Frequent Bond.

A tale of half-brothers that embark on a journey through the boxing world, encountering two different types of people, a pair that will help them to better themselves and another pair that want their bond to break. Which pair will win? Who will have the last laugh? I guess you will have to see for yourself.
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A survival story about crossing the fine line between realms...
#1 에 대본/희곡 8 챕터 16.6k 조회수 50 28 완결

Tales From the Dark Airwaves

This is a collection of supernatural tales set in various times and locations. (Each chapter is a standalone episode) One episode will be released a month or bi-monthly. The tales are written as originally imagined by series creators Mike Cartozzo and Robert Monk: an old time radio show anthology. What you are embarking on are the scripts we hope …
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It is an Americo_Japan story or mangas which talks about two brothers (Jaden and Aiden Tamaoki), in which Jaden is the senior brother of Aiden. they comes from a family called the "Tamaoki family", constitute of their father called Sensei Tamaoki and their mother called Naomi skies an American woman. Their mother falls in pregnant of Jaden(Aiden's…
11 챕터 489 조회수 3 새로운 챕터 매주

"Ink and Secrets" A Tale of Forbidden Love"

Description: "In a world where forbidden desires intertwine with the pursuit of redemption, Emily and Ethan's young adult romance takes center stage. From their chance encounter in a bustling café to the unraveling of dark secrets, their emotional journey captivates readers with its intensity. As Emily, a college student immersed in her studies,…
단편 소설 3.2k 조회수 1 1 완결

A Story of a Broken Heart: Being Bullied at School

This book is about kids being bullied at school everyday. Many people see them get bullied by other kids, but they don't do anything about it. They ignore those situations by walking away from the kids that are getting picked on, while the other kids ostracize them. They ostracize them after the bullies spread rumors about them to those kids who n…
1 챕터 4.6k 조회수 1 6 완결

Princess In Mess : Princess' Play

She is loving, intelligent and the best ruler Cert ever had. But when every guy wants to rule her heart, it becomes a mess.
26 챕터 53.3k 조회수 116 15 새로운 챕터 매주 토요일

Love Diary Of Lady Dorcas

A widowed Duchess entangled in flirtation with both single and married men in Cambridge, with rumors flying around like wildfire, but Little did they know that behind the flirtation lies a broken, lonely woman, yearning for true love. Will she find it or will it find her?
8 챕터 22.2k 조회수 21 7 새로운 챕터 매주

"From Blank Page to Bestseller: How to Write Your Novel with Ease"?

Challenge d'écriture
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The story talks about a high school student having a journey in high school. In high School life, love, fantasy.
#2 에 대본/희곡 20 챕터 36.6k 조회수 47 41 완결

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The unnamed Town

AFRICAN TALE An unnamed Town with full of mystery. Will the town be named or not.
#4 에 대본/희곡 5 챕터 12.2k 조회수 35 20 완결

Our Christmas Story (Screenplay Version)

How do you think Agustina and Valentina have spent Christmas over the years since they met? Screenplay version of "Our Christmas Story"
6 챕터 7.3k 조회수 8 14 완결

You are my life

He was her life.
단편 소설 2.1k 조회수 7 17 작성중

Smart Inka's Story

This story about smart Inko and Inka, who helped people in joint machine learning, developing new high technologies in the 3 millennium. About this Story So, dear readers, I begin my story, a very instructive and infinitely touching story of email friendship. mind and man. Рассказ об умных Инко и Инках, которые помога…
30 챕터 11.1k 조회수 199 24 새로운 챕터 15일 마다

Loving a stranger

Simply a conversation between two people at a bar. Him and her.
단편 소설 5.5k 조회수 8 5 완결

The Incredible Shrinking Dave

My husband Dave Seville been contaminated by unknown radioactive waste spill spreading in beach water and effective to reduce him getting smaller and smaller
6 챕터 12.2k 조회수 125 5 새로운 챕터 30일 마다

E.T- Another Ending

This is an alternate ending for the very known movie, E.T.
단편 소설 6.8k 조회수 1 2 완결


인증되지 않은 스토리 The story takes place in the Akenkwo village in the early 2000s, where the ancient chief of the village died( chief Smith). The successor was his only big son Mukete who took the thrown, he had two wives in which the first was name Madeleine and the second Jenifer. Suddenly Madeleine got pregnant of chief Mukete but he refused to accept the baby a…
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It Was All Suddenly

인증되지 않은 스토리 Any and Josh date, they are or were very happy, until one day, by accident, Any ends up getting pregnant, making the family of both shocked.
7 챕터 2.6k 조회수 1 4 새로운 챕터 10일 마다

Mensajes de Chat (CONNECTIONS)

인증되지 않은 스토리 Todo el chat de los personajes que van pasando en la saga. Primero lee... Precuela: Lucy Lawaken Secuela: Mensajería Corporación Precuela: Bunny Time
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인증되지 않은 스토리 A 35-year old psychopathic doctor,who the world believes to be a nice man and philanthropic, secretly enjoys homicide of his patients is threatened to quit when he begins to fall in love with a police officer out to expose his secrets to the world. Will she succeed? Will he quit. Stay with me to find out 😉
5 챕터 805 조회수 새로운 챕터 격일

Bunny's corner

인증되지 않은 스토리 Hy here I'll talk about this blog
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Obinna the last born

인증되지 않은 스토리 talking about the way a boy was spoilt by his father
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13 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods to Add to Your Diet

인증되지 않은 스토리 Discover 13 cholesterol-lowering foods to add to your diet for heart health. Learn how to improve your cholesterol levels with nutritious choices.
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How to Make a YouTube Video

인증되지 않은 스토리 "Learn how to make YouTube videos using software with this comprehensive guide. Discover step-by-step instructions on planning, recording, editing, and uploading videos. Enhance your video quality with tips on using popular editing software, optimizing audio and visuals, and effectively promoting your content. Start creating professional YouTube v…
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Every new about me and my page.

인증되지 않은 스토리 My thoughts
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Unleashing Potential: Capella FlexPath Tutoring for NURS FPX Achievement

인증되지 않은 스토리 Unlocking the full potential of nursing students enrolled in NURS FPX programs is crucial for their academic achievement and future success in the healthcare field
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Hearts of Illusion

인증되지 않은 스토리 This book is about a 28-year-old woman who is trying to pursue her dream of becoming a writer, but her mom doesn't support her in writing books for readers. She also wants to live a life of her own, but her mom doesn't allow her to do that. She expects her to take care of her every single day. Cassidy tries to take every step to move out of her ho…
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