer the love of his life before the turn of the year.
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The Other Side of Christmas-Revenge of the Krampus

This is a story of abuse and generational conflict in a family and one young woman who overcome it.
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The Duwende and the Battle for the Symphony of Nature

If we look for the harmony in nature, it’s never far from our grasp or understanding. Every plant, animal, and particle of the soil has its own rhythm, synchronicity and wisdom. This can be seen in the deeply connected root of the Iron Wood and Mahogany or in the schools of fish that play within the ocean surrounding our islands. Nature constantly…
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The Grim Reaper

James had done something terrible. Just by his way of thinking.
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Separate worlds

Robby's father had died young... It had taken his mind away.
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Feelings come in Waves, crashing into your life unexpected, but what if it washes some of them off, wanted?
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Short Stories about Love and Hate
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The Night of the Amalanhig-2

This is the continuing story of #TheNightOfTheDeadPart1. The story continues and takes on new heroes and stranger twists. What will become of the Durian hotel, its unhappy guests and the craziest ass Halloween party that ever happened.
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The Night of the Amalanhig

This story is about the Amalanhig which are Philippine zombies and vampires as told by the folklore and older people in the country.
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The Time Travelers Dilemma

This is a short story about one man's desire to change the events from his life only to discover the past and future didn't matter.
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The Road to Hell or the Path Less Traveled

This is a story of a personal journey to overcome fate and achieve his destiny. It's a story of good and evil and darkness and light.
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저자 : 한인택 저작물명 : 한인택_파업(罷業) 저작자 : 한인택 창작년도 :
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저자 : 한인택 저작물명 : 한인택_행위불명(行衛不明) 저작자 : 한인택 창작년도 :
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총각과 맹꽁이

저자 : 김유정 저작물명 : 김유정_총각과 맹꽁이(1933년 9월) 저작자 : 김유정 창작년도 : 1933년
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저자 : 김남천 저작물명 : 김남천_그림 저작자 : 김남천 창작년도 :
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저자 : 심훈 저작물명 : 심훈_혼선
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슬픈 이야기

저자 : 김유정 저작물명 : 김유정_슬픈 이야기(1936년) 저작자 : 김유정 창작년도 : 1936
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저자 : 강경애 저작물명 : 강경에_축구전 (1933년) 저작자 : 강경애 창작년도 : 1933
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아리사 버들

저자 : 김동인 저작물명 : 아리사 버들 (1930년) 저작자 : 김동인 창작년도 : 1930
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